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How to Decorate with Black

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When you think of decorating with the color black, do you get intimidated? Black is known for being a dramatic, dark color that can add contrast in your space. If done properly, black can create clean lines and enhance your space’s design. To create inspiration for you, we have made a simple guide on how to decorate with the color black. We hope you enjoy! 

How to Decorate with Black

  • Gallery Wall. Set your artwork apart by painting your gallery wall black. You can make each piece of art stand out and add a beautiful contrast to your space. A blacked out gallery wall can work well in areas like your dining room, living room, and even common areas. 
  • Go Bold or Go Home. If you are up for the challenge, you can paint every wall black in a room. This concept may be extremely intimidating for some homeowners but we believe you can make it work. A master bedroom may be the perfect place for a completely black room. We just encourage homeowners to decorate with lighter colors and allow natural light to flow into the space. If you like to sleep in the pitch black, this may be the perfect option for you! 
  • Beautiful Fixtures. If your heart is not set on having all black walls, you can incorporate black fixtures throughout your space. Black chandeliers, light fixtures, shower heads, etc. can be used to create a sleek, clean look throughout your home. 
  • Timeless Furniture. Another way to add black throughout your home is to buy black furniture. Black couches and love seats are stunning pieces to add to your living room design. You can also incorporate a black dining room table and end tables for more of a timeless look. 
  • Patterned Vibes. If you are nervous about going all in with the black decor, you can start off small. Incorporate black-themed patterns throughout your home starting with the curtains and bedspreads. You can even purchase fabric chairs for your dining room in a black pattern to ease into the design. 
  • Wow’d byWallpaper. Let your bathroom stand out by incorporating black wallpaper into the design. You can use a beautiful patterned black to add elegance and sophistication to your bathroom without overwhelming the space. 
  • Let There Be Light. An essential part of decorating with black is to make sure that you allow light to flow into the space. Black can make bedrooms and other rooms extremely dark during the daylight hours. To add contrast, open the space up with windows and extra light fixtures. 
  • Elegant Floors. The best and last way you can decorate with black is to buy black or dark flooring. Personally, we love black flooring because it adds elegance and depth to a space. Plus, it creates a clean and modern look that homeowners love! 

Elegant, black flooring is just a phone call away! Do not hesitate, we would love to help transform your home into a beautiful oasis.


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