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What if we told you that you could save money on your next remodeling project? You would be interested, right? Well, you are in luck, because we have six ways to reduce expenses when remodeling your kitchen. Kitchens are typically one of the most expensive rooms to renovate in your house; therefore, saving any amount of money in your kitchen is a big deal. Let’s see how:

Create a Game Plan.

Before you dive right into a kitchen remodel, do your research and create a game plan. It is essential to develop a list of the things you need to be redone and things you would like if you have extra money left in the budget. If you have money left over, you can complete some of your wants but be sure to finish everything on your need list first. 

Some Stuff can Stay The Same.

Try to keep your plumbing in the same place, because remodels tend to get expensive when you want to move around the current plumbing setup. If you decide to hire a contractor, they can help you work your design around your existing plumbing. 

A Little Scratch.

If you are okay with buying appliances that have a little scratch or dent, you can save a lot of money. Ask around or do research of places that resell appliances with minor scratches or dents. Contractors and builders will often donate these items, and you can get a major discount on expensive appliances. 

Do What You Can.

If you have time, you can save a lot of money by doing so things on your own. You can do things like repaint walls, swap out existing hardware, and plan the room’s design. If you take some of these steps into your own hands, you can end up saving more money and adding to your overall budget. 

Invest in The Right Things.

Flooring is an investment, and it can take a kitchen from average to extravagant. Try to save money on specific areas in your kitchen so that you can splurge on things like flooring and countertops. If you are looking to purchase new floors for your kitchen remodel, look no further! We have an expert team ready to help you with all of your flooring needs. Call or visit one of our showrooms for more information. We look forward to working with you!


What Grout Color Should I Choose?

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The idea of updating your home with beautiful new tile floors can be exciting. After all, when looking through tile samples, you will find that there is a plethora of materials, colors, and patterns available to you. Whether you are renovating your bathroom, kitchen or another area of the home, new tile floors will have a significant impact on your home’s design.

Believe it or not, the grout color that you choose can make or break the results of your tiling project. Selecting grout is an aspect of the design project that should not be overlooked. If you are asking, “so how do I choose the right grout color for my project?” We are here to help!

White Tile + Dark Colored Grout

White tile is a popular choice for bathrooms, kitchens and other common areas of the home. If you are considering installing a white tile and pairing it with a very dark grout, the actual focus falls on the grout as opposed to the tiles. Using a black or other deep-hued grout color with white tile helps inject energy and life into a basic patterned tile. Such a high contrast scheme is ideal for spaces where the dominant hues throughout the room are white and black such as a kitchen or bathroom.

Colorful Grout

If you are seeking a look that really pops, you might want to consider using a colorful grout as opposed to a dark or white grout contrast, which can be stark. For example, a colorful grout with white tiles is a fun, unique idea for a bathroom tiling project. Using a colorful grout is bold, but it can be pulled off successfully if that same grout hue is used somewhere else within the space.

Colored Tile + Light Grout

If you have decided to go with a colored tile product such as hunter green or a deep brown, you will find that moving away from a neutral grout color becomes a bit challenging. Using a lighter hue with colored tiles may seem dramatic, but it can help tame vibrancy and provide clean lines and a timeless look.

Colorful Tile + Colorful Grout

Pairing a bold tile product with a colorful grout is daring. If you are ever nervous about the outcome, remember that you can obtain grout color swatches to get an idea of how the project will look in the end. Doing so can be a helpful hack for anyone that wants to see how it will look before committing.

What are the craziest grout color and tile pairings that you have ever seen? We want to hear your stories below in the comment section.


Best Flooring Options for Seniors

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When it comes to picking the right floor seniors, you will need to consider a few variables.  First, not all floors are alike and can all have different positive and negative attributes. Second, some key factors to consider are maintenance, absorption, mobility, slip-resistance, and comfort.  To help you make the right decision, we put together a list of several flooring options to consider.  Decide what you are looking for out of your floor and what will be the best option for you.


Cork is an excellent choice.  It is a low-maintenance solution to accommodate the needs of seniors.  It offers superior sound absorption and thermal insulation.  It is slip-resistant as well as a perfect resolution for wheelchairs, walkers, and canes.  Cork flooring has a little more cushion to it to which can help with falls; however, it is also so soft it can easily be damaged.

Rubber Flooring

Though it is not people’s first thought to add to a home, rubber flooring is an excellent floor for absorption.  It is one of the safest options you can get because it is both slip-resistant and soft on drops and falls.  This comfortable solution can come with a little more of a price increase and has the drawbacks of not having a large option of residential styles and designs.


