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Of course, the next best thing to watching your baby bump grow is setting up the nursery. No doubt, you want this space to be stylish and comfortable for your new baby, but you do not have to break the bank to make it look good. Today, we are going to discuss tips for furnishing the nursery.

Picking out baby furniture does not have to be complicated. While the internet and magazines can provide great inspiration, it is crucial not to get caught up in getting it perfect. Remember that designing the nursery is more so for the parent because the baby does not care.

Style, Space, and Budget

Before you begin selecting furniture, you have to first assess the space you are working with because some pieces may not be ideal for the size of the room. You will want to select furniture that is proportionate to the size of the nursery. Too much furniture in a small nursery will make the room feel cluttered, which is the opposite effect you want to create when designing the nursery.

In addition, you will have to be confident in the style that you have chosen as well as be honest with yourself about what you can and cannot afford. Sometimes expecting mothers can go overboard and feel that they have to purchase the trendiest pieces, which are usually the most expensive.

Shopping Tips

When shopping for furniture, you want to try to get the most bang for your buck. Popular boutiques may have trendy furniture, but you can also find some great pieces at discount stores and online shops. Scour the thrift stores and other local shops. This allows you to inspect and even try out some of the furnishings before you make a purchase. Being able to view what you are buying prior to the purchase is crucial because you want to make sure the product is top quality and that it is comfortable.

You can also find some deals on baby furniture online. Shopping online allows you to compare prices easily, and if your purchase is over a specific amount, you may even qualify for free shipping.

Do you have any tips and tricks for expecting mothers? We would love to hear your personal thoughts below in the comment section. Thanks for reading!

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Back to School: Tips for Your Home

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Summer is drawing to a close, and that means it is time to start your preparation for school. At first, you may think this does not affect your home. However, time schedules in your household are about to get stir up a little bit. Children will be out of the house sooner, more laundry from sporting events, and even more a chaotic schedule may come into the mix. There are a few rooms in our homes which need immediate attention before this all of this occurs, so make sure you prepare your home with these three simple tips.

Laundry Room 

With children going back to school, you may need to expect more laundry. Kid activities and sports may demand more clothing. You want to facilitate a plan to keep washing and cleaning clothes flowing at all times. This can be as simple as investing in laundry baskets and determining laundry days. Installing a “clean clothes” rack in your laundry room can allow clothes to dry and be put away at a more convenient time. You should arrange a game plan with your children to help this process be as smooth and effective as possible. 


The kitchen also may get a little messier during the school year. Instead of having breakfast together, the mornings can be fast-paced before catching the bus or riding into school. You can establish an area for quick and easy snacks, set up a coffee station, and make sure everyone knows to put their dishes in the dishwasher before they leave. Just be sure to tailor the kitchen to your family’s lifestyle.   

Study Area   

A study area can also serve a great purpose during the school year. In today’s fast-paced society, there are more distractions than ever in the household. Designate a study area for your children and allow them a place to unwind and finish their assignments. Encourage your children to go to the study area right after school to help form strong habits. Make sure it is well-lit, no distractions, and provide areas where they can work, such as a desk or table. 

These simple tricks can help your household flow smoothly into the new school year. Help your children and family work together to keep your house clean and operating for the tasks ahead. For more tips and tricks, make sure to subscribe


Tips for Babyproofing Your House

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Having your first baby can be exciting! Your home is the sanctuary your child will be raised in, and everything must be perfect. You aspire to give your child the best and safest life possible; however, your home is not childproof yet, and the baby is on the way! Everything must be perfect, and you have never done this before in your life! The stress is common, so just relax, take a deep breath. These three simple tricks can get your home childproof and baby friendly, quickly and efficiently:


Your first and utmost responsibility is your child’s safety. Babies will crawl around and bump into anything they can. Make sure that nothing can fall off tabletops or counters if the baby pushes it. You may want to provide soft surfaces in your home in rooms the infant will be. Carpet and rugs are both child-friendly for falls. Keep in mind your daily responsibilities, for example, hot liquids like coffee should not be left unattended. You will also need to keep a keen eye out for any choking hazards and remove them from the room.


You will also want to create a nursery or a bedroom for your child. All outlets should have outlet covers, soft flooring should be installed, and dangerous corners of furniture should be covered. You can decorate the nursery however you would like and what fits best for your baby. You may want to have a chair to sit in, a changing station, and toys readily available.


Put together some supplies prior to your baby’s arrival. Diapers, rash ointment, first-aid kits, and baby soap are a good start. You may want a baby monitor for when you are not in the room as well. Do not forget to invest in feeding bottles, pacifiers, sippy cups, and a stroller. All these investments bought pre-birth can save you time! If you are looking to save money, having a baby shower or sprinkle can help you acquire items that you may not be able to afford on your own.

We are excited for you, and congratulations on your baby! Get your home baby ready with these simple tactics. Do not stress and slowly get your supplies. This is an experience of a lifetime.