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Looking for a way to add character to your home without doing a complete overhaul? Try decorating an accent wall. It is a simple solution for creating a focal point in the room, and there are many ways to approach this idea. From traditional methods to more unique materials, the point of creating a feature wall is to have a section of the room that catches the eye, expresses your style and maintains functionality all at the same time. Read on for some great ideas for accent walls.

Forever a Classic

The simplest method and usually the first one that comes to mind is a painted wall. If you want to keep things minimalistic, a solid color that is more on the “bold side” can do the trick. If you are going to add something with a little more detail, try a patina paint to bring out a metallic look, or you can stick with a solid scheme and incorporate alternating stripes or a sponging technique.

Welcome Back, Wallpaper

If you want to skip the paint, there are endless possibilities with wallpaper. Smooth, textured, simple, intricate-there will most definitely be something to suit your tastes. It is especially helpful if you enjoy a particular design but do not want to have to go through the hassle of stenciling each section individually.

Embrace the Senses

Another way to add texture to your space is by simply using a different material. A few tried and true choices you can count on for a fabulous look are reclaimed wood panels, stacked stone, and faux brick. Any of these choices will add a more earthy, warm feeling to your home.

More Modern Approach

If you are looking for a more futuristic, modern vibe for your living space, try installing 3D panels or stacked upholstered wall panels. The 3D look will be an eye catcher and conversation starter no matter what color you choose. Like art, it will jump right out and command the attention of those in the room. Upholstered wall panels are a great way to achieve a symmetrical look that pops out at you as well. The extra dimension will add some softness to the room but will not make the space look too busy.

Which accent wall idea was your favorite? Let us know your thoughts below in the comment section!


Rustic Metal Musts

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Rustic Design is praised for its simple approach of creating a beautiful atmosphere by incorporating earthy tones and a warm, inviting comfort into the design.  This timeless design theme is not created through sleek technology, modern art, or evolutionary architect in mind but instead focuses on the organic elements of nature, functionality, and comfort.  Stones, woods, metals, and even bricks thrive in this environment as they enhance the space.  However, not all metals are as welcomed to this design.  Remember, rustic themed spaces are reflected through including aspects of the outdoors.  Highly polished metals can create quite a spectacle yet may not be best for these types of designs.  We put together some beneficial metals to incorporate in your own Rustic Design that can help elevate your look and keep an eye on detail!

Galvanized Metal

Galvanized metal is when a protective layer is applied to iron or steel.  These metals are molded into decor then submerged into a molten zinc bath.  They then coat the metal with a unique look that is highly durable.  This decorative metal can amplify your Rustic Design in your home by adding character to the decor while giving it a great look!

Golds, Copper, and Bronzes

The great thing about metals is they are considered very neutral.   Gold, copper, and bronze are great to add throughout your home.   Whether you change your appliance to these materials or accent it through your cabinet handles and decor, these metals can keep your color palette feeling natural and earthy. 

Rusted Metal

What is Rustic Design without a little bit of rust?  While this is usually avoided with most metals, rust can add more character to the decor.   This can be greatly used in a wall decor piece or a fun patio decorative item.  Rust has a very worn and natural look which can amplify your home’s atmosphere and make it feel more “lived-in.”

Whatever metals you decide to use in your home, be cognitive of how it affects the space. Remember that decor can make or break a space. Keep in mind that rustic themed spaces should feel cozy, yet should also be highly functional.  Sometimes, less is more.   

Do you use any of these metals in your own space? If so, how and where? Let us know in the comment section!


Environmental Influences on Your Design

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Interior Design is a creative way to express yourself while tailoring your home to your specific needs.  Creating a theme will help set perimeters and guidelines of what to include in your home.  There are thousands of design themes to choose; however, not all design work in all types of atmospheres.  But of course, with the right budget, you can make anything work. That being said, if certain limiting factors are preventing you from styling your home after your favorite design theme, you may want to look at these key factors to help you make your design theme decision:


So, you move to a new home and are super excited to create your space!  You have always loved the look of Industrial designed studios.  The bricks adding character, the exposed ductwork, and the raw concrete floors all speak to you!  However, you just moved into a Traditional architecturally styled home.  You have hardwood floors, beautiful trim, and ornate window frames.  While the conversion is always possible, it may not be worth the leg work. 

Your first step of choosing your design is deciding what complements your existing blueprint.  If you can have your architecture complement your design, you will have a fully developed theme that really enhances the environment!


Speaking of environment, your next step is where your home is located–this is not a limiting factor yet can make a world of difference when considered correctly.  Your atmosphere can be directly correlated to your design.  When living in the city, Rustic Design may not complement your space the best.  Likewise, living in a country, you may not want to use an Urban themed design.  Letting the exterior and interior work together can make a well-rounded theme that seems deliberate and focused.

