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Carpet Stain Removal: Sidewalk Chalk Edition

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Sidewalk chalk may be an outdoor item and it may say “washable” on the label, but if you’ve got kids you know that they have a unique way of making stains appear out of nowhere. While most of it will end up on the pavement, children like to really get into their art creations and this means laying on the ground while finishing up a drawing and rubbing their clothes and shoes all over this fun craft toy while they do it. They may place the leftover pieces back in the tub before coming inside or they may hide one in their pocket and forget it’s there, but inevitably it will sneak its way indoors. All it takes is just a few seconds for your kids to come waltzing in from outside and sit on the carpet to watch a television show and there it goes right into the carpet fibers. Even the most vigilant parent or caregiver can’t always stop it from happening, but we have a few tips for how to fix it when it does.


Remove the large, obvious pieces by hand to prevent any more chalk from rubbing into the carpet.  Once the debris is cleared away, use a vacuum to try to pull up as much loose powder as possible. To treat the stain, mix a solution of 1 tablespoon of liquid dishwashing detergent with two cups of warm water. It is recommended to use a clean, white cloth to dip into the solution once combined.  Take your moistened cloth and apply the solution to the carpet through light blotting or directly and gently pushing into the material. It is important to use a vertical motion to prevent the powder from spreading around, which would happen if circular or back and forth motions are used. Once you’ve pulled up the remainder of the stain, use another white cloth to blot cold water on the cleaned area. Pat the section dry and allow the remaining dampness to air dry.


Messes are going to happen when there are children involved, but it’s nice to know they can still have lots of fun without causing permanent damage to your floors. Fun for them, peace of mind for you.


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