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Three Simple but Effective Home Improvement Projects

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From home alterations to remodeling projects, home improvement is a realm of opportunity to make your home more fit to your needs. Since your home is your empire and is a direct reflection of you, you can design and modify it to be a great outlet for expressing yourself. You want to enjoy the home you live in, yet its home improvements may not always be in your budget. Finding the right avenues to take is critical. You want to make sure you invest your time and money into the right areas of your home to get the most bang for your buck. Well, today, we will help you brainstorm and come up with the best home improvement tactics and tricks. Here are our top three picks for this week:

Window Trim

Modernization is a common tactic in home improvement. If you have outdated window trim, it may be hurting your home’s overall aesthetics and architectural awareness. Window trim does not require a contractor and can be accomplished with little-to-no carpentry skills. First, find the window trim design that is best for your environment. This trick can make a very notable difference in your home design. It will completely transform your windows and provide a sleek look.

Stair Runner

If your steps need a makeover, consider adding a stair runner. You can stain or paint the existing wood if it is in decent condition. A stair runner can enhance the depth of your design while providing functional comfort to your steps. You can even have your stair runners “waterfalled” or “Hollywood/capped.” This look can add a little more oomph to the style of your steps. Just decide what pattern or style you want to include in your home!


Bring your design to the exterior of your home by creating flower beds that can help improve your curb appeal. They can virtually be installed anywhere on your property to add a little more color and life. Whether flowers, trees, or bushes, flowerbeds, they are all great at enhancing the aesthetic value of your home.

Put some love into your home this spring. These home improvement projects can go along way. Exploring different ideas can help you generate new ideas of your own. What is your next home improvement project? Let us know below in the comment section, and remember to subscribe!

Of course, the next best thing to watching your baby bump grow is setting up the nursery. No doubt, you want this space to be stylish and comfortable for your new baby, but you do not have to break the bank to make it look good. Today, we are going to discuss tips for furnishing the nursery.

Picking out baby furniture does not have to be complicated. While the internet and magazines can provide great inspiration, it is crucial not to get caught up in getting it perfect. Remember that designing the nursery is more so for the parent because the baby does not care.

Style, Space, and Budget

Before you begin selecting furniture, you have to first assess the space you are working with because some pieces may not be ideal for the size of the room. You will want to select furniture that is proportionate to the size of the nursery. Too much furniture in a small nursery will make the room feel cluttered, which is the opposite effect you want to create when designing the nursery.

In addition, you will have to be confident in the style that you have chosen as well as be honest with yourself about what you can and cannot afford. Sometimes expecting mothers can go overboard and feel that they have to purchase the trendiest pieces, which are usually the most expensive.

Shopping Tips

When shopping for furniture, you want to try to get the most bang for your buck. Popular boutiques may have trendy furniture, but you can also find some great pieces at discount stores and online shops. Scour the thrift stores and other local shops. This allows you to inspect and even try out some of the furnishings before you make a purchase. Being able to view what you are buying prior to the purchase is crucial because you want to make sure the product is top quality and that it is comfortable.

You can also find some deals on baby furniture online. Shopping online allows you to compare prices easily, and if your purchase is over a specific amount, you may even qualify for free shipping.

Do you have any tips and tricks for expecting mothers? We would love to hear your personal thoughts below in the comment section. Thanks for reading!

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Top Smart Home Devices

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Technological advancements are continually making life simpler and more efficient. We have been seeing smart devices making a tremendous impact in homes today. Being able to be continuously connected and in control of your home is a comforting feeling. With today’s smart devices, we have the ability to control more than ever in our homes. If you are curious about learning about smart devices, here are the best smart devices your home needs:

Smart Lights

Smart light bulbs are the way of illuminating the future. These adaptive lights can be sync with your smartphone or a smart HUB in your home. Using voice command or your cellular device, you can control turning on and off your lights in your home. With some brands, you also can change the color of the light as well as dim them.

Smart Lock and Doorbell

Home security begins at the front door. Smart locks are locks that sync to your phone. Go keyless and just approach your door. When your cell phone is in range, the door will automatically lock or unlock. You can pair this with a smart doorbell as well. Smart doorbells are equipped with a camera. When you get a package delivered, or someone approaches your door, your phone will be alerted. Plus, you can have recorded footage of the time when the individual is in the vicinity of your door.

Smart Thermostat

Keep your electric bill down with a smart thermostat. These thermostats learn when you are home and away from your house. They will turn on or off your heating and cooling system to adjust when you are present. This feature can help save you money throughout the year. You can also adjust your temperature straight from your cell phone.

Smart Security Camera

Another tremendous smart security option is a security camera. These smart cameras can be set up in your home. They will alert your cell phone with a recorded feed whenever movement is detected. Plus, some smart security cameras can begin to learn your animals and individuals to prevent false alerts.

