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Figuring out Your Furniture Layout

Posted by creatingyourspace under Design and Decorating

When you move into a new space, one of the most formidable tasks that you will face is furniture arrangement.  Awkward room layouts and confide spaces can limit you to your initial intentions and expectations of your furniture blueprints.  Living rooms with multiple entrances, poorly placed windows, or fireplaces on a none-focal-point wall can cause many dilemmas in arranging your furniture.  Do you have your couch facing the television or the fireplace?  Do you block a window or use it for the room’s focal point?  We cannot determine every situation, but here are five helpful tips when arranging your furniture to compliment your room’s aesthetic appeal.

  • Focal Point.

Every room should have one center of interest or a “focal point,” which the room is designed around.  In a living room, usually a fireplace, window, or television is a focal point of the room.  Maybe your living room is set up for the television to conveniently go above the fire mantle or maybe you are less fortunate, and your television has to be hooked up on the opposing wall.  Which point of the room do you make a focal point?  Try thinking outside of the box, instead of facing a couch directly towards one or the other, have two couches running parallel from one another and perpendicular from each focal point.  This can allow for fireside seating well-accommodating everyone in the room to see the television.  A window can also make great focal points to rooms.  If two couches make a room feel clustered, maybe switch to two individual chairs and one love seat. Do not let finding you focal point a daunting task.  Pick a focal point and design your room around it.

  • Spacious Floor Planning.

Be cognitive of the blueprint of the room.  People in different cultures have different comfort zones, where they like to sit when talking to each other.  Seating should not be too close or too far away to carry on a conversation in the room.  Consider seating no further than eight to twelve feet from a focal point while viewing angles should be no more than thirty degrees.  Make sure end tables and coffee tables are not out of reach from seating as well.  People also like an easy entrance and exit from a room so consider not letting your space become too cluttered.

  • Irregular Design.

If you have a room with two or more entrance points, it can really challenge the room’s Feng Shui.  Feng Shui is how easily you can allow energy to flow through the room.  Think of every object in your room as having a purpose and giving off energy.  You do not want to block or challenge the energy from flowing through the room.  If you have multiple entryways, consider a large walkway around all ends of the furniture.  Each seat should be able to see the room’s designated focal point.  Something as simple as a rug can be placed in the room to get boundaries and allude walking paths. 

  • Windows and Lighting.

Be careful of what you block.  The natural light provided by a window and light from fixtures help give a room a larger appeal.  Allow light to hit all ends of the room, and try not to make it feel brighter or darker in certain areas.  This will allow your space to feel complete and harmonized.  Windows can also make grand focal points in a room.  Do not hesitate not using a television as a focal point and allowing your window to become your center of interest.

  • Storage.

If you are limited on space, consider multiple-purpose storage seating.  This will allow you to have more in your room by taking up less space.  Storage is essential to giving your room a less cluttered look.  Seating with storage compartments below is perfect for keeping your home mess-free.  Invest in shelving with storage bins to put goods in when you are not using them.  Do not limit your space if another item can serve multiple purposes.  Be cognitive of everything you put in your room to keep it from feeling overly congregated.

Do not get stressed about arranging your room.  You can always rearrange a room and try it out for a couple weeks.  Find an arrangement that best suits these tips to have your room feeling spacious and lively.  For more great tips and tricks, visit us at 


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