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The Perfect Summer Color Palette

Posted by creatingyourspace under Design and Decorating

Summer has a certain feeling associated with it. Typically affiliated with happy thoughts, summer brings a refreshing, airy vibe along with it. If you are looking to capture this fun and effervescent feeling indoors, we have five color ideas to create the perfect summer palette. 

The Perfect Summer Color Palette: 

1. Muted Pastels. 

When you think of summer colors, you probably first think of bright colors. While they are fun and encapsulating, we recommend trying out muted pastels inside of your home. Muted pastels help to add color into the space without demanding attention. They are beautiful yet subtle which makes them the perfect summer palette choice for a transition. Design experts call this look “the grown-up summer palette” because it incorporates widely-loved colors with sophistication. 

2. Pure White and Tan. 

Another adult favorite is white and tan. The mixture of these two colors creates a simply beautiful space. It is effortless perfection and works well for homeowners who are new to the design game. Luckily, pairing other items and decor pieces with this color scheme will seem like a breeze to the homeowner. 

3. Sunset Hues. 

We like to refer to peach and yellow as our sunset hues. These two colors together create an absolutely stunning space. With peach and yellow, you are given the opportunity to add a little more color into the space without overwhelming the room. These two colors practically melt into one another, creating a must-have space. 

4. Coastal Blues and White. 

If you are an ocean lover, you may be all for this nautically-inspired palette. Coastal blues consist of light blues, blue-greens, and navy blues to create a unified color scheme. They help to make the space feel light and open by creating a more summery feel inside your home. 

5. Light Pink and Mint. 

If you are a lover of colors, light pink and mint may just be the perfect color scheme for you. This beautifully matched palette creates for a more stylish space while the colors blend seamlessly. This color scheme is perfect if you want to embrace the fun, bright nature of summer while adding a stylish element to your home.  

Which summer palette could you see yourself using? We would love to hear in the comment section! 


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