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How to Properly Clean Your Tile Floors

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After investing in gorgeous tile floors for your home, you want to keep them beautiful and in pristine condition. To help you keep your floors in tip-top shape, we have created a fast and easy guide for cleaning your tile floors. Let us get started!  

How to Properly Clean Your Tile Floors: 

Step No. One: Sweep or Vacuum

You will want sweep or vacuum your tile floors regularly to remove any dirt or debris from the top layer. The dirt can eventually dull the look of your tile; therefore, regular upkeep will help it look better for longer.

Step No. Two: Mop.

In a large bucket, mix together mild detergent with hot water. After, you will want to mop your entire tile floors with rag or chamois mop. Avoid using a sponge mop for this surface because it can get your dirty water into your grout line. 

  • Pro-Tip: You will want to frequently change out the mop water whenever it begins to get cloudy or murky.  

Step No. Three: Focus on The Grout

Grout is an important part of the overall look of your tile. A lot of homeowners will not focus on cleaning the grout and this will leave the tile look grungy and unkept. In fact, your grout can absorb a lot of unwanted stains, oils, and greases, but the solution is easy. You will want to create a natural paste by mixing together equal parts baking soda and water. Once you have mixed the ingredients into a paste, you will want to take a toothbrush and scrub it into the stained area. Let this mixture sit on the grout overnight. In the morning, you will want to take a “stiff nylon brush” and scrub the grouted area. If stains continue to persist, you can buy a silicone-based grout sealer to help avoid future staining. 

Disclaimer: Before ever cleaning any of your floors, you will want to consult with the manufacturer’s guidebook or website. Each flooring can be a little different and you always want to make sure you are using the correct method. 

For more tips and tricks, be sure to check out our blog page at 


4 Ways to Use Carpet in Your Bathroom

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We cherish carpet for its plush and cozy features. The softness helps to make it feel like heaven to our feet. Plus, it can instantly transform the entire look of a space and make it feel much more inviting to guests. While wall to wall carpeting may not be ideal for the bathroom, it does not mean that you cannot include an area rug in this space. In fact, many people are replacing traditional bath mats with bold patterns and diverse area rugs. A nice area rug can be just the update you were wanting!

Check out these simple ways you can use an area rug in your home’s bathroom: 
1. Use a Cork Material. 
To transform your bathroom with an area rug, be sure to use a material that does not give off “bathroom” vibes. An area rug produced from a cork material does not just provide a rustic feel but it has a softer underfoot, making it more comfortable. Homeowners are also choosing cork because it is a sustainable material that many find easy to keep clean. You can take the look even further by installing cork flooring in the bathroom and placing a cork mat in your desired spot.
2. Go Big or Go Home.
If you have a open and spacious layout, a small area rug just will not do. Using a large area rug to accent the space will instantly warm up the room. If the dominant colors in the bathroom are neutral, be sure to select a large area rug that features a bold hue or pattern.
3. Play with Color and Patterns. 
Do not be afraid of playing with color and patterns when shopping for the perfect bathroom area rug. Just like any room in the house, such designs are much more powerful in spaces that use a lot of neutral-based colors. Besides color and pattern, you can also go bold with size. The accented area rug should be big enough to see from the entrance of the bathroom.
If you are having trouble deciding what color to go with, you can always get inspired by a color that has already been used within the space. When it comes to patterns, black and white designs go with every style; however, do not be afraid to explore different types of patterns.
4. Try a Faux Fur Rug.
For a unique look, you can opt for a faux fur or hide rug. Such materials add luxury and additional layers of comfort. While choosing an area rug, try to find one that harmonizes with the design theme. Faux fur tends to be very versatile.

Are you interested in finding the perfect area rug for your bathroom? We would love to help you find the perfect fit. Contact us today for more information. 


Conquering Your Small Space

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Having a small space should not stop you from completing your design dreams. If you are faced with a small home and do not know how to work with the little space, we have six tips for you. Let us take a look! 

Conquering Your Small Space

1. Elevated.

The available space on your floors is so valuable that we recommend finding storage solutions for your walls. The space on your walls can be decorated with staggered shelving to help create visual-dimensions and interest in your space. The best part about storing on your walls is that it will give you more room for furniture and other decor pieces on your floor. 

