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Carpet Installation: Hiring a Professional vs. DIY

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Installing anything in your own home can be very rewarding.  It is always a great feeling after you paint your own walls or install your own light fixture in a room.  While do-it-yourself projects are great for saving money, there are several reasons why you should probably consider saving your carpet installations for the professionals.  Today, we are going to focus on four reasons that you may want to decide to hire a professional. Let’s take a look! 


Installing your own carpet can be a very time-consuming process, especially if you do not do it daily.  You should consider the amount of time it would take you to complete the project and decide if it is worth your time invested.  While you may be willing to sacrifice a day for installing your carpet, you need to make sure you are confident that you are able to finish the task.  It can be very tricky to hire an installer after the carpet has been tinkered with or half-installed as well. 


So you may not be as concerned with time, but you should consider the amount of money you will spend on tools.  Carpet installation has many tools precisely for installation.  These tools can be quite expensive for one-time use.  Installers have already made these investments because they are in this for the long haul.  It may be best to rent these tools if you do not plan on installing a lot in the future. 


Consider your experience versus a professional installer as well.    Most installers have been doing this for quite some time.  With this time, comes experience for different dilemmas that may come up during installation.  Carpet installation is an art and a skill.  Every room can come with its own sets of challenges and difficulties.  While you may be comfortable installing it in an easy room, be ready for unexpected challenges.  Troubleshooting these challenges comes with experience and are essential if you want to install your carpet correctly. 


If you install your carpet incorrectly, you will probably void all warranties.  Carpet is an investment which should stay with your home for some time.  You do not need to install your carpet incorrectly and not be able to make a claim if something goes wrong like bubbling or fraying.   

As flooring experts, we recommend leaving it to the professionals unless you feel like you have the skillset, time, and tools to complete the job. We definitely want to encourage all of the do-it-yourself go-getters out there, but we also want homeowners to be cautious and make the best choice for their investment. If you would like to speak to one of our expert sales staff about installation, please do not hesitate to call or visit us


Must-Know Garage Conversion Ideas

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Garage conversions are perfect for individuals not facilitating the space.  If you do not mind parking outside, your garage is a prime location to create some fantastic home additions.  There are hundreds of avenues you can choose to go down when designing this space.  We put together our top four to help you start thinking outside the box on how you want to convert your garage. Let’s take a look!

Home Gym

An easy yet super beneficial renovation to your well-being is creating a home gym.  It can be challenging to get to a gym after a long day at work and having the convenience of a gym studio in your own home is optimal for time management and fitness goals.  Install rubber flooring or the flooring style of your choice and invest in some equipment.  It is your home gym, so create an environment that you will want to train.  Discover what workouts are tailored to your goals and invest in the equipment best in line with your goals.  Lastly, buy a couple of mirrors, paint the walls, and enjoy your new home gym.


If you have children, it can be nice to have a designated spot in the house for them to play.  Create a space with toys, playhouses, and games for kids.  This can be great for when they have friends over and to help consolidate the mess from spreading throughout your home.


You can fully convert your garage to a hangout lounge by finishing off the garage door wall, or you can leave it to allow your lounge to open to the outdoors.  Create your own man cave or female getaway away.  Insulate your walls and create an area with seating, television, and you can even add a bar.  Creating your own lounge can be a great way to convert your unused garage into the new house “hot spot.”

Home Theater

Another great renovation is creating your own home theater.  Insulate your space and create a surround-sound home theater by installing a projector and sound equipment.  You can use a blank white wall and have a pull-down screen.  A home theater can offer hours of entertainment for the whole family and be a great place to invite over friends for game night.

Never let an area in your home go unused.  A garage is an excellent opportunity for special home designs.  You can think outside the box and create so much more than just a designated parking area.  What will you do with your garage space?  Let us know below in the comment section!


How to Prepare for Your Flooring Installation

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Congratulations! You have made an excellent decision and bought brand new floors from Carpets N More. This is a fantastic step forward in the design process, and we are excited to a part of this journey with you. But before your installation, there are a few things that we recommend preparing. To help you get ready for the big day, we have created a guide with four easy steps to assist you. Let’s take a look!

Preparing for Your Flooring Installation:

1. More Furniture.

First, you will want to take all of the furniture out of the room where the flooring is being installed. It is a good idea to also remove all fragile items from the room. You will want to remove your wiring from electronics and store it in a different place. Also, you may find it to be a good idea to remove all of your bedding from your bedroom. This will help to ensure no dust and dirt gets inside of your clean sheets.