Smart HUB

While a smart device can work with your phone, they can all be synced to a smart HUB. There are a couple of great smart HUBs available on the market today. Find one which works best with your smartphone.

These smart home upgrades can be a game-changer. Stop living in the past and begin to make way for the future. Once you convert, you will never go back. For more home improvement ideas and tricks, make sure to subscribe.


What to Consider When Choosing Paint

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Adding color to your home’s design is remarkably impactful on the atmosphere. In fact, designers believe that the best way to completely change the environment is by painting your walls. With this in mind, you can see how important choosing the right color can be. However, there are millions of colors to choose from, and this task can feel overwhelming. When trying to select a color for your room, there are four basic rules you should keep in mind. With these in mind, your search can become a little less random and more focused on the right color choice for your home.

Color Inspiration

You will want to have general inspiration going into your project. What colors do you like? Do you have a style or design theme that you would like to mimic in your home? What colors are used as inspiration in those themes or styles? These questions can all help you dial in the choice of where to begin. Do you want a warm-toned atmosphere or a cool-toned atmosphere? Perhaps you are just looking for a neutral color tone in your room. Your color inspiration can come from many different influences. Determine what you want your home to look like before beginning your search.

Match Your Current Furniture and Belongings

If you still have no idea where to begin, use your current furniture or belongings to create a color theme. For instance, maybe you have a blue couch or beige lamp shades. Your personal belongings can be a great start at picking a color. Use these elements to help determine a theme. Even if all your furniture is a different color, the choice you choose should help harmonize your furniture.

Team Effort

If you do not live alone, you should not make this decision alone. Check with your spouse or your roommates because paint is there to last. You want to make sure everyone agrees before making the commitment of painting a room.

Test Your Paint on Your Walls

Lastly, paint can look completely different on a swatch in the store than in your own home. Most stores will have overhead fluorescent lighting. Take your paint choices home and put them on your walls. Look at them throughout the day. They may look different with the influence of natural lighting. Make sure the color you choose agrees all day with your home’s theme.

These rules can help narrow down your decision. Yet, all in all, choosing the right color comes down to you and your personal preferences. Try picking several colors or shades. Decide which one works best with what you want to accomplish in your home.


Four Mistakes to Avoid When Installing Tile

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Are you planning on installing new tiles in the bathroom, kitchen, or bedroom? If so, you have already tackled half the challenge by purchasing a tile that you feel best fits your home’s interior. If you are thinking about cutting out the middleman and laying down the tile yourself, it is important to educate yourself about the process fully. If you are not a professional contractor, it is easy to make mistakes. While we always recommend going with one of our trusted professionals, we have you covered. Here are four mistakes that first-timers are bound to make:

Failing to Purchase Enough Tiles

Perhaps the biggest mistake that people make when launching a tiling project is failing to purchase enough tiles. There is nothing worse than seeing your tiling project coming together only to realize a little too late that you did not purchase enough tiles to complete the project. To ensure that you have enough tiles, be sure to get accurate measurements of the area you are tiling and purchase 10-15% tiles than you need just in case you make a mistake.

Inadequate Adhesive

When purchasing adhesive to hold your tiles together, it is crucial to invest in a quality adhesive. This is especially important if you are installing tiles in the kitchen or the bathroom. You will find that some adhesives are only manufactured for use on the floors or the walls. Therefore, be sure to select one that is tailored for your specific project. Also, you should choose an adhesive that has excellent waterproofing properties.

Working too Fast

It is easy to compromise quality with speed when you are taking on a tiling project by yourself. Sometimes you may become so fed up with the process that you find yourself getting a little careless. However, you should make sure you take your time, especially if you are working with decorative tiles. Use precision so that you will get the best results.

Uneven Distribution

If this is your first time laying down tiles, you might find it challenging to install them evenly. Use battens, which are thin wooden rods, to ensure that your tiles are equally spaced. If you are working with ceramic tiles, opt for order spacers to help you distribute them properly.

If you feel a little worried about this project, leave it to the professionals at Carpets N More. Our expert team is ready to take on your project and create your dream oasis. Do not hesitate; call us today!


Home Security Investments

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Our homes are a place of refuge. We should always feel safe at home, like ourselves, and our possessions are protected. In today’s crazy world, investing in home security is a great, added way to help secure your household. Technology advancements have made home security very feasible for all homeowners. Whether you are renting an apartment or living in your dream home, home security is an investment you will never regret. So if you are interested in upgrading your home’s security features, here are three easy home security mods your home needs:

Security Cam

Security cameras use to be only for the wealthy class; however, technology has come a long way! With nearly every phone having a camera built-in, cameras are becoming the norm. Investing in an outdoor security cam or placing an indoor camera near a window can help alert you if there is any suspicious activity happening at your home while you are away. This can let you rest assured that you have eyes on your home at all times throughout the day. You can also use old cell phones and tablets and connect them to Wi-Fi. Download an app to allowing them to video record movement in your home. By downloading an app on your personal device, you can always check on your place.

