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Four Tips for Enhancing the Shower with Tiles

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Designing the perfect bathroom requires that you give attention to two of the most important fixtures in this area: the bathtub and shower. While you might be tempted to cut corners and stick to the basics, adding spa-like features can make a world of difference. Do you know what else can have a massive impact on the design of your home’s bathroom? The right tiling in the shower stall and bathtub is essential for further maximizing the overall look.

Selecting the right shower tile is not as easy as it may seem. A number of factors come into play when shopping for the perfect tiles. The size and style of the tiles are primarily dependent on the shape and size of the area. Here are some tips for picking out the right tile for the bathtub and shower:

Opt for Smaller Tiles for Curves

If your shower features architectural curves, it is best that you install small-sized tiles. If you are aiming for a really polished look, smaller tiles will be able to handle the arches and curves without deviating from the design.

Small vs. Large Glass Tiles

Even though glass tiles are trendy, they can also be challenging to use. With just a few uses, glass tiles can begin to look foggy due to the moisture that gets trapped behind them. This can definitely make the shower look unattractive. Therefore, you should stick to small glass tiles rather than large ones.

Adding a Feature Wall

If you really want to make your shower stand out, consider installing a feature wall. A feature wall will utilize a different tile design from the one you selected to install around the area. It helps add a statement piece to your space while incorporating a jaw-dropping look.

How do you add style and character to your shower with tiles? We would love to hear your thoughts below in the comment section.


Tips for Curating a Luxurious Walk-In Closet

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If you have the privilege of a walk-in closet, you will probably never want to go back to a regular closet. This amenity is great for more than just storage, but it can also serve as a functional changing room. Depending on the size of your walk-in closet, you can make it even more of a luxury. Treat yourself with these simple four walk-in closet luxuries:

Full-Body Mirror 

If you have a walk-in closet, you mostly have a changing room. To make sure your outfits are always looking sharp, incorporating a full-body mirror is a must. Investing in a full-body mirror is the most significant investment you can do to help your fashion and style. There is no better way of assessing your clothing options than trying them on in front of a full-body mirror; trust us!

Built-In Closet Storage 

Next, buy a built-in closet storage system to take your closet to the next level, and have your closet more organized than ever! Be sure to buy one that has compartments for your casual and formal attire. You can also have built-in shoe departments, storage for ties, and even jewelry display areas.


Do you apply your makeup where you get dressed? If so, having a vanity in your closet can make sure your makeup and outfits flow perfectly. Use the extra storage compartment to put your everyday products for optimal use and function.


Lastly, you will want to have a place to fold your clothes, a spot to lay out your outfits, or just place your belongings. A countertop may not be the first thing you think of adding to your closet when designing the space, but this is a game-changer. Having cabinets inside the counter space will provide even more storage. Go for an island design or put it against the wall near your vanity. You will not regret this timeless investment. 

Upgrading your closet is a significant home improvement. While your closet may not be the first room you tackle to design, do not neglect it. This home amenity is used daily and should be treated with some love. For more home improvement ideas, make sure to subscribe.



How to Clean Stone in Your Shower

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There is nothing that screams luxury more than a stone shower stall. In fact, having natural stone built into the design of your bathroom is a luxurious addition to any home. Whether your shower stalls are encased in travertine, limestone or granite, knowing how to maintain it properly is important. While stone can last a lifetime, using harsh chemical products to clean it can result in discoloration. Here is how you can protect your investment:

Never Use White Vinegar

Distilled white vinegar is a natural cleanser that is often suggested for many materials. However, this substance contains acid that when used against any type of stone, can break down the sealant. As a result, the stone slabs or tiles will begin to erode and discolor, and this will ruin the look of your beautifully designed bathroom.

Steer Clear of Ammonia

Ammonia is another product you will want to avoid when cleaning stone in the shower. While ammonia is great at eliminating bacteria and creating a sterile environment, it also breaks down sealants. When mixed with bleach, it can be toxic to your health.

Liquid and Powdered Scrubs Are a No-No

Liquid and powdered scrubs are abrasive, which means that they can end up scratching and damaging stone tiles. These traditional shower cleaners also have acids in their ingredients that will discolor stone over time.

So, how can you safely clean your stone shower? We are glad you asked!

Use a Squeegee or Microfiber Towel

Keep soap scum at bay by using a squeegee or a microfiber towel to wipe away soap scum. Soap sum is a combination of dead skin cells, water, and soap. For the best results, clean off soap scum before it dries to prevent it from coming back as fast. Next, a microfiber towel can easily catch the soap scum on your shower walls. However, you will want to wash it every week to prevent bacteria from building up on the fabric.