Existing Furniture

Existing furniture is not the end-all decision maker, but truly something to consider when moving.  If you have pre-existing furniture, you may want to determine what theme they already reflect.  Decide what needs to be replaced or what will be staying for the long run.  Creating your design around the furniture you already have acquired can save you time and money.

Paying attention to your pre-determined factors can help you create a well-balanced design.  If your architecture does not agree with your design, it can feel forced whereas a well-created design flows best with the atmosphere.  From interior to exterior, your home should feel like it complements itself throughout its entirety.  If you are struggling, just remember the three concepts mentioned above and go from there.


Different Types of Underlayment for Your Floors

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Some floors can require installing an underlayment.  Your underlayment is a layer between the subfloor and the flooring you install on top of it.  Different underlayments come with a list of different pros and cons.  Knowing a few different types of underlayment options can help you choose the one the best suits your needs.  Most underlayment comes down to personal preferences, but keep in mind that some manufacturers will not warranty floors if you use a competitor’s underlayment.


The most traditional underlayment is felt.  It is one of the easiest underlayments to install and has a little bit more weight to it.  Thick felt is the best sound dampener underlayment.  It serves as an excellent insulator to help regulate your home’s temperature.  Plus, thicker felt can even give your floor a soft feel when you walk on it.  However, that being said felt is one of the more expensive options.


Foam is a common underlayment option and will come in different varieties of thicknesses.  Foam underlayments are typically manufactured with a moisture barrier to protect your floor from water damage.  They also serve as a sound dampener which is excellent for two story homes.  This can prevent noises from traveling through the home when people are walking upstairs.  Though foam absorbs some noise, it is not as good as cork underlayments, but you will find that foam is usually the most cost-effective underlayment and easy to install.


Another standard underlayment option is cork.  Cork is a natural option that does not hurt trees when extracted.  It serves as a moisture barrier as well as a high-quality sound dampener.  Some people prefer cork because it is an excellent insulator to homes as well as fire resistant.  If water does happen to get on your cork, unlike felt and foam, the cork will not mold.  That being said, cork can be a little problematic to install when it comes in rolls.

Even if your floor does not require an underlayment, some homeowners and business will still add one for their many additional benefits.  If you are looking for the most inexpensive option, go with foam, but the best quality would be felt.  Some homeowners will still go with cork because it is a more natural approach and offers slightly fewer benefits than felt at a lower cost.


What to Consider Before Buying Carpet

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Carpet can help make a living room feel cozy, add a layer of comfort to a bedroom, and even create a stylish accent piece with a decorative area rug in your dining room. By adding this blank of warmth around your home, you can create an all-around more inviting atmosphere. Think about the last family game night you had. While playing a board game on the floor, you realized that a hard surface flooring is not so comfy. Where carpet expands the boundaries of sitting beyond your chairs and couches and allows the whole room to feel like a place to relax, you concluded that it is the perfect option for your family and lifestyle. That being determined, while carpet shopping, you should be cognitive of several key facts:

Not All Carpets Are Created Equally

Typically, when people go to replace their carpet, they look for a similar style and color. If you liked the carpet before it needed to be replaced, you would love it again, right? Yes; however, not all carpets are created equally. If you can find the same exact style, that is great; however, do not look for a lower-end, mimicking carpet. If you had a high-quality carpet and downgrade to a lower grade carpet with a similar color, you will be very disappointed in the product. The carpet’s resilience will be less and tend to make the carpet appear “matted.” In essence, try to not be so set on color as much as the quality of what you are buying.

Padding Matters

Yes, carpet is soft; however, the padding you chose makes a big difference! Do not get the most inexpensive padding on the market. Heavy padding can help your carpet last longer and really change the general feel. A lot of things in life may not serve an aesthetic value but can really improve the overall performance. Think of the springs and shocks on your car. You may not see them, but they are essential to your vehicle’s longevity and comfort.

Color Variation

Have you heard the expression paint gets darker when you put it on the walls? Well, carpet tends to look a little lighter when putting it in a room. You should also note carpets have different dye lots. Ordering the same carpet at different times of the year or even the same purchase can result in different dye lots. While dye lots can play a role in the color, consider fading over time as well. Areas that are exposed to direct sunlight could fade. It is best to close blinds in areas that have spots directly exposed to sunlight for long hours of the day.

Choose a carpet that stands out to you. Make sure you have it professionally installed as well. You do not want to invest money in a quality carpet to have it poorly installed in your home. Your new carpet will help transform your home back to how you want it to look.

If you are in the market for new floors, Carpets N More would love to be your chosen provider. With an expert sales staff, knowledgable installers, and quality products, we can ensure you that we will provide you with only the best. Contact us today for more information.


