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Best Flooring Choices for Seniors

Posted by creatingyourspace under Linoleum

For seniors, living comfortably in their homes is of utmost importance. Being able to maintain an independent lifestyle without having to spend too much time worrying about demanding cleaning regimens and safety is key to their being able to enjoy the coming years with ease. Therefore, choosing the right flooring material is so important.  Materials like stone, brick and glass tiles are not ideal for slips and falls. Their maintenance isn’t something a senior should have to invest so much time in, nor should they have to worry about being able to afford to hire someone to take care of it for them. There are plenty of alternative choices out there that will make daily life easier while also being aesthetically pleasing at the same time. Here are a few.



Carpet is a smart choice for the safety and comfort of seniors. It helps warm up a room, provides better traction than a bare floor and does the best job of providing cushioning for any possible slips or falls. While dust may accumulate in its fibers, this can easily be remedied through light vacuuming. There are plenty of lightweight vacuums on the market today that can easily be handled by an independent senior.



Linoleum is a smart flooring choice that will ensure that seniors do not have to mess around with strong chemicals to keep it clean. There is peace of mind knowing that this material is stain and bacteria resistant, making it a great choice for the kitchen area. A light sweep each day will take care of dirt and debris and a cushion layer between the subfloor and linoleum layer will ensure that any falls will be less severe than other harder flooring material choices.



While it may not be the material that first comes to mind, the more you learn about cork flooring and its benefits for seniors, the more attractive it becomes. With cork flooring, heat loss is greatly reduced.  This flooring is more forgiving on joints since it consists of millions of small air-filled cells and provides a softer surface if falls occur. It does not absorb dust, so it is a great choice for those who suffer from asthma.  Cork flooring contains Suberin which makes it resistant to mold and will not rot.  This substance also makes cork a fire inhibitor! This is a great, low maintenance choice that seniors can feel safe and secure with.