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What is Maximalism Interior Design?

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You have probably heard of the term minimalism, or less is more. This has been a trending style over the last couple of years. While it will never fade because of its functionality and style, it created a new style along with it. With minimalism, the design of maximalism was born. This style took longer to develop correctly, but now is being used in homes and stores today. Maximalism utilizes every inch of square space to be expressive. It does not focus on “less is more” but allows everything to shine. This eclectic design still has strict guidelines to make sure it is executed correctly. Here is everything you need to know about incorporating maximalism into your home:

It Is Okay to Be Busy

Stop saying less is more. Designing a space is your chance to express yourself and make a statement. Be bold and put unexpected patterns and unique combinations together. From high-designed wallpaper to custom area rugs, this style feels busy, yet throughout all the elements, it still feels balanced. Most designs find a focal point to reflect or give homage. In this design style, however, every elegant pattern, unique throw pillow, colorful curtains, and extraordinary piece of wall art can stand alone. The focus of this design is every piece should be focused on individually. Do not match furniture but allow each piece to feel unique and special to the atmosphere. Remember, just because everything can stand alone, it still needs to feel cohesive to the environment.

High Level of Detail

Maximalist Design does not mean a cluttered, eclectic mess. Instead of a single picture, incorporate a gallery wall. In its place of a monotoned carpet, invest in a highly charismatic rug with high, intricate levels of designs. Think abundance of textures in the atmosphere. You can have giant pillows, textured walls, throw blankets and pillows. Allow your décor the opportunity to enhance the space, not be shadowed by the theme.

Very Open Color Palette

Unlike minimalism, maximalism design has a very accepting color palette. You can use warm tones and cool tones. You can use neon or pastel hues. You can also have the occasional black and white in the room to create a hard contrast. Colors are highly influential in the environment. All your colors to create your space!

Maximalist is a highly trending design. It is incredibly expressive and can feel glamorous and classy while incorporating high levels of design. While this design can be challenging to perfect, it is beautiful when done correctly. Let your home be an expressive outlet of your personal styles and taste to best express yourself. For more insight on some of the most trending interior design styles, make sure to subscribe, and let us know below what your favorite interior design style is!


Reasons Why You May Want to Choose Laminate

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Laminate has become an increasingly popular flooring choice for homeowners that are looking for beautiful floors without a “beautiful” price tag. If you have a budget in mind and do not want to sacrifice quality, we would love to share with you eight reasons why you should choose laminate. Let’s take a look at popular reasons homeowners have selected this flooring choice.

A Comfortable Touch

Other flooring options can feel harsh on your feet and even your back. Laminate flooring provides a softer and warmer underfoot for a more comfortable experience.

Easy Maintenance

Who does not want an easy-to-maintain flooring option? We sure do! With laminate, you are guaranteed easy care and maintenance.

Budget-Friendly Solution

Laminate is a budget-friendly solution for homeowners looking for beautiful floors without a hefty price tag.

Replicates The Look of High-End Flooring

When natural stone and traditional hardwood are out of the budget, you can rest assure that laminate will be there. With realistic wood and tile looks, you can design the home of your designs without breaking the bank.

Scratch Resistant

If durability is a must, laminate flooring is five times more resistant to scratches than traditional hardwood floors.

Improved Air Quality

With certified laminate options available from Mannington Flooring, you can help improve your home’s air quality with laminate flooring.

Eco-Friendly Options

Laminate can be an environmental-friendly solution to other flooring products. With options containing over 70% recycled materials and low-VOC, you can help contribute to environmental conservation with the right choice in flooring.

No Grout Lines

Some homeowners find grout to be a bit of an eyesore. With laminate, there is a grout-free installation; creating a seamless and beautiful flooring.

Are you interested in learning more about laminate or want to view our selection? We would love to assist you in your search and show you the great products we have to offer. Call us or visit one of our showrooms at for more information and pricing. We look forward to working with you!


Are you trying to determine which style you want to use for updating your home’s kitchen? If you are leaning towards a specific trend, you will want to make sure that what you choose will be in style for quite some time. We have compiled a few kitchen style trends to help jump-start making that final decision. Let’s take a look!


Farmhouse style is rustic but also has clean lines. This style has been around for several years, and design experts think it will be around for several more. The farmhouse style takes new and old features and blends them together beautifully. You will see lots of wood in the kitchen from the cabinets, the island, the ceiling, the flooring, exposed beams to the furniture. Often, the color palette is neutral to white with pops of color used in the accessories. If you have a beautiful, darker wood floor, consider choosing a white cabinet color, so the contrast between the two is undeniable! Regarding the texture of choosing your wood floors, we recommend using distressed, reclaimed, wire brushed or hand-scraped floors for that extra rustic charm.


