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Reasons to Choose a Cool-Tone Color Palette

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Colors relate to emotions. The color scheme that you choose for your home will help set the overall tone. While a warm-tone color palette has its benefits, cool-tone colors can make your space feel more calm, refreshed, and tranquil. Cooler hues will help you to relax and unwind at the end of the day by embodying the colors found throughout nature. If you need more reasons to make the leap into a cool-toned color palette, we have created five for you. Let’s take a look!

Reasons to Choose a Cool-Toned Color Palette:

1. Light Colors Reflect Light.

When decorating, you want your room to be 30%-50% the lightest color in your color scheme and the rest of the 50%-70% will be made up by your medium and dark shades. The reason why we love a cool-toned color scheme is that it helps project positive emotions and light. If you choose a light blue for your small bathroom, the room’s natural light will help to instantly open up the space. That being said, cool-toned color palettes tend to work best in rooms that project a lot of natural light.

2. Tranquility.

Like we mentioned before, cool-tone colors have positives emotions associated with them. With a cool-toned color scheme, you can expect a more calming, relaxing oasis. If you are searching for the perfect calming shade, visit your local paint store to view all of your color options. You may be pleasantly surprised by the wide selection and variations. 

3. White, Black, & Gray.

A great part of the cool-tone color scheme is that black, white, and gray are included. These three neutrals are some of the easiest colors for homeowners to use. From accent pieces to floors, you can easily work in these staple colors to your design. 

4. Personalized.

When deciding on your hues, shades, and values, you want to be sure that you match it with your personality. If you want a bold and energizing room, you could go for a bright green. But if you are looking for a more calming, subtle room, you will want to opt for a lighter, more neutralized cool-toned color. Just be sure that you always focus the color scheme on your personality and the tone you want to set for the room.

5. Perfect Symmetry.

With a cool-toned color scheme, you do not have to worry about your floors and furnishings. The cool-tones that we find in nature balance out the warm colored woods found in your furniture and floors.

Are you interested in taking on the challenge of a cool-toned color palette? We would love to help! Contact us or visit us for more information.


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