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Tile Maintenance and Care

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Tile is a beautiful addition to any home. Though tile is extremely durable and low maintenance, it should still be cared for overtime. If you have ceramic or porcelain tile, we put together some simple and easy maintenance to practice on your flooring. Remember, grout can be a little trickier and will take some more in-depth techniques to clean.

Ceramic vs. Porcelain

Ceramic and porcelain tiles are both made from clays. Porcelain clay is denser and less porous, so it typically more durable. Being less porous means it can be harder for water or soot to get deep into the tile as well. However, both tiles should be cleaned regularly to avoid build-up of unwanted grease and other residues.

Glazed Tiles

Glazed tiles can be easily cleaned by just using water without the need for soap. If liquids are spilled on the ceramic or porcelain tile, they should be cleaned quickly. Remember, ceramic is porous, which can allow liquids to penetrate through easily. If you spill a beverage on ceramic, it can quickly stain it if not removed promptly. Simply wipe away spills and add water to dilute. You can use a rag or paper towel to absorb all remaining liquid or residue.

Abrasive Tiles

For more abrasive tiles, consider using a mop or a bristled brush. Rinse your ground and mop with hot water. You can add a tile cleaning solution as well to help break down dirt and soot. You may want to go over your floor again with a clean water mop to ensure you eliminate all dirt in the area.

Polished Tiles

Polished tile can be very vulnerable to acidic products. Do not use acidic cleaner when cleaning polished ceramic or porcelain tiles. You will also want to immediately remove any spills or accidents with acidic liquids like citric fruits, wines, sodas, kinds of vinegar, and pet urine.

Glass Tiles

Never use an abrasive brush on glass tiles – this can scratch your tiles and be seen very easily. Remember this if you have glass as your backsplash as well. Many homes will use glass as a decorative accent in showers or in kitchen backsplashes. Simply, wipe clean with a damp sponge and pat dry.

Tiles are low maintenance and do not demand much work. However, it is essential to keep them clean to prevent the build-up of unwanted soot and grime. These simple tricks can be done whenever you feel like it is time to clean your floors.


Decorating and Designing with the Color Grey

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Over the years, we have seen more and more shades of grey come into the marketplace. It has been a staple in home design and fashion for several years as a great neutral option while also feeling very sophisticated. Since some homeowners are hesitant that grey may be too dark, the design industry provides a broad spectrum of shades. With a spectrum ranging from black and white (literally), grey is an extremely versatile option to use in your own design. It will not clash with other colors but can feel elegant and timeless. Here are some great ideas to consider when decorating and designing your space with the color grey:

Grey Works Well with Cool Tones

Grey works great with complementing the cool tones throughout your home. It feels very grounded in nature and can help bring out the balance in rooms using cool tones. Use softer cool tones and the color grey to neutralize the space. You can even use black and white to accessorize your space without crossing out of your grey color palette.

Grey Works Well with Warm Tones

Grey can also work very well with warm tones. It can emphasize and balance your warm reds, oranges, and yellows while adding a darker neutral tone to the room. Where beige and tan can sometimes reflect too much into red tones and overwhelm the space, grey can help make the area grounded. It works great at complement to warm wood tones and other wood elements as well. When adding grey in spaces with warm tones, you will not get a dreary environment but a very well-grounded and established design.

Grey Is Sophisticated

Colors can influence moods. Grey is known to be a cool, neutral color that can create balance. It has a broad spectrum of moods, from dull and dingy to formal and sophisticated. It is incredibly diverse and can be used in any room. This is a quiet and reserved color, yet it can also be very influential. It is not very common to get a pure grey from just black and white mixed together. Most greys will have subtle hues of blues, greens, or yellows in them to help spruce up the space.

Empower your living space by incorporating grey. Using it throughout your design is never a bad decision. It works in almost all atmosphere and can be a great addition through flooring, cabinets, wall paint, décor, and more. Knowing when and where to use grey is vital.

What do you think of the grey color craze lately? Is it just a fad, or is grey really the perfect color for design? Let us know your thoughts below in the comment section!


Three Styles Used for Backsplash Patterns

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When updating or installing a new kitchen backsplash, exploring the patterns and designs available on the market is imperative. Whether your goal is to “wow” guests with an elaborate design or to add a simplistic style to your kitchen, picking the appropriate backsplash pattern is essential so that it can serve as a complement to your kitchen’s decor. To help, you can gain some inspiration from these main types of backsplash patterns:

Focal Point Pattern

The traditional focal point backsplash pattern consists of backsplashes that are at least 18-inches in height. This offers you the option of framing the interior portion with a row of 4-inch tiles at the top and bottom. The interior can be filled in diagonally with the 4-inch pieces to create a traditional look. In essence, you are framing the center backsplash which creates a focal point.

