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Conquering Your Small Space

Posted by creatingyourspace under Hints and Tips

Having a small space should not stop you from completing your design dreams. If you are faced with a small home and do not know how to work with the little space, we have six tips for you. Let us take a look! 

Conquering Your Small Space

1. Elevated.

The available space on your floors is so valuable that we recommend finding storage solutions for your walls. The space on your walls can be decorated with staggered shelving to help create visual-dimensions and interest in your space. The best part about storing on your walls is that it will give you more room for furniture and other decor pieces on your floor. 

2. Vertical

Our best advice for small-home owners is to decorate vertically. In small spaces, you tend to have more vertical room than you do horizontally. Plus, if you play up the vertical appeal, you can make your room look larger than it actually is. 

3. Narrow Spaces.

You need to take advantage of all the space available to you. That means that you must even put your narrow spaces to use. You can add custom shelving to your small corners to help add more storage to your space. 

4. Sizing

The size of the objects that you choose for your space can play an essential role in the overall look of the room. In order to make your room look larger than it actually is, you will want to choose small-scale items. When purchasing furniture, try to gauge its size and opt for the smaller option. This will help your room look bigger and give you more room for other items. 

5. Options.

If you are adding cabinetry to your space, you want to be sure that you have a selection of different storing options. By that we mean, you want to have equal parts drawers and shelves. Drawers and shelves both serve useful purposes in a home and by adding an equal amount, you can guarantee that you have as much as you need. 

6. Upwards.

When in doubt, look up to the ceiling. The ceiling holds great storage potential, especially in the kitchen. You can install hooks from the ceiling to hang your essential items or even decor pieces. 

We hope you enjoyed this tips and tricks. Let us know what you think in the comment section below! 


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