Best Flooring Ideas for Commercial Spaces

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Commercial environments are prone to heavy traffic.  The wrong flooring may wear quickly, fade, or even break down and increase the chances of injuries. As flooring professionals, we understand that these are all issues you want to avoid because investing in the wrong flooring will mean you will have to replace it more frequently.  To save time and money, you may want to consider some of these options for your business.  Every flooring comes with its pros and cons so you will want to decipher which flooring option is best tailored for your needs before making a purchase.


The wrong carpet fibers will quickly wear and create many problems; however, carpet is not a bad option!  Carpet can be placed in some of the most substantial traffic areas in the world including malls and airports.  Commercial glue down carpet is a great solution to have carpet in heavy traffic atmospheres.  You can go a step further and invest in carpet squares.  Carpet squares are great because if one of them is damaged, you simply remove the tile and replace it with a new one.  This can help save you time and money.  However, carpet does not do well to water.  You will want to avoid environments with wet foot traffic.


Luxury Vinyl Planks or Luxury Vinyl Tiles are incredibly durable floors.  Most options can be floated directly over the subfloor which allows them to be installed in basements, over tile, or any unperfect floor.  Most LVPs are also waterproof and can be installed in water exposed areas.  These luxury planks can be very resilient to scratching and wear; however, they can still be scratched with extreme abuse.  Amongst being simple to install, very durable, and waterproof, this wonder floor is excellent for almost any application.  LVP is a very versatile flooring option and has been the largest growing floor in the industry to date.


Look for commercial grade tile.  The smaller the tiles, the less likely they will lead to cracking and breaking.  These floors have an extremely long wear layer, are treated to be stain resistant, and can be easy to clean.  Tile works great for commercial bathroom or any space you want to add a more luxurious feel.  Make sure you treat your floors properly to get the greatest longevity out of them.


There are several different types of concrete floorings available from epoxy, urethane topcoats, poly-aspartic finishes, and more.  You may have noticed many commercial franchises and chains have been using this look in their designs.  Concrete is currently trending.  With the industrial look, concrete is extremely durable and with the right finish, can be very easy to clean.  

If you need additional assistance choosing the right floors for your commercial space, one of our expert sales associates would love to help you. Please click here to call or visit one of our locations.

We look forward to working with you.


What is Polyester Carpet?

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Nylon and polyester carpets are the most commonly manufactured carpets today.  Traditionally, nylon has been known as the more durable and better stain resistant carpet.  Polyester carpet is a synthetic fiber made of polymer through a chemical reaction of coal, petroleum, air, and water.  With these resources being very abundant, polyester carpet is typically less expensive than wool and nylon carpets.  However, this does not necessarily mean that this carpet performs less.  Here are three important elements to consider when buying modern day polyester carpets:


Polyester carpet has come a long way over the past couple of decades. Nylon is considered to have a better resiliency, allowing the carpet to come back to its original shape after crushed.  Polyester fibers may pat down more over time, but it is still a very resilient carpet.  While not as durable as Nylon, Polyester carpet is a practical and affordable choice for most homes.  Polyester carpets can typically last between five to fifteen years in a house with regular traffic. 

Stain Resistance

Polyester is a hydrophobic textile, meaning it does not absorb liquids.  This can make it quite stain resistant.  Pay attention to other factors like if it has been treated with a stain resistant spray.  Some polyester carpets are now coming as solution-dyed.  This means that the fiber is the same color all the way throughout the entire carpet.  Think of a carrot versus a radish.  If you cut a radish in half, the color is only on the surface.  With solution-dyed carpets, the color is like that of a carrot and is the whole fiber.  This can allow you to clean your carpet with stronger detergents and cleaners like bleach, but please check with your manufacturer before applying this method.

Soft Feel

There are several ways to modify carpet fibers.  The fibers may be twisted thicker to give a carpet a denser feel or thinner to create a softer touch.  Polyester is regarded as such a great option because of its exceptional softness.  This carpet fiber continues to feel soft throughout its lifespan and is perfect for moderate to long time wear.

Unfortunately, there is more that goes into carpet than the compounds that construct the fibers.  Most importantly, find a carpet that you like the feel, can clean easily, is durable, and fits your price budget.  Not all carpets are made, but a lot of polyester carpets have become more common over the last couple of years due to its upgrades.

If you would like more information on the difference between polyester and nylon carpet, one of our expert sales associates would love to assist you. Please do not hesitate to call or visit us with any questions.


Outdoor Green Walls & Vertical Gardens

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It is no secret that plants bring a new form of energy and life into your home when brought indoors. Having plants indoors has been a common household remedy for centuries because of the positive energy they have in homes. When you think of plants, you may typically think of a horizontal garden outside, but have you ever consider having a vertical garden inside your house? Vertical gardens are stylish and unique, and they can be subtle or grand focal point in your room. If you are interested in incorporating a vertical garden in your room’s design, here are three great ways to include a green wall in your home:


Having a green wall can be as subtle as a framed garden. This dimension of art can be a fantastic, lively addition to a bedroom or office space. Plus, it is great for beginners who do not want an enormous task of watering and maintenance. Not to mention, it can also really help the Feng Shui in a room. Plant life is associated with higher levels of productivity make this an excellent option for the workspace as well.