2. Vertical

Our best advice for small-home owners is to decorate vertically. In small spaces, you tend to have more vertical room than you do horizontally. Plus, if you play up the vertical appeal, you can make your room look larger than it actually is. 

3. Narrow Spaces.

You need to take advantage of all the space available to you. That means that you must even put your narrow spaces to use. You can add custom shelving to your small corners to help add more storage to your space. 

4. Sizing

The size of the objects that you choose for your space can play an essential role in the overall look of the room. In order to make your room look larger than it actually is, you will want to choose small-scale items. When purchasing furniture, try to gauge its size and opt for the smaller option. This will help your room look bigger and give you more room for other items. 

5. Options.

If you are adding cabinetry to your space, you want to be sure that you have a selection of different storing options. By that we mean, you want to have equal parts drawers and shelves. Drawers and shelves both serve useful purposes in a home and by adding an equal amount, you can guarantee that you have as much as you need. 

6. Upwards.

When in doubt, look up to the ceiling. The ceiling holds great storage potential, especially in the kitchen. You can install hooks from the ceiling to hang your essential items or even decor pieces. 

We hope you enjoyed this tips and tricks. Let us know what you think in the comment section below! 


Eight Reasons to Choose Carpet

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Rightly so, carpet is one of the most popular flooring choices amongst homeowners. It is warm, cozy, and comes in a variety of styles, textures, patterns, and prices. If you are on the fence about installing carpet inside of your home, we have eight reasons why you should take the leap and choose carpet. Let’s take a look! 

Eight Reasons to Choose Carpet:

1. Comfort

The softness and comfort of carpet cannot be matched by any other flooring. Its soft texture can help instantly make any space more cozy and comfortable. 

2. Warm Underfoot

Carpet provides one of the warmest underfoot options in flooring. It creates a dream escape each morning when you arise from bed. As you place your foot on the ground, you will be greeted by a warm and soft flooring. Now, that is something to look forward for when waking up in the morning. 

3. Luxurious Design

Carpet comes in a wide selection of options ranging from different patterns, colors, and textures. It can fit any person’s specific style and unique space. To view our wide variety, visit our online showroom at 

4. The Filter Feature

If you suffer from allergies or asthma, carpet can help to serve as a “filter” by trapping these unwanted particulars. With an approved vacuum, you can sweep away the particles, helping to remove allergens from your space.

5. Soften Falls

From children to the elderly, carpet can serve as a great barrier to help soften accidental slips and falls. 

6. Budget-Friendly

If you are on a budget, you can still have beautiful carpet throughout your home. There is a choice to help meet any homeowner’s price range. Plus, with financing options available, your dream carpet is closer than you may think. To learn more about our specific financing options, please visit 

7. Noise Reducer

Carpet helps to soften sounds throughout your home, creating a quieter environment.

8. Durability

In the past, carpet was not considered durable. Nowadays, you can find an extremely durable carpet for your active home and family’s lifestyle. Whether it be pets or children, there is a carpet that is durable enough for you and your family!  

Are you interested in purchasing carpet for your home? We would love to help you in your search! Call us or visit one of our showrooms for more information and pricing. For our stores’ phone numbers and addresses, please visit 


How to Embrace an All-White Kitchen

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Let’s be honest, trends come and go. They rarely stick around for very long and they are often hard to master. With the design industry constantly changing, you may want something that will stay in style longer than this sentence. We like to call these timeless trends “classics” or “staples,” because year after year they improve upon themselves and never go out of style. Now you may be wondering, what classic trend has stuck around all of these years? The answer: the color white. White is a seemingly timeless color that embodies the look of cleanliness, simplicity, and elegance all in one color. 

Today, we want to encourage you to take your design skills to the next level and embrace an all-white kitchen. Before you get hesitant or log off, it truly can be done to perfection. With our simple five tips, you can take your kitchen to the next level. Let us take a look! 

How to Embrace an All-White Kitchen

1. A Continuous Look.

One issue that homeowners may face when decorating an entire room in white is the stark comparison to the rest of your home. In order to make things blend, we recommend incorporating white throughout the rooms surrounding your kitchen. This will help make the transition feel cleaner and look more visually appealing. 

2. Create a Contrast.

We love dark floors, especially against the pureness of white! This beautiful contrast creates the most beautiful space. If you are interested in learning more about our selection of dark flooring, visit our online showroom at You can take a look at our beautiful selection of rich, dark hardwood floors that would perfectly accent an all-white kitchen. 