Contemporary style is everywhere in today’s homes and commercial/business interior design. This style is clean and crisp with many ideas focused on today’s open floor plans. We recommend choosing a natural palette with white walls, cabinets, or floors. Bring a pop of color in the kitchen with the use of brightly colored artwork or accessories. Think of bright cobalt blue kitchen canisters with matching dinnerware and drinkware for that extra pop of color.


Many of us love the beach and want to bring that look into our homes even if we do not live close to the ocean. Coastal colors are whites, tans, grays, and blues can create this beachy oasis. In today’s market, we also want to bring some green-blue into the color mix. Think about your flooring being a gray distressed or blonde hardwood to replicate the beach’s sand. With the coastal colors and timeless hardwood floors, you can create a vacation-inspired kitchen.

Which kitchen style is your favorite? We would love to hear your thoughts below in the comment section.


Tips for Beginning Your Bathroom Design Process

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Bathrooms are crucial features of every home.  They shelter privacy in your home and are also an area your guests may need to visit.  Stop neglecting your bathroom decor and start enhancing the space.  Sometimes smaller restrooms never get the attention and design focus that they deserve in homes.  Whether you live in an apartment, studio, or home, these bathroom decor tricks can be simple yet effective in creating a more visually appealing atmosphere. Let’s take a look!

Pick A Color Theme 

First, you will need to pick out a color theme for your bathroom.  Decide on a primary, secondary, and accent color to start.  You can paint your walls to reflect your primary color, but always remember that a primary color can be neutral as well.  Your color choices can be used to reflect your design choices.  For your secondary color, you can complement or acknowledge it by incorporating the color in your towels, bath mat, and even your shower curtain.  Lastly, you can use your accent color with elements like your soap dispenser, toothbrush holder, or even your cabinet handles.  This is not an exact science, but they are some beginner guidelines that can help you theme your space. If you already have towels in a certain color or your walls are already painted, decide if you can work with your already established theme.  It may not be ideal, but it is a great place to start!

Theme On 

You would be surprised how many areas in a small restroom you have opportunity to enhance your theme.  For example, let us say that you decide to go with a tropical themed bathroom.  Your color palette has amplified the look yet you have yet to decorate the bathroom as such.  You can change your outlet covers to tropical covers, add a themed waste basket, toilet brush holder, and soap holder.  Go a step further and find tropical cabinet handles and shower curtain hooks.  You even create a tile backsplash with painted tiles that have elements to help aid the theme.  Your opportunity is all around you!  It just needs to have a chance to shine.   

Dazzling Decor 

Functionality is key.  If your room has space, without becoming obtrusive, adding decor can also help evolve your space.  Adding art to the walls or counter top decor is a creative way to help enhance your space.  Remember though, small space can easily get cluttered.  Have fun theming and adding decor to your space but be cognitive of space and functionality. 

Decorating your bathroom is important.  Do not neglect this room from having its opportunity to be a household design strength.  Do you already use some of these tricks?  Do you have some of your own?  If so, let us know in the comment section below.


Whether you are moving, remodeling, renovating, or installing new light fixtures, it is important to understand all of the different lighting options available to consumers. Today, we are going to focus on kitchen lighting. The lighting inside of kitchens is imperative for a successful meal. You need to be able to see what you are doing whilst in the kitchen. To help you find this perfect balance, we have created a guide of the most popular types of kitchen lighting. Let’s take a look!

Recessed Lighting

Recessed lighting is an easy way to add glamour and luxury into a home. If you are not familiar with the term, recessed lighting is hidden in the ceiling in little tins to create a more spacious feeling. Most homeowners install recessed lighting for their beauty as well as their easy to clean nature. The only issue with recessed lighting is that you will need enough space above your ceiling for installation. They help to create a beautiful atmosphere but they are not solely used to light a kitchen. 

Pendant Lights

For a more stylish approach, homeowners have shifted gears towards pendant lights. Not only are they stylish, but they are extremely functional. They help provide a closer light to areas which in essence, provides better visibility while cooking. The only issue homeowners find with pendant lights is that they hang low from the ceiling which could potential get in your way while cooking. 

Surface Lights

Surface lights are referred to as the “mushroom” or “bubble” light fixtures in homes. They are placed directly on the ceiling and provide an ample amount of light. They are in fact, easier to clean than the two previous lights mentioned. The only issue homeowners have with surface lights is that they are very visible. If you do not like the look of them, we would not recommend choosing them. With recessed lighting, you have a hidden light source and with pendant lights, you are provided a stylish approach to lighting. Whereas with surface lights, they are kind of just there.