Low-profile carpet is good for comfort and provides protection against getting hurt from a fall.  It may be a little bit more demanding on maintenance and cleaning. It also holds dust more easily, and this can be a problem with adults who suffer from allergy problems. Also, it may not be easy for room maneuverability with wheelchairs.

Luxury Vinyl 

This choice is an easy-to-clean solution.  It is highly resistant to spills and looks great as well.  Luxury Vinyl is great for dust control and extremely durable. It may not be the friendly option for falls and its surface can be relatively hard and unforgiving.

The Decision Is Yours

Try to avoid tile flooring because they are injury prone and do not always offer slip-resistance.  We understand that deciding the perfect flooring for seniors can be challenging.  We recommend weighing out the pros and cons of each flooring prior to your decision.  If you need further assistance, please do not hesitate to call or visit us.




Trendy Nook Ideas

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Your home’s design should be able to accommodate even your smallest areas, and learning how to maximize your space is key to designing your home.  Remember, functionality is always the first question you need to ask yourself when creating an area.  With this in mind, maybe you have struggled to find a use for a small nook in your home.   These cutouts can be frustrating because they are not big enough to make into a room but still have enough space to be a visual eyesore if left unattended.  Well, you are in luck, because we gather our favorite nook transformation ideas that you can use in your home. Let’s take a look!

Breakfast Nook 

If you have a nook in your dining room or kitchen, it can be the perfect opportunity to transform that area into a breakfast nook.  You can add a bench with cushions to make a relaxing environment in the mornings. You can even build a custom bench to wrap around the nook, which has become more common or just add a small table with chairs.  That being said, we find that bench seating is always a great option to get the most out of your space.  You can even facilitate one of the walls as your bench’s backrest to cut costs.

Coffee Station 

Adding a coffee station can be a fun, robust add-on that is great for the coffee lovers.  Building a coffee station in a nook can not only make the area more functional but allow you to free up some space in your kitchen.  Add a coffee machine, mugs, coffee-themed art decor, and syrups for a fully-functioning station.  Also, you will want to consider if you are going to have to refrigerate any creams or kinds of milk and if you need a water supply nearby.  Evaluate your area and have a general idea before tackling this project.

Reading Nook 

Having a nice place to get away and relax is important in any home.  A reading nook can have a custom lounge area installed wall to wall or just add a chair.  Consider lighting options to keep your nook well lit. Natural light is ideal but not always an option in all homes. You can make the nook as comfy as you like but decide if you need more comfort or functionality.  If you are working from home in your reading nook, make it comfortable enough to get your task done but not too cozy that it becomes a nap station. 

Customizing a nook is a simple but effective way to get the most out of your home’s layout.  You will be surprised how a once useless small cut-out can become a fully functional activity area in your home.



You dream of owning a large bathroom with a spacious tub and separate shower area. But it may be time to deal with reality: your bathroom is not meeting your expectations. Just because your bathroom is pint-sized, does not mean you cannot make a big impression on it. By adding in chic details and implementing sophisticated style ideas, you can create a space that rivals the best. To help you create the bathroom of your dreams, we have five tips and tricks for you. Let’s take a look!

White on White

Perhaps the easiest way to make your bathroom feel much more spacious is to go heavy with the color white. With white wall colors, white tiles and an all-white vanity, you are guaranteed to create a light, airy feeling. White naturally recedes, resulting it in reflecting light as opposed to absorbing it. Going with an all-white color scheme does not mean the space has to lack visual interest. Instead, you can incorporate textural elements like molding, stone, and unique fabrics. You can further add style by selecting hardware in different finishes such as stainless steel, gold, rose gold, or matte black.

Light Hues

If you cannot get on board with the all-white color scheme, you can still achieve that breezy look by using hues with the same tone. Embrace palettes like soft gray, warm beige, blush and even light blues. Such colors are serene and create a spa-like ambiance.

Glass Tiles

We all know that mirrors can alter the way we perceive a room’s size. Add touches of sparkle to your powder room by using glass tiles. Glass tiles are often used in the shower stall, but it is time to take those tiles outside the bathing area. You can install them on the wall surrounding your vanity to create a flawless backdrop. The options are truly endless.

Wall Storage Options

Keep your storage flush to the wall to maximize floor space. You can also install narrow shelving units to store all the things you need to keep in your bathroom. The small units may fit in snug areas like beside your toilet or in tight corners.

Bright Lighting

Bright lighting is necessary to really expand the size of your bathroom. Find ways to maximize natural lighting and implement multiple layers of lighting to create a dreamy escape.

If you are in the market for new flooring or backsplash, look no further! Carpets N More carries a wide selection of tile to meet your design preferences. For more information on our selection, please visit our online showroom or visit us one of our beautiful showrooms. We look forward to working with you.