3. Add Neutrals

A lot of white can be a little intense visually. If you are looking to tone it down a bit, try adding neutrals throughout your kitchen. The neutrals will help balance the white and create a clean environment. 

4. Go Bold.

If you are not set on the idea of an entirely white room, you can add color with bold appliances and fixtures. Now is your chance to buy a bright blue refrigerator or yellow electronic mixer! It will have nothing to clash with and that is the best part.  

5. Add Elegance

Finish your space off with elegant backsplash and countertops. The right material can truly make a marvelous difference in your space. This will give you a chance to add texture without veering away from your color scheme.  

We hope you enjoyed these tips for embracing an all-white kitchen. Do not forget to visit us for all of your flooring and backsplash needs! 


Ten Ideas to Make Your Apartment, a Home.

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Some homeowners may view their apartment as a temporary living situation. But if you open yourself up to the space, it can become home. Whether you plan to stay in your apartment for six months or six years, we want to help you make your space feel like your own. To help you add personalization and uniqueness to your space, we created ten simple ideas to help you make your apartment become home. Enjoy! 

10 Ideas to Make Your Apartment a Home:

 1. Show off.

No home is personalized without a few photos. Create a gallery or picture wall to display all of your favorite family photos. This idea would work perfectly in your living room, master bedroom, or even dining room! It can instantly make your apartment feel more like home without breaking the bank. 

 2. Color Me Creative.

If you can paint your apartment’s walls, consider yourself lucky. The rest of the apartment owners may not have that delicacy. If you are not so lucky, unfortunately, wall paint can bring together your room’s design and complete the overall look. Fortunately, we have the perfect solution for you! Adding colorful furniture pieces can add personality without costing a fortune. Plus, you can transform old furniture pieces into new, beautiful pieces with just a fresh coat of paint. 

 3. Be Open.

Using open storage can showcase your items in a beautiful way. Open storage works fantastic in bathrooms and kitchens by displaying your more attractive items. Decorative pieces can be displayed on your open shelves for your guests to see and enjoy. 

 4. Supply Coziness.

Imagine stepping out of bed in the morning and placing your feet on a plush, warm rug. Your dreams can become a reality by using rugs throughout your apartment. They are an easy solution and help make a home feel more comfortable. Try adding rugs in front of your front door, living room, bedroom and bathrooms. 

 5. Add a Bold Entrance.

Nothing says home like a warm welcome! Make your front entrance special by providing an entrance. Try adding things to the space to help make it useful for yourself, your family and your guests. You can add seating for putting on shoes, a mirror for checking yourself before you leave, a coat rack for hanging jackets, and a boot bin for storing your shoes. Little touches in your front entryway can transform the way you see your home. 

 6. Embrace Your Windows.

Do not cover your windows with bulky curtains during the daytime. Let the sun shine through the windows into your apartment. This will help put you in a good mood each morning. 

 7. Double Trouble.

If you are running out of space, try using furniture that serves two purposes. Items like sofa beds or desks that turn into dining room tables can save you a lot of space.

 8. Light up The Night.

Light up your space by adding extra lamps and lights in each room. The lamps will provide an extra level of coziness during the nighttime and help the space feel more homey. 

 9. Secret Treasures.

Hide your visually-unpleasing items in decorative baskets and bins. Items like toys, craft supplies, portable electronics, and blankets can be stored and saved for later. 

10. Personality.

Lastly, you want to add things that are special to you. Your apartment will not feel like home until you add your special touches. Heirlooms and sovereigns can make your apartment more special to you. Get creative and add personal touches wherever you can! It is your home after all. 

We hope you enjoyed these ten ideas. To add coziness and style to your space, be sure to purchase your apartment’s rug from us. We have a great selection of stylish and affordable rugs that will help finish off your space. Stop in or call us today for more details! 


Whether you’ve hired contractors in the past to work on home improvement projects or this is your first time seeking the help of professionals, it’s imperative to ask questions. Knowing the right questions to ask a flooring contractor will likely determine the quality of work you’ll receive. So, before you seal the deal, here are some key questions you should ask before having hardwood floors installed in your home.