2. Vacuum Carpet/Clean Hardwood.

Next, you will want to vacuum your old carpet or clean off your hardwood floors before your installers come. By doing so, you will cut back on the amount of airborne dust and particles.

3. Hardwood/Laminate/Vinyl Installation.

You want your hard surface flooring to acclimate to your space; therefore, you want it to be delivered 48 hours in advance. You will want to set aside time and a space for the delivery as well as following the temperature and humidity guidelines for your flooring.

4. Be Available.

If any unforeseen circumstances arise, it is good to be available over the phone. We are not saying that these events are common, but in case we need you, we recommend turning on your cell phone during the installation.

We look forward to your installation day, and we are excited to show you your brand new floors. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call us or visit us. We want to make sure that you are 100% satisfied and happy with your purchase.


The key to Rustic Design is earthy tones and natural elements.  Dark browns and warm woods thrive in this atmosphere, allowing the country-style design to flourish.  Architects use things like exposed wooden beams, copper accents, and oak doors to credit the beauty of natural elements as well. However, there are many “unnatural elements” which have trickled their way into the industry, and we find that they are still considered to be very much natural in appearance:


When you think of a countryside’s natural elements, you probably imagine everything you would find out and about on a hike.  Woods, stones, even some metals may come to mind; however, when it comes to brick, you think of it as an artificial building material, and it may not be your first thought.  But in fact, adding bricks to your home can help amplify a traditional Rustic Design while helping to bring in a little color to your room.  Whether you go with the classic red, darker browns, or even white painted options, bricks have proven themselves worthy of amplifying the design in Rustic Style.


A stone fireplace with a wooden mantle is a timeless staple in Rustic Design, whereas, concrete is a man-made element. But recently, designers have shifted gears and begun to incorporate concrete in their designs, and they do not limit themselves solely to concrete flooring.   There is a wide variety of great concrete elements on the market today, such as concrete end tables, concrete walls, and even polished concrete countertops.  With new textured concretes available, adding concrete to your Rustic Design can help spruce up your space as well as keep the room feeling balanced and well grounded. 

Vinyl Planking 

Hardwood floors are a beautiful home remedy; however, not all spaces are tailored for all hardwoods.  Luxury Vinyl Planking has come a long way in engineering and designs.  Luxury Vinyl Planking can mimic many natural kinds of wood while coming with many added benefits. Vinyl Planking can come as a floating floor and be installed over virtually any surface, most on the market today come with a durable surface, and waterproof Luxury Vinyl Planking has overtaken the market.  Investing in Luxury Vinyl Planking in your home is a phenomenal home investment which can look great and hold up to wear and daily traffic. 

Rustic design flourishes off natural elements while also being amplified with some of these “unnatural” tricks.  Have your atmosphere feeling robust and lively by adding some of these man-made elements into your design.  Be creative and find balance when creating your space.


Choosing the right entryway floor pattern will help set the tone for the overall design of your home.  This area of your living space will be the first thing that guests see; therefore, it can be the perfect opportunity to impress them with a unique and eye-catching display.  While there are multiple ways to draw attention to your home’s entrance through patterns and material choices, be sure to keep reading and learn how to ensure this spot in your home does not go unnoticed.


If the thought of using multiple materials and tile shapes seems overwhelming to you, consider choosing a uniquely shaped tile or one that can be arranged in a pattern by itself.  A hexagon or fish scale shape will catch the eye by merely being an unexpected choice, or to create a design with an ordinary tile shape, you can use a long, thin rectangular tile and install it in a herringbone or basketweave pattern.


A simple idea for adding distinction to your flooring is through the addition of a border.  This can be accomplished with tile or hardwood. Your border can be right around the perimeter of the room, or you can bring it in a few inches to make more of a statement.  For hardwood, simply use a different stain for your border pieces.  For tile, choose a border color that will complement not only the entryway but the rest of your home.  Inside the border itself, you can have the pieces arranged on a diagonal, parallel or perpendicular angle to the direction of your border.  It is your preference!


Using different sizes of tile can help bring depth and style to an entryway design.  Using large white square tiles staggered with small black square tiles will keep the design looking symmetrical while preventing it from becoming boring.  You can also use three tile pieces of the same color in different shapes and sizes to create a pattern where each piece is locked into the other without grouping the similar ones too closely together.

Floor Medallion

For a real showstopper of an entrance, if you have a large enough room, consider a floor medallion.  This creates a focal point from which you can expand your floor’s design outward.  Since the attention should stay on this unique piece, you can keep the remainder of your flooring materials relatively simple.