Try a Steam Cleaner

Steam cleaners are a powerful tool for cleaning grout and the top layer of stone walls. You can use a small, portable steam cleaner which is effective at cleaning flat surfaces. This is a safe and chemical-free way to keep your stone shower clean.

At the end of the day, remember to avoid harsh acids with your natural stone because they are often sensitive. If you have more questions, please do not hesitate to leave a comment below, and we will be sure to answer it for you.


Three Ideas to Cut Household Expenses

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Bills are inevitable. Your mortgage, car payment, cellphone bill, gas, insurance, electric, you name it, never stop coming. While we cannot eliminate bills, we can cut down on everyday household expenses. Learning where and when your money is drawing out of your accounts can better help you budget your finances. Here are three places you may be able to save some more money in your home:


The first place to consider cutting is your entertainment bills. What are your monthly entertainment subscriptions? Do you watch cable or use a streaming service? If both, you may want to switch to a streaming service, and if possible, you can select streaming services with no contracts. Decide what shows and series you want to watch and purchase individual streaming services at that time. When you are done watching your shows, switch to another streaming service. You can also see if family or loved ones want to split entertainment service cost since you are now allowed multiple users.

Heating & Electricity 

Heating and cooling systems can be a large part of your bills. While you can adjust your heat to 78 in the summer and 60 in the winter, you can also find an alternative method that is not as uncomfortable. Invest in well-sealed doors and windows to help keep your home’s temperature from fluctuating. Cleaning your HVAC system’s filter regularly will allow air to move with less energy. Some appliances draw energy even when you are not running them. Items like cell phone chargers, televisions, computers, and coffee makers can cost you over $100 annually. Unplugging these devices is a quick way to save some money. Also, remember to turn off your lights in rooms you are not using and switch to LED bulbs to use less energy. 


Saving on your water will take some creative ingenuity. There are two places your water is used in your home: outside and inside. The most wasted water is used for gardening and plants outdoors. Make sure that if the water is running from your yard to the street to shut off the water. This is just wasting your water if your yard is not absorbing it. Obviously, inside your home, you can limit your shower time. However, your laundry machine will still use a lot of water. Make sure your laundry machine is energy efficient and that you are putting in maximum loads to get the most out of each wash. 

These three simple tricks can help save you money. You may also decide to spread out your bills if possible. Some people prefer them to all come out at the beginning or the end of the month. Do what works best with your income, lifestyle, and household.


Shaw Floors’ Waterproof Carpet

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New carpet is a great way to transform your home; however, most homeowners are aware that life’s unexpected accidents are carpet’s enemy. When a beverage is spilled, or an animal urinates on your carpet, it soaks through and gets absorbed into the pad. This is how odors can be trapped in your home even after cleaning the carpet thoroughly because the origin of the smell is deep within the pad. Some companies provide Spillguard padding or water-resistant padding to help prevent this issue, but Shaw has gone a step further and has a solution to stop this issue at the source. Shaw’s Lifeguard Waterproof Carpets have an engineering backing the prevents the spills or messes from getting through the first layer and into the pad. This means the liquid is stopped at the source and not absorbed into your pad or subfloor to hold those dreaded odors.

Stress-Free Home 

How many times have you heard people, who have had new carpet installed in their living rooms, make the “new house rule” meaning no animals, no children, no beverages, no shoes, etc.? With Shaw’s Lifeguard Carpet, you can have a stress-free environment, knowing your new carpet is safe from spills and accidents. Transform your home into a more comfortable, inviting room for your family and friends, not with the underlying fear of messes. 


The science of lifeguard’s spill-proof backing is not where this engineering stops. Shaw has incorporated in their R2X protection, which allows spills and stains to stay on the surface of the carpet longer than normal carpets. This means you have time before it will get to the waterproof backing. Shaw’s Lifeguard carpet has also been put through one of the most challenging waterproof tests. They installed Lifeguard Carpet at the bottom of a pool to withstand against 25,000 pounds of water. Shaw loves going above and beyond to let their customers rest assure that their bold claims are true. 

Why Wait?

All in all, Shaw’s Lifeguard Waterproof Carpet is one of the best carpets on the market today to stand strong against life’s unexpected accidents. It will keep your home smelling better and looking great for years to come. This high-performance carpet has revolutionized the industry, and with all the great patterns and designs, it can also revolutionize your home.