If you are remodeling your home, be sure to keep us in mind for new flooring. We would love to help you complete your home with beautiful floors, cabinets, windows coverings, and countertops. For more information on our vast selection, please visit our website here.

Removing glue from your carpet can be challenging if you do not know the correct procedures.  Different adhesives bring different challenges and should be handled accordingly.  As you read earlier in the series, freezing glue is always a good tactic to try to harden it then scrape it off the fibers.  However, not all glue respond to this method.  While some heavy hitter glues are challenging, young folks bring some challenges of their own. Here are several common types of glue children may bring into the household that can create a tacky nightmare if not handled correctly:


Sticker residue can be easy if caught early, but more challenging if it is matted deep into the carpet fiber.  Heat up white vinegar and dampen carpet residue.  Allow the area to soak for about ten minutes to break up the sticker residue.   You should be able to scrub out the sticker residue after it is broken down by the vinegar.   If some residue still remains, repeat the method. 

Glitter Glue 

Scrape away as much residue as possible.  If your carpet is solution dyed, it should be able to handle a bleach and water mixture.  This can help remove the stained color.  If you are unsure, test your carpet in a discrete area.  You can use the bleach and water mixture to remove to glue.  If some remains, apply ice to harden and scrape up to rest of the residue. 

Super Glue 

Super glue can be challenging to remove.  Apply acetone diluted with water to your carpet.  After you remove most of the super glue, go back and apply a mixture of distilled white vinegar, washing detergent, and hot water.   Scrub away at the super glue and pat dry.  This should remove the remaining sticky mess. 

Like most stains, the sooner you can get to the accident, the better chance you have of removing the stain.  Do not let these sticky situations hold you down.  With some tender love and care, you can have your carpet looking like new again.  For more great tips and tricks, visit us our blog hub here and be sure to subscribe!


Glue is excellent for fixing so many things around the house.  Unfortunately, you can find yourself in a very sticky situation when you get some on your carpet, and homeowners find that it can be one of the more challenging stains to remove.  While not only staining the carpet, it creates a sticky residue that can damage the carpet fibers and mat down the resiliency of your flooring.  Different glues will take different methods in order to remove them. To help, here are several of the most common household glues and how you can remove them from your carpet: 

Hot Glue 

Do not handle when the glue is still hot.  If you try to clean it when it is fresh and warm, it will only sink deeper into the carpet fibers.  Allow the glue to dry.  Apply ice to the glue to harden it.  Once it is hardened, you can pick away at the glue.  You can also apply acetone.  Acetone is a strong chemical.  You should dilute the chemical in water and apply it using a wet rag. 

Commercial Glue 

Commercial glues are usually applied using a caulk/adhesive gun.  These compounds are extremely difficult to remove.  Most commercial glues know this and have a recommend glue removing solvent sold separately.  This is your best option for removing this glue from rugs in your home.  Try applying a small amount to a discrete spot in the house.  These solvents can be powerful agents and may not be very forgiving to the carpet fibers and dyes.  If it seems to be damaging the rug, try to use ice to freeze the glue and remove.  

Rubber Cement 

Another extremely durable glue is rubber cement.  For this process, scrape away as much rubber cement as possible from your carpet.  Mix warm water with a little bit of laundry detergent and some white vinegar.  Apply the mixture using a damp rag and scrub your carpet.  Allow it to air dry.  This should help remove most of the rubber cement from your carpet.  You can repeat this process again after the carpet has dried. 

While glues are extremely useful around the house, they can be quite the pain to remove.  Using these tricks can help you from having to replace your carpet.  Check out the rest of this series to find more tricks and tips to removing difficult glue stains from your carpet.  Have a stain request you want more information on removing?  Let us know in the comment section! 

*Disclaimer: Please check with your carpet manufacturer for their stain removal advice. Results may vary. 



The Power of Pairs in Interior Design

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Interior design is not only about having functionality in a space but creating a visually appealing atmosphere. While aesthetics and beauty are subjective, there are several ways that you can help enhance the design and visual outcome of a room.  One tried-and-true trick that has been commonly used throughout the centuries is allowing pairs to complement each other.  There are several ways you can use the power of pairs to help enrichen your atmosphere and create a harmonized and compelling environment. 

Symmetry Through Seating 

Symmetry influences the space’s flow.  There are many different ways to accomplish this but pairing furniture takes the win.  Create the scene by allowing complementing chairs or couches to mimic each other in the room.  These duos can create balance and make a more coherent and harmonized room.  You can even cattycorner your pairs or use them asymmetrically to add interest.  In these layouts, the pairs will still be noted as one and help enhance the overall space. 