Which floor pattern caught your attention? We would love to hear your thoughts below in the comment section. Thanks for reading!


Why We Love Black Marble

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While white marble with black or grey veining will always be a classic, if you really want to make a statement, you may want to consider the richness of Nero Marquina marble. From the countertops to backsplashes, black marble is a luxurious material that can fit any budget. If we have piqued your interest, here are five ways you can take advantage of this often underrated material:

Coffee Table

The coffee table is often the center point of the living room. In most traditional living rooms settings, we are used to seeing glass or wood-based coffee tables. If you are looking for a subtle yet powerful way to use black marble, consider using a black marble coffee table. A dark stoned coffee table makes for a sophisticated conversational piece. A black marble table with white veining is also an option to add a flair of fashion to the space.

Kitchen Countertops

Dare to be different by steering clear of the white on white design scheme that we often see today in the kitchens. Contrast with dark, marble countertops with or without veining. Dark stone countertops also look great against deep hued cabinetry such as burgundy or dark teal. You can bring a hint of light to a dark theme with metallic accents or a light backsplash.


White is a popular color scheme in the bathroom since it provides an ultra fresh and clean look, but we believe that there is nothing sleeker than black stone. You can use a black-based stone against the wall over the sink, as an accent wall in the shower stall, or feature a black marble countertop. Whatever style you choose, black marble can create a dynamic look for your bathroom.


Are you looking for a way to accent the fireplace? A classic black marble fireplace surround is guaranteed to make the fireplace feel elegant, not to mention it will instantly become the focal point of the room.


Want to create high drama in your home? Considering going with black marble for your flooring choice. Dark stone flooring provides a true sense of gravity. Forget the accent rugs, just add a polish finish to reflect more light and let the floors talk volumes.

What do you think about the Nero Marquina marble look? Are you sold on the idea? We would love to hear your thoughts below in the comment section.


Things to Consider During a Kitchen Remodel

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You have decided, committed, and guess what, you are doing it! You are remodeling your kitchen after much anticipation and talk about doing it for some time now. Before you jump right into the construction, there are a couple things you will want to consider. We know, you are super excited, but we encourage you to take five minutes to read these five questions. You may find that they really helped you in your decision process.

Who are you doing this for?

You may be like “what type of question is that?” But what we mean by that is, are you remodeling for yourself or are you selling the home after you renovate it? Kitchen remodels can be extremely expensive and time consuming, not to mention you will not have a place to cook or eat for the next couple of weeks. If you are listing your property after the remodel, do not go overboard! A lot of homeowners get caught up in the remodel and end up spending more money than they will make from selling it. If you plan on selling, always keep in mind your return-on-investment and only update where needed.

What are you doing yourself?

There are definitely some factors in the kitchen that you can do yourself.  Little things that guests will never realize may be a lifesaver on your budget. Look around your kitchen and take note of the areas that you can do yourself. 

Do you need it?

Sure, if we could spend whatever we wanted on a kitchen, we could easily blow through three times our budget, but we are trying to stick to a reasonable amount of money. Instead of going all out on top-of-the-line appliances, ask yourself “do I need it?” You can find greatly discounted appliances at an appliance outlet store. They may have a couple of scratches or dings, but you will pay a fraction of the price for nice looking appliances.

Does it flow?

You are remodeling your kitchen, now is the time to make changes to things that do not work. Think about the functionality of your kitchen and if you are happy with it, move on, but if you are not, talk to your contractor.

Will it be in style in 10 years?

Trends come and go quite fast. Do not be left behind with a too trendy kitchen. Try to incorporate some safe designs. If you must have a bold kitchen, be aware that you may have an outdated kitchen in a couple of years. Remember that a design can have a happy balance of trends and timeless pieces. You can meet in the middle to guarantee a longer lifespan. 

The main thing to focus on during a kitchen remodel is, you guessed it, the flooring. Flooring can make such an impact on a homeowner’s life without them realizing it. Stop in today and browse through our wide flooring selection. From backsplashes to floors, we have it all, and we look forward to working with you on your next project!


How to Integrate Feng Shui in Your Home

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Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese pseudoscience that attempts to bring the energies found in nature into our homes to create a livelier and more energetic living environment.  Doorways are considered the gateways or the “mouths” for chi energy to enter into your home.  Different variables such as the direction of the doors or where they are located in the house all play a role in obtaining the perfect Feng Shui throughout your home.  If you are new to the concept, here are several rules of Feng Shui that you may not know and can integrate into your own home:


Believe it or not, color has an “effect” on the Feng Shui of your home.  The direction your front door is facing has a correlating color assigned to it.  For example, south-facing doors are to be painted red, whereas a north facing door is to be blue or black.  Swapping this can “create” negative energy.  East facing doors are always to be natural wood colors and west facing doors are to be yellow.  The pseudoscience presents a reason for each color and how they can help bring your home prosperity and good fortune.