Tips and Tricks for Creating a Gallery Wall

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Pictures are worth a thousand words. Plus, they are always a great focal point to have as a piece of artwork in a room. That being said, a gallery wall is made up of dozens of pictures in all different shapes and sizes. Hanging a single image can only depict so much; however, a gallery wall has to power to entirely create the room’s theme. This is a great addition to any bedroom or living room to help enhance the space’s design. If you are considering a gallery wall, here is everything you will need:

Photo Theme 

A gallery wall is a great way to create a theme in a room. If you were to add one picture of a log cabin, your theme might feel like it represents the painting. Yet, a gallery wall, on the other hand, could encompass the art of the mountainside, birds, and a sunset, all separately from your cabin picture. Now your one-sided theme is opened up to a much larger landscape. Decide what you would like your gallery wall to express. Maybe it is simply positive vibes or pictures with loved ones. Select all the pictures you are going to use and have them printed or purchased before you begin with the frames. 


You have a lot of flexibility in your design. You can choose to have all your gallery wall just on canvases with no frames. You can also mix and match wall art to help add depth to your gallery wall. When it comes to hanging pictures you have had printed; however, you may want to consider matching frames. A great rule in art is creating harmony. Nothing will make your wall flow more homogenously than incorporating the same frame design. 


Before you just start putting nails in your wall, calculate out your layout. Find an area on the ground and lay out the pictures exactly how you want them to be on the wall. You may want to consider the same spacing generally when adding pictures while incorporating landscape and vertical pictures to give your gallery wall more flavor. The layout is the most important part, so make sure you like how it looks. Also, consider where you will be hanging the pictures. While the layout may look fantastic on a 6×6 space on the ground, it may not translate well onto a wall that is 11×22 in dimensions. 

Creating a gallery wall is a great way to enhance your theme. Your gallery wall can still be the focal point of the room, yet it has the privilege to incorporate so much more than one image. What theme will you make your gallery wall? Let us know below in the comment section and for more great tips and tricks, make sure to subscribe!


How to Spruce up Your Home’s Exterior

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Homeowners are spending more time outside of their homes. Long workdays and tedious travel commutes have us constantly living indoors. But our home is our place of refuge to unwind and escape the world’s daily demands. We love to indulge our time in the luxuries of the outdoors because it can feel like an escape. However, without an inviting landscape, you may not be facilitating your home’s exterior. Sprucing up your landscape can be super easy and a great hobby to keep you coming back outside. Here are three exterior upgrades that can make your exterior your very own private oasis:

Plants and Flowers 

Take advantage of the outdoors! Decide if you would like to start a garden by having beautiful flowerbeds, or just create some privacy with some trees and other plant life. Plants can easily add energy to your landscape. First, build flower beds to give more depth to your landscape then consider what you like in other landscape designs and create your own version. Plants and flowers will add color to your home, enhance your curb appeal, and have you continuously returning to the outdoors.

Running Water 

There are several ways to add running water outdoors. Plus, running water can give your landscape a more tranquil vibe. You can add fountains, a pond with a waterfall, or find other unique ways to add water to your landscape. We enjoy elements of nature more than just with our eyes. Give your ears a treat by adding running water to your home’s exterior.


If you have a patio or a deck, you need to invest in some quality seating. Think of your interior. You could have the most gorgeous living room, but without proper seating, chances are, you probably will not hang out in there; therefore, you want to add different areas of seating. From tables, bars, relaxed patio seating, or even a fire pit, give your outdoors some options you can enjoy.

Your home encapsulates so much more than just the rooms inside of it. Do not neglect your home’s exterior since itis a great way to get the most of your home. Make your landscape your own by adding some of these tricks. With fall around the corner, this is the perfect season to spend time outdoors with your loved ones.


How to Properly Remove Wallpaper

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Wallpaper is slowly coming back into style, but that does not mean you want your home’s old, worn-out wallpaper in your house still. Whether you are looking to add new wallpaper or simply repainting your wall, removing wallpaper can become a little challenging at times. Older wallpaper especially can become very challenging to remove from your walls. If you are looking to remove your wallpaper, there are several tricks of the trade to use. Here are the best ways to get down your old wallpaper in your home:

Step One: Prep

Wallpaper is a decorative wall product that is overlaid on top of the drywall. This can help enhance the aesthetics of the room without using paint, and the paper adheres with a one-sided stick adhesive, generally activated by water. To remove your wallpaper, first, start by clearing your walls of any pictures or décor. If your wallpaper was installed before the trim was placed up, you can remove the trim or simply score your paper with a cutting knife as close to the trim as possible. 

