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How to Create an Accent Wall without Paint

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When done right, an accent wall is the first thing that will capture the eye’s attention when entering a space. Are you interested in creating an epic accent wall in your living space but you are nervous about using paint on your walls? Do not fret. What many homeowners do not know is that you can make any wall a focal point by using an array of other materials besides paint. Here are some great alternative materials that you can use to accent a wall: 
1. Artwork.
Perhaps the easiest way to make an accent wall is through the use of artwork. Whether it is a single piece of artwork or a montage of images, populating a blank wall with your favorite visuals can be a striking way to create a focal point within a space. From gallery walls to intriguing art pieces, you can quickly and easily provide a focal point inside of your space.
2. Textile.
If you have oversized windows, you can make them a focal point by dressing them in curtains. Stylish window treatments help to add a dramatic flair. Additional types of textiles can be used to accent the space (i.e tapestry or a carpet). Consider mounting it over a couch or even above your bed for a unique look. The use of textiles can help add color and provide texture inside of your space. You can even make a statement by selecting a textile featuring a bold pattern.
3. Plants.
You can accent a wall with hints of nature by bringing in greenery and lining the wall with your favorite types of plants. Plus, plants can help reduce anxiety by creating a sense of tranquility in the room. In addition, your greenery wall can make you feel like you have an outdoor space which sometimes can be lost for city dwellers.
4. Tiles.
We are used to seeing tiles on bathrooms and kitchen walls but try using this material in different rooms of your house. You can even use different tile designs or experiment with different colors to create the perfect look. Tile can be a great option, especially in rooms that experience a lot of foot traffic since tile can be very low maintenance. Unlike paint, tile is not easily scuffed and it can handle normal wear and tear, making it perfect for an accent wall. 
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