Transition Border Pattern

The transition border pattern is a modern spin on the traditional tile installation. Consider installing a row of tiles at the bottom of the backsplash and using a glass mosaic pattern to border the top portion row. You can set the remaining field tiles above it into the cabinetry area.

The Contemporary Stacked Pattern

You can use the traditional tileset to make a bold statement. Start off by selecting a rectangular shape tile as opposed to the 3×6 subway style tiles and opt for something more modern such as a 2×8. Stack them horizontally on top of one another to form rows. This is a great way to bring a modern and sleek look to your kitchen. Remember, the type of backsplash material used can further enhance the look.

Which type of pattern was your favorite? Let us know below in the comment section.


Four Mistakes to Avoid When Installing Tile

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Are you planning on installing new tiles in the bathroom, kitchen, or bedroom? If so, you have already tackled half the challenge by purchasing a tile that you feel best fits your home’s interior. If you are thinking about cutting out the middleman and laying down the tile yourself, it is important to educate yourself about the process fully. If you are not a professional contractor, it is easy to make mistakes. While we always recommend going with one of our trusted professionals, we have you covered. Here are four mistakes that first-timers are bound to make:

Failing to Purchase Enough Tiles

Perhaps the biggest mistake that people make when launching a tiling project is failing to purchase enough tiles. There is nothing worse than seeing your tiling project coming together only to realize a little too late that you did not purchase enough tiles to complete the project. To ensure that you have enough tiles, be sure to get accurate measurements of the area you are tiling and purchase 10-15% tiles than you need just in case you make a mistake.

Inadequate Adhesive

When purchasing adhesive to hold your tiles together, it is crucial to invest in a quality adhesive. This is especially important if you are installing tiles in the kitchen or the bathroom. You will find that some adhesives are only manufactured for use on the floors or the walls. Therefore, be sure to select one that is tailored for your specific project. Also, you should choose an adhesive that has excellent waterproofing properties.

Working too Fast

It is easy to compromise quality with speed when you are taking on a tiling project by yourself. Sometimes you may become so fed up with the process that you find yourself getting a little careless. However, you should make sure you take your time, especially if you are working with decorative tiles. Use precision so that you will get the best results.

Uneven Distribution

If this is your first time laying down tiles, you might find it challenging to install them evenly. Use battens, which are thin wooden rods, to ensure that your tiles are equally spaced. If you are working with ceramic tiles, opt for order spacers to help you distribute them properly.

If you feel a little worried about this project, leave it to the professionals at Carpets N More. Our expert team is ready to take on your project and create your dream oasis. Do not hesitate; call us today!


2020 Interior Design Predictions

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A fad is a general style that was typically short-lived yet very trendy or loved during its time. However, a trend is much longer and even more influential to the era. As we progress through time, we see many trends and fads come and go. Yet, some trends have been coming back into style over the last couple of years. This may be the beginning of some new trendy styles and interior design ideas. As we analyze today’s design, fashion, and social media influences, we can see certain trends rapidly growing. Today, we took a closer look at those trends and made our top predictions of 2020 interior design trends. Let’s take a look!

More Color

Interior design has been very black and white lately, yet this trend seems to be fading. Neutral color palettes are beginning to turn more colorful. While neutrals will always be in style, homeowners and businesses are beginning to take bolder approaches in their designs. Bright colors and even gender-influenced colors are becoming more common in everyday fashion and design. In fact, pink and purple have slowly become more gender-neutral colors, and they are becoming part of different color palette options. Designers that would never bring more than three colors to a room are simply adding more to their designs. Therefore, we believe color is going to become much more common in 2020’s interior design.

Mixed Wood

While a uniform design was once highly sought-after, each wood can bring a different value of character to a space. Wooden chairs not matching the wood of the dining room table, dark wood trim with whitewashed wood floors, or even mismatched bedroom set woods are slowly becoming viable options. We believe we will see many more mixed wood options in the near future of interior design.


Floral prints were once very trendy. They went out of style in fashion for a while, yet as time progressed, we saw more homeowners bring elements of nature into the home. This helped influence floral design’s comeback in the textile industry. Men and women’s fashion both reintroduced many floral prints this year. We see it actively moving into next year and breaking into many homes’ interior design as well.

While our predictions can just be educated guesses, it is always fun to think about the upcoming trends. What do you think are some trends we will be seeing next year? Do you think we will see more colors and diverse wood materials? Would you put floral designs in your own home, or do you have them already? Let us know in the comment section.


Tips for Choosing Bedroom Carpet

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Who does not love an inviting and comfortable bedroom made for a blissful night’s sleep? Sometimes, no other floor can compare to soft comfort that carpet brings. In fact, many homeowners prefer carpet in a child’s playroom or bedroom for overall comfort that it can provide. Plus, it can prevent injury from falls with its cushiony underfoot. There are many factors to consider when picking out carpet according to your lifestyle. To help you avoid making a costly mistake and protect your investment, we have included a few helpful tips for picking out the perfect carpet for your bedroom. Let’s take a look!

