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Why Red?

Posted by creatingyourspace under Design and Decorating

Interior designers understand that all the elements are perfect for influencing the most aesthetically pleasing, yet functional atmospheres. They find harmony between lights, flooring, walls, and décor to make create an unrivaled ambiance and theme. Unique to its influence on a room’s overall feeling is the use of color. All colors have a mood that they set in a room. Depending on what color tones you choose, you can give your space a cool, warm, or neutral feel. Red is a primary color that designers have been craving to add to a room design for its bold, strong influential appeal. There are so many benefits to adding red to your room, so we gather our top three reasons why red will look great in your space. Let’s take a look!
Why Red?
  • Warm Tone
Red is the perfect color to influence a warm tone throughout the room. Using different shades of red throughout a space can make your room feel more welcoming and homier. Warm tones create a rich, inviting atmosphere for company. By adding just the right amount of red to your space, you can quickly change the room’s overall feel. 
  • Freshen Up the Room
Red is a great color to add as an accent tone to a neutral room. The color red is far from subtle and makes a great pop against neutral colors to help make focal points and statements throughout your design. Adding red to curtains, area rugs, painting, décor, and more can really make your room feel exciting and luxurious.
  • Bold
Make red your primary room color. This dynamic color is associated with passion and love. It can give strong energy to a room while keeping a strong level of aesthetic excitement to the atmosphere. It is also highly associated with appetite and would make a great addition to any kitchen or dining room. Using this strong color shows confidence and ability to take a risk. Make the bold move and add red to your space!
If you are looking to spice up a boring room or if you just want to redesign your space, consider adding red for its attention-grabbing benefits. This fun color will look great in any area of your home and can help stimulate energy in the room. For more great tips and tricks, visit us at Carpets N More

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