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Ten Ideas to Make Your Apartment, a Home.

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Some homeowners may view their apartment as a temporary living situation. But if you open yourself up to the space, it can become home. Whether you plan to stay in your apartment for six months or six years, we want to help you make your space feel like your own. To help you add personalization and uniqueness to your space, we created ten simple ideas to help you make your apartment become home. Enjoy! 

10 Ideas to Make Your Apartment a Home:

 1. Show off.

No home is personalized without a few photos. Create a gallery or picture wall to display all of your favorite family photos. This idea would work perfectly in your living room, master bedroom, or even dining room! It can instantly make your apartment feel more like home without breaking the bank. 

 2. Color Me Creative.

If you can paint your apartment’s walls, consider yourself lucky. The rest of the apartment owners may not have that delicacy. If you are not so lucky, unfortunately, wall paint can bring together your room’s design and complete the overall look. Fortunately, we have the perfect solution for you! Adding colorful furniture pieces can add personality without costing a fortune. Plus, you can transform old furniture pieces into new, beautiful pieces with just a fresh coat of paint. 

 3. Be Open.

Using open storage can showcase your items in a beautiful way. Open storage works fantastic in bathrooms and kitchens by displaying your more attractive items. Decorative pieces can be displayed on your open shelves for your guests to see and enjoy. 

 4. Supply Coziness.

Imagine stepping out of bed in the morning and placing your feet on a plush, warm rug. Your dreams can become a reality by using rugs throughout your apartment. They are an easy solution and help make a home feel more comfortable. Try adding rugs in front of your front door, living room, bedroom and bathrooms. 

 5. Add a Bold Entrance.

Nothing says home like a warm welcome! Make your front entrance special by providing an entrance. Try adding things to the space to help make it useful for yourself, your family and your guests. You can add seating for putting on shoes, a mirror for checking yourself before you leave, a coat rack for hanging jackets, and a boot bin for storing your shoes. Little touches in your front entryway can transform the way you see your home. 

 6. Embrace Your Windows.

Do not cover your windows with bulky curtains during the daytime. Let the sun shine through the windows into your apartment. This will help put you in a good mood each morning. 

 7. Double Trouble.

If you are running out of space, try using furniture that serves two purposes. Items like sofa beds or desks that turn into dining room tables can save you a lot of space.

 8. Light up The Night.

Light up your space by adding extra lamps and lights in each room. The lamps will provide an extra level of coziness during the nighttime and help the space feel more homey. 

 9. Secret Treasures.

Hide your visually-unpleasing items in decorative baskets and bins. Items like toys, craft supplies, portable electronics, and blankets can be stored and saved for later. 

10. Personality.

Lastly, you want to add things that are special to you. Your apartment will not feel like home until you add your special touches. Heirlooms and sovereigns can make your apartment more special to you. Get creative and add personal touches wherever you can! It is your home after all. 

We hope you enjoyed these ten ideas. To add coziness and style to your space, be sure to purchase your apartment’s rug from us. We have a great selection of stylish and affordable rugs that will help finish off your space. Stop in or call us today for more details! 


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