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Moving? Here’s How to Prepare…

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Moving to a new home feels like a fresh start and presents you with new opportunities to beautify the blank canvas that is your new living space.  Thinking about all the possibilities can be fun and exciting, but you must get through the moving process first.  We’re here to help you prioritize your to-do list so things do not become overwhelming. Preparation is key! Putting in the extra effort now will ensure smooth sailing later.


Secure Your Packing Supplies

Setting aside a block of time to start packing, just to find out that you’ve forgotten something can be frustrating. Think about all the items in your house that you are taking with you and what you are going to need to keep them secure during transfer.  Some of these items include:


❏     Boxes (Used or New): Ask friends or local businesses for any they have left over or purchase them in bulk online

❏     Packing Tape: Purchase more than you think you need, because you probably will

❏     Bubble Wrap or Old Newspapers: For any fragile items like fine china, vases, figurines, etc.

❏     Box Cutter or Scissors: To customize the length of packing tape and bubble wrap as well as being a quick tool to re-open the boxes when they arrive at their destination.

❏     A Wide-Tipped Permanent Marker or Label Maker: Label the top and at least two sides of your boxes to be able to determine their contents no matter how they are arranged when they arrive at your new home.

❏     Mover’s Dolly: Whether you are performing the move yourself or through a company, lifting heavy boxes all day can be damaging to your back. Try to use the dolly to move the boxes back and forth to the areas you want to store them prior to the move to save time and energy.

❏     Large Blankets: To keep your furniture from being damaged during transfer

❏     Specialty Items: If there are specific items in your home that need special handling, purchase custom supplies as needed.


Narrow Down Your Inventory

Think about the items in your current home that may not need to come with you to the new one. You don’t want to waste space in your moving van to bring them over when you know you are just going to be discarding them when they arrive. The time is now to try to divide these items into piles to donate, sell or give away.  Donations can be as simple as calling up a local company that comes to pick it up from your curbside. Selling will free up some money to help with moving costs and giving items away will always be welcome to the people receiving them.


Secure Help for Your Move

Decide whether you will be hiring a moving company or doing the move yourself.  If you are hiring a company, research a few to compare prices and availability for the time-frame you need.  Keep in mind that summertime is usually the busiest time of year for moving, so try to secure transportation as far in advance as you can.  If you will be doing the move yourself, get a full commitment from family and friends and hold them to it.  The last thing you need is for people to bail out on you the day you need them. Only ask for and expect the help of those you know you can count on.


We hope this guide has given you some helpful ideas to get started with your moving project. Happy packing!


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