Carpet Type

At Carpets N More, we will ask you general lifestyle questions to educate and guide you to what type of carpet best suits your needs. That being said, it is important to educate yourself by researching the types of carpets online. This way you have a better understanding of the products that our sales representatives recommend.


Try not to buy the least expensive padding. The padding helps to absorb noise, adds an extra layer of comfort, and provides additional warmth during cold winter months. Also, keep in mind that a guest bedroom will not have as much traffic as a master bedroom; therefore, you can choose a thinner padding in rooms that are not used frequently.

Watch Your Budget

When shopping and budgeting for carpet, ask your Carpets N More sales representative to help you find a carpet in your price range. We want to help you find the carpet of your dreams at a price that agrees with your bank account.


If you have children and pets, you might want to stay away from shag and high-end carpets. Go for a carpet that is easy to maintain and clean. Stain-resistant carpets can help with accidental spills and makes overall carpet cleaning easier. Additionally, textured carpets and patterned carpets help to camouflage dirt, footprints and vacuum cleaner tracks. Only install cut pile and multi level-loop carpets in low to medium traffic areas since these types of carpet trap dirt and resist cleaning.


Remember that carpeting carries many, many warranties. You will see five and ten-year warranties, matting and crushing warranties, wear warranties, and guarantees for stains and overall appearance. The better quality carpets will provide more coverage through warranties. Your Carpets N More professional will help with your questions regarding warranties.

At Carpets N More, we strive to provide expert service and educate our customers on their purchases. If you have any questions while you explore the different types of carpets, please do not hesitate to ask one of our sales representatives.


What to Do with Your Lawn During the Fall

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Lawn maintenance is essential year-round. During the fall, you want to be sure you get your yard cleaned and ready for the winter months. For step-by-step instructions on what to do with your lawn this fall, we have created this simple guide for you. Let’s take a look!

Supply List:

  • Gardening Gloves
  • Rake
  • Garbage Bags
  • Lawn Moss Herbicide
  • Border Fork
  • Topdressing
  • Stiff Brush
  • Autumn Lawn Fertilizer
  • Hose


Step One: Remove All Dead Leaves

Rake away all of the dead leaves that have fallen in your yard. Put the leaves in a pile then put them in garbage bags for collection. 

Step Two: Kill Moss

Taking a lawn moss herbicide, you will want to kill the moss in your yard. 

  • Pro-Tip: Experts recommend figuring out why you have moss growing in your yard. Potential reasons are poor drainage, low soil pH, lack of nutrients in your soil, or an excessive amount of shade.

Step Three: Dethatch Your Yard

Grab your rake and begin raking out the thatch from your yard. 

  • Thatch is dead/alive shoots stems, and roots in your lawn. The build-up of thatch can negatively impact the growth of your yard; therefore, you want to remove thatch with a rake. 

Step Four: Aerate The Soil

Taking a border fork, you will want to push it down into the soil to open up air channels.

Step Five: Add in Your Topdressing

You will want to add in your topdressing into the holes you just created from aerating. 

  • Topdressing can be found at local home improvement stores, or you can make your own with a simple DIY project. 

Step Six: Make The Topdressing Even

Take a stiff brush and gently spread the topdressing around the top of the soil. Make sure that you have applied the topdressing evenly. 

Step Seven: Fertilize Your Soil

For this step, you want to make sure that you get the appropriate fertilizer for your lawn type. Once you purchased autumn lawn fertilizer, you will want to sprinkle the seeds over your yard. Be sure to use garden gloves for this step! 

We hope you enjoyed these steps and that your yard flourishes this fall! 


Home Security Investments

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Our homes are a place of refuge. We should always feel safe at home, like ourselves, and our possessions are protected. In today’s crazy world, investing in home security is a great, added way to help secure your household. Technology advancements have made home security very feasible for all homeowners. Whether you are renting an apartment or living in your dream home, home security is an investment you will never regret. So if you are interested in upgrading your home’s security features, here are three easy home security mods your home needs:

Security Cam

Security cameras use to be only for the wealthy class; however, technology has come a long way! With nearly every phone having a camera built-in, cameras are becoming the norm. Investing in an outdoor security cam or placing an indoor camera near a window can help alert you if there is any suspicious activity happening at your home while you are away. This can let you rest assured that you have eyes on your home at all times throughout the day. You can also use old cell phones and tablets and connect them to Wi-Fi. Download an app to allowing them to video record movement in your home. By downloading an app on your personal device, you can always check on your place.