Contrast is a principle in the arts that has become an increasingly popular design style in modern kitchens. When used effectively, contrast can be the key to adding interest and drama to a space. This principle involves using elements that are different in design to add personality and make a striking statement. 

While there are many different ways you can create contrast in the kitchen area, homeowners often mix a variety of styles such as contemporary and country styles to achieve a contrasting look. Also, you can mix up your color scheme, cabinetry, and countertops to create a dynamic look. If you are new to the contrast look, we have listed a few different design ideas you can try implementing: 

Mixing Up Colors

Perhaps the easiest way to create contrast in the kitchen is by mixing up colors, and do not shy away from bold colors. Pairing two bold colors that are different from each other will have a “wowing” effect.  For instance, imagine a bold green color paired with glossy white. These colors will definitely make a striking statement. 

Contrasting Textures

You can further add contrast by using various textures within one space.  You can mix wood colors and throw in colorful fixtures to add an extra pop. The texture-on-texture contrast has also become trendy in the last few years. Instead of mixing and matching textures, you can utilize the same texture in variations around the kitchen. For example, the same natural stone tiles can be used on your flooring and backsplashes. While the final look is subtle, such details will draw attention.

Two Toned Cabinetry

Homeowners can create visual diversity in their cabinetry selection. Here are some ideas:

  • Paint the top and bottom cabinet different colors. Using such colors as red or navy blue go well
  • You can also try contrasting finishes. If your kitchen has traditional dark brown wood cabinets, you can switch one set out for a stainless steel finish. You can also break up wood finishes with monochromatic materials.

Kitchen Island

If you are looking to make one big statement, you should let your kitchen stand out from the rest of the kitchen. Try painting the bottom of the island a loud color or replace the top surface with a finish that has not been used yet. Do not forget to further add emphasis by adding funky bar stool to add to the overall look.

What do you think of the contrasting look? Would you try it in your own home? Let us know below in the comment section.


Your Flooring Needs, Explained

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Have you ever been curious about your flooring options, but honestly, do not know where to start? As a first-time homeowner, things can seem overwhelming and daunting. We understand that there are a lot of products out there and you want to choose the right one. To help you in search, we created a simple guide with four popular flooring choices, explained. We hope that this helps you in your selection process!

Your Flooring Needs, Explained:


  • We will begin by starting with the ever-so-coveted Hardwood flooring. Hardwood comes in two options: original hardwood (100% solid) and engineered hardwood (top layer is hardwood with solid backing). Both hardwood options have a seamlessly beautiful look, and they are a stunning addition in any space.
  • Original hardwood floors are typically best in rooms that do not produce a lot of humidity or moisture. That is where engineered hardwood takes the cake. Engineered wood has made it possible to add hardwood into areas that you never imagined possible. You can now have it in basements, bathrooms, and laundry rooms.
  • Keep in mind that hardwood is not the most durable flooring choice. Consumers often buy it for its beauty and craftsmanship, rather than its durability. Certain features can help protect your hardwood like hardness and the finishes’ protection level. But with all flooring, you want to be careful not the scratch or dent the flooring.

Luxury Vinyl Flooring.

  • This flooring is more durable than typical hardwood floors; therefore, it would work well in active homes. It is resistant to moisture and everyday wear and tear. Luxury Vinyl Flooring can be installed in moisture and humidity rooms (bathrooms, laundry rooms, basements), quite like engineered wood.
  • Luxury Vinyl Flooring has the look of stone or wood with ease of cleaning and durability. These floors are 100% waterproof to prevent swelling or buckling. This can be the perfect flooring option for families who need a little wiggle room. Plus, with a wide selection of styles, colors, and textures, you can meet any of your flooring needs with this one product.

Engineered Tile.

  • Engineered tile is made up of 70% limestone and 30% other durable materials. Engineered tile is an alternative solution to your traditional ceramic, porcelain or natural stone tile. Homeowners love engineered tile for its long-lasting characteristics as well as being warm and soft to the touch.
  • This type of flooring works well in high-moisture areas, and it even can be a great backsplash to your shower or kitchen wall. This flooring has extreme durability for high traffic areas, accidents, drops, and dirt. In fact, the grout is even stained resistant making it extremely user-friendly.


  • Laminate is a budget-friendly option for homeowners wanting the look of wood or stone. Plus, this flooring is easy to install and works in any room of your home.
  • This flooring has a durability feature helping it to withstand daily wear and tear. It even comes in a wide variety of colors, styles, textures, and looks.

Do any of these flooring types spark your interest? We would love to tell you more and show you our wide selection. Please stop by one of our showrooms or call us with any questions. We look forward to the opportunity to work with you!