Is this type of hardwood best for my home?
So, you’ve finally decided on the type of hardwood you want to install in your home. Before you make it official, find out if your contractor thinks the type hardwood you selected is ideal for your location. Some types of wood aren’t right for every location. For instance, hickory flooring has an abundance of challenges. Hickory should not be installed in houses in wet climates because it can easily be damaged by moisture. A good contractor will help you select a wood that works best with your home’s interior style and natural environment.

What is the timeline for the installation process?
How long will it take to install the hardwood floors? Whether you need your floors completed quickly or you have some time flexibility it’s important to inquire about the timeline. Also identify who will be responsible for moving furniture and if you must pay for the removal of the old flooring.

Does your contractor have the necessary qualifications to install hardwood flooring?
Since hardwood floors are a big investment, homeowners should confirm that the contractor they’re hiring is licensed and has the proper insurance before they begin working in your house.

What type of warranty is offered?
Many contractors will provide a warranty on floor installations which generally includes labor and materials. Depending upon the company a more extensive warranty may be offered.

There are hundreds of contractors in your area in addition to Carpets n More. That’s why selecting the right one is important. By asking questions and presenting your concerns at the beginning of the project you increase the likelihood having a flawless installation. We are confident that Carpets N More is the right choice for putting hardwood flooring in your home, but even if you choose another company and follow these guidelines, you likelihood of having a great experience increases significantly.


Creating a Sleek and Modern Bathroom

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Who doesn’t love the look of a modern and sleek room? It’s time to apply this concept to the bathroom. The bathroom is a space in the home that requires as much attention as you can give it, especially if you want to create the ultimate sanctuary. The key to creating a sleek look in the bathroom is simplicity. You’ll want to embrace minimalist and super clean furnishings. Whether your home’s overall style is more rustic or traditional and you want to dabble with a modern style for the bathroom or your whole style is a modernist fantasy, here are some tips for creating the perfect modern sleek bathroom.

Crisp Neutral Palettes
The palette of a modern and sleek bathroom is very simple. You’ll need to embrace lots of crisp neutrals like; shades of white, black, charcoal gray and taupe. You’ll find that most modern bathrooms use more sophisticated materials like; wood varieties, nickel, veined stone or porcelain. These materials can be used to accent elements to make a demure statement rather than making a bold decorative statement.

If you don’t want the space to feel too cold you can bring in natural touches through warm woods. Be sure to stick to subtle grains to preserve the tranquil and clean lined atmosphere.

Implement Modern Lighting
To really make your bathroom look and feel both fresh and clean, then bright and modern lighting choices are essential. Use LED or fluorescent bulbs which provide a bright white light without creating yellowish undertones. Often, modern lights cast a cool glow. Use these lighting types above the medicine cabinet to keep the walls super bright which ultimately makes the bathroom look bigger. Modern light fixtures include styles like pendant or flush mount features which create beautifully illuminated spaces. There is abundance of modern or contemporary lighting fixtures on the market.

Minimalist Accessories
Since a modern bathroom embraces a minimalist style, you want to use simple accessories. A frame-less mirror will look elegant in such a space especially if its extended from wall to wall. Use streamlined hardware that originates from one manufacturer and features one set finish that you can use for the faucet, shower knobs and towel bar.


10 Popular Design Styles for Your Home

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Have you ever entered a home and wondered what design style it is embodying? With our guide, we are going to dig deeper into the top ten most popular designs. After reading this, you will be able to know which design style your friends are using and which one you want to use. 


Ten Popular Design Styles for Your Home

  1. Art Deco

An art deco home is a home inspired by the 1920’s decorative arts and architecture. The pieces in this style are often simple geometric shapes with mirrors to help accent it.  

  1. Asian

An Asian inspired design takes the culture’s history and embodies aspects found in nature. You will see a lot of natural elements in Asian-inspired designs to help create a calming oasis for homeowners. Also, you may find hand-painted, one-of-a-kind furniture pieces to bring together the entire design.

  1. Coastal

Kick your feet up; this design will make you feel like you are on vacation. A coastal design is inspired by the beach and ocean. The design embodies light, airy colors to make the design feel seamless. Designers finish off the home with nautical-themed decor to match the setting. 

  1. Contemporary

When you think of contemporary, your mind will probably go straight towards clean, defined lines and a mixture of neutral colors. You would be correct. A contemporary design is sleek and simple. You will see metal pieces of furniture to exaggerated the piece’s form and design. Also, you will see a lot of muted neutrals with a pop of color here or there. 