Front Door

Your front door should also be your most grand entrance.  This is typical in most house designs today but does not always hold true.  Your front door is actually supposed to open in to bring positive energy in and not open out which would essentially be pushing the positive energy back out into the world.  In Feng Shui, it is also believed that a good front door should open into a wide opened space and never be blocked.  You can put plants on either side of the door as well to help bring the outside into the home.


Is your front door visible from other rooms in your house?  Walls can block positive energy from flowing freely throughout your space.  A front door should be able to be seen from different rooms in the house and should also be a respectable size to the complement the size of the home.  A door that is too little or too big for a home can prevent “energy” from entering your home.

How does your house does hold up to the rules of Feng Shui? We would love to know below in the comment sections.


What if we told you that you could save money on your next remodeling project? You would be interested, right? Well, you are in luck, because we have six ways to reduce expenses when remodeling your kitchen. Kitchens are typically one of the most expensive rooms to renovate in your house; therefore, saving any amount of money in your kitchen is a big deal. Let’s see how:

Create a Game Plan.

Before you dive right into a kitchen remodel, do your research and create a game plan. It is essential to develop a list of the things you need to be redone and things you would like if you have extra money left in the budget. If you have money left over, you can complete some of your wants but be sure to finish everything on your need list first. 

Some Stuff can Stay The Same.

Try to keep your plumbing in the same place, because remodels tend to get expensive when you want to move around the current plumbing setup. If you decide to hire a contractor, they can help you work your design around your existing plumbing. 

A Little Scratch.

If you are okay with buying appliances that have a little scratch or dent, you can save a lot of money. Ask around or do research of places that resell appliances with minor scratches or dents. Contractors and builders will often donate these items, and you can get a major discount on expensive appliances. 

Do What You Can.

If you have time, you can save a lot of money by doing so things on your own. You can do things like repaint walls, swap out existing hardware, and plan the room’s design. If you take some of these steps into your own hands, you can end up saving more money and adding to your overall budget. 

Invest in The Right Things.

Flooring is an investment, and it can take a kitchen from average to extravagant. Try to save money on specific areas in your kitchen so that you can splurge on things like flooring and countertops. If you are looking to purchase new floors for your kitchen remodel, look no further! We have an expert team ready to help you with all of your flooring needs. Call or visit one of our showrooms for more information. We look forward to working with you!


What Grout Color Should I Choose?

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The idea of updating your home with beautiful new tile floors can be exciting. After all, when looking through tile samples, you will find that there is a plethora of materials, colors, and patterns available to you. Whether you are renovating your bathroom, kitchen or another area of the home, new tile floors will have a significant impact on your home’s design.

Believe it or not, the grout color that you choose can make or break the results of your tiling project. Selecting grout is an aspect of the design project that should not be overlooked. If you are asking, “so how do I choose the right grout color for my project?” We are here to help!

White Tile + Dark Colored Grout

White tile is a popular choice for bathrooms, kitchens and other common areas of the home. If you are considering installing a white tile and pairing it with a very dark grout, the actual focus falls on the grout as opposed to the tiles. Using a black or other deep-hued grout color with white tile helps inject energy and life into a basic patterned tile. Such a high contrast scheme is ideal for spaces where the dominant hues throughout the room are white and black such as a kitchen or bathroom.

Colorful Grout

If you are seeking a look that really pops, you might want to consider using a colorful grout as opposed to a dark or white grout contrast, which can be stark. For example, a colorful grout with white tiles is a fun, unique idea for a bathroom tiling project. Using a colorful grout is bold, but it can be pulled off successfully if that same grout hue is used somewhere else within the space.

Colored Tile + Light Grout

If you have decided to go with a colored tile product such as hunter green or a deep brown, you will find that moving away from a neutral grout color becomes a bit challenging. Using a lighter hue with colored tiles may seem dramatic, but it can help tame vibrancy and provide clean lines and a timeless look.

Colorful Tile + Colorful Grout

Pairing a bold tile product with a colorful grout is daring. If you are ever nervous about the outcome, remember that you can obtain grout color swatches to get an idea of how the project will look in the end. Doing so can be a helpful hack for anyone that wants to see how it will look before committing.

What are the craziest grout color and tile pairings that you have ever seen? We want to hear your stories below in the comment section.