Tips for Designing a Kid’s Bedroom

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Whether you have younger kids or preteens, a child’s bedroom has to serve many different functions. There has to be a dedicated space for them to study, play and sleep; however, when you are working with a small space, it can seem nearly impossible to design a room that is both efficient and comfortable in your child. To help you put your best bedroom forward, we have provided some ways you can amplify the space. Let’s take a look!

Space Savvy

Of course, when designing a small kids room, you will want to look for ways to save space. That means you should avoid furnishing with large pieces that will overcrowd the room. The key is providing the room with pieces that will maximize the minimal. You can take advantage of vertical angles by opting for bunk beds or a loft bunk bed to keep floor space available. If this is not an option, you can place a twin bed under the window so that you can use the space on the sides.

When selecting furnishings, opt for pieces that have a dual purpose. Ottomans, window seating and toy boxes are multifunctional accessories. Nightstands with extra cubbies and bed frames that are equipped with additional storage on the sides are all furniture you should consider using in a small room.

Get Your Kid’s Input

Since they will be the one living in the space for the next several years you will have to consider their personal preferences. Whether it is fun colors on the walls or painted furniture, you should let them add their own touches into the design of the room. A large wall chalkboard, homemade art gallery or a hand-painted mural are just some fun ideas you can utilize to personalize the space.

Get Rid of Clutter

Since you are already working with a smaller space, clutter will only make the room look even smaller; therefore, you will need to contain the abundance of toys, clothes, books and other items. You must use smart storage solutions to maximize space best.

How do you reduce clutter and provide more storage in your space? We would love to know your thoughts below in the comment section.


How to Pick a Color You Will Love Forever

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While many homeowners are attracted to bold and bright hues, many people are determined to select a shade that they can live with seeing on their walls every day. Let’s be real, a stunning color may look stunning in a magazine, but it might not be a color that you can stand waking up to every morning. So, how do you find a balance between choosing a palette that is livable and something that is exciting? To help, we have four must-know tips that we want to share with you. Let’s take a look!

Never Buy Paint on The Spot

You may be tempted to purchase a paint color because it looks good in the store, but you should never buy paint on the spot. When you begin the process of putting together a palette for your home, you should start with a wide range of options.  Do not worry about picking out the best color; instead, you should go with the intention of seeing what your options are.  Pull a ton of swatches so that you can study them and make an informed decision later. 

Bring a Swatch

When visiting a paint store, you should not go in empty-handed. Bring a white or black piece of paper so that you can see what your swatch looks like in contrast against other colors. In the store, a color can look different; however, when you bring your samples to compare it against black and white, you can get an idea of what the color may look like in your home.

Experimenting with Swatches

Now that you have gotten some paint swatches to play with, you can test with them in your home so you can decide what works for you. You can expect hues to look different in real life light and at different times of the day. Tape the paint chips or swatches against the wall and analyze them in various light settings.

Take Your Time

Be sure to take your time. Most people hate to repaint their walls just because the shade was not right for them; therefore, you should really sit with a color before you make the final decision to apply it.

We hope you found these tips and tricks helpful. For more expert advice, visit us at Carpets N More.


Must-Know Interior Design Secrets

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Would not it be nice to know all of the secrets of Interior Designers? Knowing secret little tips from experts can help you completely transform your space. To help you put your best “home” forward, we created a guide filled with some of our favorite, best-kept secrets. Let’s take a look! 

Wallpaper is Wonderful 

Adding wallpaper to your room’s design helps add a pop of color and visual interest. If you choose a grass cloth, which is a classic option, it can be the perfect way to add texture to the room. This little secret does more than just cover an eyesore, it also adds additional flair to your room’s design.

Decorate The Ceiling 

Now, this secret is one that we just adore! You can add elegance to a room by decorating the ceiling. Simply, paint your ceiling a coordinating color to embrace the room’s design. It is a simple way to add detail without breaking the bank. 

No Need for a Sofa 

Contrary to popular belief, you do not have to have a sofa in a living room. You can create a cozy conversation area in your living room by incorporating comfy barrel chairs with ottomans or even scaling it down by placing two loveseats facing each other. Another benefit of having smaller scaled furniture in the room is to easily move and redesign the room according to the event you are hosting. 

Find Seating for Less

If you already have a dining table, think about purchasing mismatched dining room chairs at a thrift shop or a second-hand store. You can also take advantage of furniture stores sales, and some businesses will put one or two mismatched items on clearance sale. You just need to make sure the style and design of the chairs blend together. Also, think about placing a new or old bench on one side of the table to add diversity. 

Which interior design secret was your favorite? We would love to hear below in the comment section.