  1. Country

Strap on your cowboy boots; we are talking about a country design. A country design embodies a rustic glam. Country homes will have a lot of white wood, floral, and barn-like attributes. In a country design, homeowners want their space to feel homey. They want all guests to feel at home and comfortable during their stay. Whether that means incorporating hand-made goods or cozy furnishings, country homes will have a cozy, rustic feel. 

  1. Eclectic

We are not going to lie, capturing eclectic design can be rather difficult. It is much more than just throwing together patterns. Eclectic takes a lot of time and planning for the homeowner. To create an eclectic design, homeowners must carefully plan out which patterns work well with one another. This style tends to borrow from other designs listed to create a bold, interesting look in a home. 

  1. French.

French culture incorporates rich detail into their architecture and this does not fall short throughout their home’s design. A French design is very elegant and monochromatic. They tend to repeat the same color throughout the space to intensify its elegance. They will also add drama by textured fabrics. Lastly, they will finish the space off with fresh flowers to add an airy feel.

  1. Mediterranean

A Mediterranean style home is inspired by no other place than, you guessed it, mediterranean countries. Countries off of the coast of the mediterranean sea inspire this timeless look. The color palette is a blend of colors found in the sea and housing around the mediterranean area. In these homes, you will find terra cotta, yellow, lavender, and beiges on the fabrics. Whereas, the furniture provides a harsh contrast to these soft tones. You will tend to find that the furniture and wooden accent pieces are a darker toned wood. 

  1. Modern

A modern home has a minimalistic approach to decoration. You will find that these homes have clean lines and a neutral-toned color scheme. The furniture has very polished surfaces and they may or may not be a use of geometric shapes. To help you envision it, a modern design could be thought of as a combination of “Art Deco” and “Contemporary.” It borrows its neutral colors and clean lines from the Contemporary design and it borrows its shapes and polished surfaces from the Art Deco design. 

  1. Traditional

Last, but certainly, not least is the traditional design. A traditional design uses classic furnishings to embody a well-put-together room. The room is often in muted-tone to create a peaceful, relaxing environment. If patterns are used, they are muted-toned and mild to help not distract from the room’s elegance. 


Are you ready to take on one of these design styles? Let us help you! With a wide selection of flooring to meet any preference, we can help you create the home of your dreams. Contact us today for more information.


Easy Ways to Add Interest to the Kitchen

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The kitchen is so much more than just an area where you cook and eat. All too often, the kitchen becomes a small forgotten and isolated space, especially in older homes. In fact, many design experts describe the kitchen as the soul of a home. Yes, it’s the space where you’ll congregate with your family and in modern households it’s also a hub for activity. The kitchen can serve many different functions. Sometimes it’s a late-night workspace while other times it’s a casual hangout space.

It’s time to give this area of the home some attention. If you’re interested in making a statement with your kitchen’s design, then it’s time that you add some emphasis by creating a focal point.

When designing your kitchen, you may be tempted to purchase all the eye-catching fixtures, furniture and materials that you see in the store. Not only is the quickest way to max out your allotted budget, but you’ll also be committing a big design mistake. Using too many glitzy items will result in a busy design. It’s best to select a couple of noteworthy pieces and use other elements to support the piece.

Here are some easy ways you can create a focal point in your kitchen without breaking the bank.

Bold Backsplash Tiles
While the backsplash protects your walls from stains it can also be a big decorative element in the kitchen area. You can select backsplash tiles made from glass, wood, stone and a variety of other materials. Select tiles that feature a bold color or a striking design.

Who said that you had to stick to traditional countertop materials? To create a focal point, opt for a nontraditional kitchen island. Such as one that is made from reclaimed wood. Accent countertops and islands are super trendy.

Accent Fixtures and Appliances
If you’re on a tight budget you can simply add in accent fixtures to make your kitchen pop. Try switching out your boring cabinet knobs for rose gold or chrome ones. Stainless steel appliances were fun years ago. Instead you can opt for colorful appliances. You’ll be surprised at how such a simple change can make your kitchen pop.

Artwork isn’t just reserved for the living room and bedroom areas. Find an eclectic piece of art that you can hang up in your kitchen.