Patterned Succulent Wall

This is a cute idea that you can do indoors or outdoors. Succulents are great, low maintenance plants and can really liven up the area. Adding these to your home is a great way to showcase your love of nature and display your keen eye for unique designs. This fun design also can help make a dull room feel balanced and introduce green subtly into the color palette.

Random Patterns

Lastly, “random” plants and patterns is a fun contemporary feature that can be integrated to make a room feel fresher and inviting. Adding a “random” design can reflect your love for nature and make a room feel more aesthetically pleasing. A unique vertical garden design allows you to broaden the spectrum of colors and textures you bring into the room. Adding this architectural remedy to a room will have you spending more time in the room and enjoying its breathtaking atmosphere.

Which vertical garden idea was your favorite? We would love to hear your thoughts below in the comment section. Thanks for reading!


Tips and Tricks for Soundproofing a Lease

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If you are leasing an apartment or a home, it can be challenging to do any modifications. Typically the lease will prohibit any construction or renovations, so what do you do when your neighbors are too noisy? Luckily, there are several tricks you can do to your space to help soundproof your home that will not break the ground or your budget. Here are the top soundproofing tricks:


Your lease will most likely prevent you from installing wall to wall carpet; however, you can throw down some rugs. Rugs are excellent at absorbing sounds from lower levels. Take it to the next level by adding some heavy eight-pound padding for extra noise absorption.

Wall Tapestry and Curtains

You can prevent noises from coming through your walls by applying and hanging wall tapestry. Textiles are exceptional sound barriers and can work on the walls as well. For windowed areas, add thick, heavy curtains, and you will be amazed by how much sound you will be able to absorb.

Seal Doorways

If you try to locate where the sound is coming from in your apartment or home, it is most likely coming through windows and doors. Getting a draft stopper on your door can also prevent unwanted sounds from penetrating into your home. This is a simple but effective method. Weatherproofing your door can also help with keeping your apartment warmer while also eliminating sounds. It is a great two for one solution.


An empty home is a loud home. Add furniture to help muffle sounds. Large couches, bookcases, and chairs can all help dampen undesired noises. Putting them against “loud” walls can help stop the sounds at the source.

Acoustic Panels

If the sounds are still bad, invest in some acoustic panels. These are engineered to absorb sounds in your home. You can hang them on your walls or ceiling to prevent unwanted noises. Acoustic panels do more than just muffle the sounds but almost magically eliminate them completely.

These simple investments can save you from sleepless nights and unwanted noises throughout the day. For more great tips and tricks, be sure to check back weekly at Carpets N More.


Why Luxury Vinyl Tile?

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Luxury Vinyl Tile has become an extremely popular flooring choice amongst homeowners. Loved for its style choices and durability, Luxury Vinyl Tile can provide everything you want in one flooring option. If you are interested in learning more about Luxury Vinyl Tile, we created this simple guide to help you. Enjoy!

Why Luxury Vinyl Tile?

Also known as LVT, Luxury Vinyl Tile is the solution for active homes wanting a stylish, affordable flooring option. LVT is constructed with several layers: a wear layer, image layer, and a core and backing. Luxury Vinyl Tile is 100% waterproof, making sure that it will not swell or buckle. Lastly, LVT is exceptionally durable, making it the perfect choice for active, busy households. Its scratch, stain, and wear resistant allows it to thrive in the busiest of homes.

Easy Installation

Luxury Vinyl Tile is easy to install and can be used in rooms that you never imagined possible. This unique flooring can work in basements, kitchens, and bathrooms to create a trendy and stylish look. Plus, with an array of different sizes, colors, textures, and styles, you are sure to find one that you will love.

The Perfect Alternative

Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) is the perfect alternative solution to hardwood and ceramic tile. With LVT, you can get the look of hardwood without sacrificing durability. Plus, LVT works perfectly in moisture-attracting rooms—giving homeowners the opportunity to put in places that they never imagined possible! LVT is also an excellent alternative for ceramic tile because it is softer and warmer than tile’s hard-surface.

Plenty of Styles

Luxury Vinyl Tile’s versatility makes it a popular choice amongst homeowners. Whether you are looking for something close to hardwood or natural stone, LVT can give you the look and performance that you are seeking. Some of the stylish options for homeowners to choose from are Authentic-Looking Wood, Natural Stone, and Textured/Finished Effects.

We have a wide selection of different Luxury Vinyl Tile options for homeowners. To browse our vast selection of LVT, take a look at our online showroom here.