Step Two: Soak 

Next, put a tarp down on top of your floors to prevent water from splashing on your ground. Grab a bucket of warm water and add some vinegar. Apply with a sponge directly to the wallpaper. Allow the water to soak into the wallpaper to wet the backside. This can take a few coats and a little time. Give the water roughly 15-20 minutes to fully penetrate the paper. 

Step Three: Peal  

Start at a corner of the room or a seam. Pull back your wallpaper slowly. You may want to use a scaping device for harder areas. The longer wallpaper has been up, the hard it will be to remove. You can also fill a spray bottom with water and vinegar to loosen the surface. As you approach more challenging areas, spray the water directly behind the paper to help break down the bond. 

You may hit a more challenging spot than other areas in one room. Do not stress and be patient. Removing your wallpaper is the best way to prep your walls to be painted. For more tips and tricks on home improvement, make sure to subscribe


Pet-Friendly Flooring Options

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As homeowners, we love the blessings and joys pets bring to our households. Coming home to an energetic, loveable fur-ball is one of the best feelings in the world. However, as much as we love pets, they can have some destructive tendencies. Flooring can be an expensive home investment, and you want to get the most longevity out of it. So having a flooring that works well with your pet is ideal. Since each floor comes with its own sets of pros and cons, we are going to discuss the top pet-friendly floors for your home. Let’s take a look!


A pet-friendly floor needs to be water-resistant and very durable.  Tile is a great-looking option that is very versatile in design. Plus, it adds a luxurious look to any home while being pet-friendly. Additionally, your pet’s paws will not damage tile flooring, making it the ideal solution for your furry friends. Also, with tile, accidents can be easily cleaned. However, tile and its grout are porous. Unattended areas may lead to staining, so remember to treat accidents as quickly as possible. 

Luxury Vinyl Planking 

While many homeowners love hardwood for its warmth, it is not always the best choice of flooring for pets.  LVP is a great hardwood alternative since these high-resolution floorings are 100% waterproof. They can give your home the appearance of wood or tile with added durability. Plus, they are also great to be installed in basements and wet areas of your home, and most LVPs can withstand pets’ claws from damaging them as well. 

Sheet Vinyl 

Sheet vinyl is another great choice. While not as durable, it comes at a fraction of the price. Additionally, it is a waterproof floor, which can withstand many pet accidents. Sheet vinyl has come a long way with a more comforting and padded feel! 

Finding a durable flooring that you will love in your home is key. Try to stay away from easily-damaged floors or flooring that cannot withstand your households daily wear and tear. Choosing the perfect floors can be challenging, but with Carpets N More, we take the difficulty out of selecting the right floors. Be sure to visit or call us for more information.


Energy-Efficient Homes

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As we move forward in time, many homeowners and businesses are becoming more cognitive of finite resources. By making some energy-efficient adaptations, many people have been able to eliminate bills and find more energy-efficient solutions. Energy-efficient homes can increase the resell value of your home and helps against the negative impacts of greenhouse gases. If your home was no built as an energy-efficient home, have no fear. You can still make some simple home improvement tricks to help make your home eco-friendlier. Here are four tricks to explore today:

Smart Homes Thermostats 

Your first simple plan to integrate can be adding smart home features. Getting a smart thermostat can allow you to save on your energy bill. They also can lower or increase the temperature of your home while you are away and get it back into a comfortable temp zone when you arrive home.

LED Lighting 

Most lights create unwanted heat as well as waste an abundance of energy. Switching your home to LED lights can save you electricity. These lights will also last much longer than halogens or incandescent lighting. While saving on one light bulb may not be super-efficient, switching all of them can create a more notable difference in savings. 


Regulating temperature in your home is done through your HVAC system. However, if you have poorly sealed windows, you can be losing a significant amount of heat. While new windows can be a substantial investment, it can save you significantly on lowering your energy bills each month. 

Washing and Drying Machines 

Consider switching to ENERGY STAR qualified washing and drying machines. These energy-efficient systems can use about half the energy. You can also save almost 3/4 of your normal water used during a wash cycle.  

Doing these simple tricks can help make your home for ecofriendly. If you are looking to be more conservative on the energy you are using in your home, consider these hacks. While some may be investments, they can help pay for themselves over time.