Harmony with Lighting 

Another way to help harmonize the atmosphere through pairings is through the use of lighting.  Duplicate lamps can help give the room a more “even” illumination.  With lights paired correctly in a room, you can create even shadowing and consistent lighting throughout the space.  You will find that lights are a powerful tool in design.  Complement them with pairing two and watch them transform your home. 

Balance with Décor 

Décor is an artistic and creative way to express your design theme.  While contributing to the overall appeal of the room, décor does not need to stand alone.  Using duplicate décor can create symmetry back in the room and make it feel more balanced.  Try doing this with a simple bowl, baskets, books, or other decorative objects in your home. In doing so, you will add interest and aesthetic appeal. 

There are three types of balance: symmetry, asymmetry, and radial.  You can incorporate all in your home to create different feels in your room.  Never neglect the power of pairs though in your space.  While singular chairs or art can be unique, duos work together to complement one another.


Space Hacks for Small Rooms

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Small space living can be tricky but also quite quaint.  Finding the perfect balance of furnishing and decor to balance your space but not overwhelm it is essential.  While we cannot change the blueprint of our homes, we can find ways and loopholes to make the most of our space.  Incorporating simple space-saving hacks into small studios, apartments, or houses is the best way to get the most out of your place.  We put together a couple space hacks that you may want to consider adding into your own home.  Let’s take a look!

Pocket Doors 

Initially, you may not consider a door an area in your room that takes up mass; however, you have to calculate how much space you door takes up when it is opened and closed.  You do not need items to be obtrusive to your entryway.  A pocket door is a simple solution that can have your door slide along the way.  It is an innovated architectural hack can help open up the space where your door use to hinge.   


While mirrors do not necessarily add more space to your area, they do visually help with the room’s overall aesthetics.  A mirror can create an optical illusion of a larger space, let light travel more freely, and help visually eliminate boundaries.  Using mirrors is a great design trick to open up smaller areas.  Try adding mirrors on walls to help open up spaces and make a brighter feeling environment. 

Furniture Storage 

Incorporating furniture with storage is a fantastic way to save space in your home.  Ottomans, coffee tables, chairs, and other units with built-in storage compartments will help eliminate clutter in your home.  This minimalism hack is perfect to open up space in your home. 

Low-Profile Furniture 

Another easy way to enlarge your room is by adding low-profile furniture.  This can help create the illusion of higher ceilings and give the room a more spacious vibe.  Low-profile beds, couches, and stools are great for enhancing the visual aesthetics of the room.  You should try adding a light paint color to the ceiling to also allow the room to visually feel larger.  These little hacks are quick, but they can make an incredible impact on your home. 

With a small environment, conserving space is imperative.  Try to think outside the box when it comes to space saving hacks.  There are hundreds of way you can visually make your space larger and eliminate obtrusive areas in your home.

We would love to hear from you.  What is your favorite space hack?


Carpet Installation: Hiring a Professional vs. DIY

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Installing anything in your own home can be very rewarding.  It is always a great feeling after you paint your own walls or install your own light fixture in a room.  While do-it-yourself projects are great for saving money, there are several reasons why you should probably consider saving your carpet installations for the professionals.  Today, we are going to focus on four reasons that you may want to decide to hire a professional. Let’s take a look! 


Installing your own carpet can be a very time-consuming process, especially if you do not do it daily.  You should consider the amount of time it would take you to complete the project and decide if it is worth your time invested.  While you may be willing to sacrifice a day for installing your carpet, you need to make sure you are confident that you are able to finish the task.  It can be very tricky to hire an installer after the carpet has been tinkered with or half-installed as well. 


So you may not be as concerned with time, but you should consider the amount of money you will spend on tools.  Carpet installation has many tools precisely for installation.  These tools can be quite expensive for one-time use.  Installers have already made these investments because they are in this for the long haul.  It may be best to rent these tools if you do not plan on installing a lot in the future. 


Consider your experience versus a professional installer as well.    Most installers have been doing this for quite some time.  With this time, comes experience for different dilemmas that may come up during installation.  Carpet installation is an art and a skill.  Every room can come with its own sets of challenges and difficulties.  While you may be comfortable installing it in an easy room, be ready for unexpected challenges.  Troubleshooting these challenges comes with experience and are essential if you want to install your carpet correctly. 


If you install your carpet incorrectly, you will probably void all warranties.  Carpet is an investment which should stay with your home for some time.  You do not need to install your carpet incorrectly and not be able to make a claim if something goes wrong like bubbling or fraying.   

As flooring experts, we recommend leaving it to the professionals unless you feel like you have the skillset, time, and tools to complete the job. We definitely want to encourage all of the do-it-yourself go-getters out there, but we also want homeowners to be cautious and make the best choice for their investment. If you would like to speak to one of our expert sales staff about installation, please do not hesitate to call or visit us