Door Alarm

Investing in a door alarm will let you know when an intruder has entered your home. You can buy an alarm system that will call the police if you do not approve of the entry. This is an excellent deterrent for any home invader. You can also find a more cost-effective route by purchasing a simple door alarm. When someone opens and closes a door, the alarm will be set to ding. This simple investment can go a long way.


Security is essential, but what happens if it is not enough. It is best to always keep your valuables in a safe. Make sure the safe is large enough that it cannot just be carried away with an intruder. You can also install smaller safes into cabinets and wall fixtures to prevent them from being found and stolen.

Keep your home safe. While the chances are slim of a home invasion, these simple precautions can have you prepared. You can get most of these home security investments set up and installed over a weekend. Rest assured, knowing your home is protected. Remember, your home’s security is just another form of home insurance.


Tips for Improving Your Home’s Air Quality

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Do you ever wake up in the morning and check the weather? Most smartphones will allow you to check the weather, humidity, and air quality instantly. These are all important factors we consider when going about our days. Poor air quality is not an optimal day to go for a walk and spend hours outdoors. That being said, poor air quality can also be present in our homes. There are several ways to ensure your home’s air quality is optimal. For the best air quality in your home, make sure you are following these simple steps:

Air Purifier

Homes can be full of airborne pollutants, toxins, pet allergens, and unwanted odors. Air purifiers can filter your air and help create the purest atmosphere in your home. You can also find units that not only filter the air but deodorize it as well. This is an added benefit you should consider in your home.

Change Your Filters

Your air purifier and your home’s HVAC system will both have air filters. These ventilation systems, whether heating or cooling, can get dirty filters. Keeping these filters clean is optimal in improving your home’s air quality. The more you are using the units, the dirtier they become. Make sure to check your filters at the beginning of a change in season when you are going from heating to cooling or cooling to heating your home.

Add Some Plants

Plants are a natural remedy to incorporate in your home design since they are natural air enhancers. Plants give off oxygen, which can improve the quality of breathing air in our homes. Make your home feel more revitalizing by adding plants throughout it. Remember, plants are alive and need sunlight exposure and water. So this may not be optimal for every room in your home.

Clean Hard and Soft Surfaces Regularly

Dust and allergens do not only reside in the air, but they can easily burrow into your carpets and other textiles in your home. Hard surfaces are easier to clean and can usually just be wiped or mopped. However, carpets, blankets, and upholstered furniture can all hold onto these nuisances. Make sure to deep clean your home regularly to eliminate these pollutants and improve your home’s air quality.

Air quality may be overlooked in your home, but a clean home should always be a top priority. Make sure you have the best air quality in your home by including these simple tricks to your house. For more insight on home improvement and more, make sure to subscribe.


Things to Consider When Choosing Flooring

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The time has come to choose new flooring for your home. Sometimes, we are so busy with our everyday, normal tasks that we often overlook the importance of choosing the floors for our home. It is important to take into consideration how they will affect the home’s functionality and style. At Carpets N More, we have listed a few topics to consider when choosing the correct flooring for your home. Let’s take a look!

Daily Activity

Your lifestyle is critical when choosing the right floors for your home. Do you have children, pets, friends, and family coming and going? If so, your floors must withstand heavy traffic and be resilient to moisture and dirt. Ceramic tile and vinyl flooring are durable and ideal for high-traffic areas. Hardwood floors are durable but can succumb to scratching and over time, require refinishing. If you prefer a soft underfoot and have minimal traffic, consider carpet or using area rugs over hardwood and tile flooring. Just keep in mind the function and style of each room and choose your floors accordingly.

Specific Room Tips

Foyers and entryways should always have a warm welcome and introduce your home’s style. A key factor to remember for entries is to prevent dirt and debris from being tracked into the house. If snow, rain, mud, and sand are elements in the entryway, consider stone, tile, or luxury vinyl. Make sure you place an entry mat at each door to trap and absorb as much of the debris as possible. To protect your entryway’s interior floors, rugs are always the perfect solution. They are functional while adding a pop of color to enhance the foyer’s design.

Family and great rooms are active rooms, so remember that area rugs are ideal. Many people still prefer carpet in bedrooms simply for the softness and warmth on bare feet. Keep in mind that kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry/utility rooms are considered “work areas” and the flooring should resist water.

Flooring Cost

Flooring is priced per square foot for the product with additional labor costs. Understanding flooring pricing is an essential factor in keeping you on track and within your budget. Keep in mind the product’s quality for your price range. Another factor to consider is the flooring’s lifespan. Floors need to be maintained, and the type of flooring you choose will depend on how often you must replace them.

At Carpets N More, we are here to answer any questions you might have about flooring. Stop in to our beautiful showroom today for more information. One of our expert sales associates looks forward to working with you.