Door Alarm

Investing in a door alarm will let you know when an intruder has entered your home. You can buy an alarm system that will call the police if you do not approve of the entry. This is an excellent deterrent for any home invader. You can also find a more cost-effective route by purchasing a simple door alarm. When someone opens and closes a door, the alarm will be set to ding. This simple investment can go a long way.


Security is essential, but what happens if it is not enough. It is best to always keep your valuables in a safe. Make sure the safe is large enough that it cannot just be carried away with an intruder. You can also install smaller safes into cabinets and wall fixtures to prevent them from being found and stolen.

Keep your home safe. While the chances are slim of a home invasion, these simple precautions can have you prepared. You can get most of these home security investments set up and installed over a weekend. Rest assured, knowing your home is protected. Remember, your home’s security is just another form of home insurance.


Tips for Improving Your Home’s Air Quality

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Do you ever wake up in the morning and check the weather? Most smartphones will allow you to check the weather, humidity, and air quality instantly. These are all important factors we consider when going about our days. Poor air quality is not an optimal day to go for a walk and spend hours outdoors. That being said, poor air quality can also be present in our homes. There are several ways to ensure your home’s air quality is optimal. For the best air quality in your home, make sure you are following these simple steps:

Air Purifier

Homes can be full of airborne pollutants, toxins, pet allergens, and unwanted odors. Air purifiers can filter your air and help create the purest atmosphere in your home. You can also find units that not only filter the air but deodorize it as well. This is an added benefit you should consider in your home.

Change Your Filters

Your air purifier and your home’s HVAC system will both have air filters. These ventilation systems, whether heating or cooling, can get dirty filters. Keeping these filters clean is optimal in improving your home’s air quality. The more you are using the units, the dirtier they become. Make sure to check your filters at the beginning of a change in season when you are going from heating to cooling or cooling to heating your home.

Add Some Plants

Plants are a natural remedy to incorporate in your home design since they are natural air enhancers. Plants give off oxygen, which can improve the quality of breathing air in our homes. Make your home feel more revitalizing by adding plants throughout it. Remember, plants are alive and need sunlight exposure and water. So this may not be optimal for every room in your home.

Clean Hard and Soft Surfaces Regularly

Dust and allergens do not only reside in the air, but they can easily burrow into your carpets and other textiles in your home. Hard surfaces are easier to clean and can usually just be wiped or mopped. However, carpets, blankets, and upholstered furniture can all hold onto these nuisances. Make sure to deep clean your home regularly to eliminate these pollutants and improve your home’s air quality.

Air quality may be overlooked in your home, but a clean home should always be a top priority. Make sure you have the best air quality in your home by including these simple tricks to your house. For more insight on home improvement and more, make sure to subscribe.


Three Ideas to Cut Household Expenses

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Bills are inevitable. Your mortgage, car payment, cellphone bill, gas, insurance, electric, you name it, never stop coming. While we cannot eliminate bills, we can cut down on everyday household expenses. Learning where and when your money is drawing out of your accounts can better help you budget your finances. Here are three places you may be able to save some more money in your home:


The first place to consider cutting is your entertainment bills. What are your monthly entertainment subscriptions? Do you watch cable or use a streaming service? If both, you may want to switch to a streaming service, and if possible, you can select streaming services with no contracts. Decide what shows and series you want to watch and purchase individual streaming services at that time. When you are done watching your shows, switch to another streaming service. You can also see if family or loved ones want to split entertainment service cost since you are now allowed multiple users.

Heating & Electricity 

Heating and cooling systems can be a large part of your bills. While you can adjust your heat to 78 in the summer and 60 in the winter, you can also find an alternative method that is not as uncomfortable. Invest in well-sealed doors and windows to help keep your home’s temperature from fluctuating. Cleaning your HVAC system’s filter regularly will allow air to move with less energy. Some appliances draw energy even when you are not running them. Items like cell phone chargers, televisions, computers, and coffee makers can cost you over $100 annually. Unplugging these devices is a quick way to save some money. Also, remember to turn off your lights in rooms you are not using and switch to LED bulbs to use less energy. 


Saving on your water will take some creative ingenuity. There are two places your water is used in your home: outside and inside. The most wasted water is used for gardening and plants outdoors. Make sure that if the water is running from your yard to the street to shut off the water. This is just wasting your water if your yard is not absorbing it. Obviously, inside your home, you can limit your shower time. However, your laundry machine will still use a lot of water. Make sure your laundry machine is energy efficient and that you are putting in maximum loads to get the most out of each wash. 

These three simple tricks can help save you money. You may also decide to spread out your bills if possible. Some people prefer them to all come out at the beginning or the end of the month. Do what works best with your income, lifestyle, and household.


How to Properly Remove Wallpaper

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Wallpaper is slowly coming back into style, but that does not mean you want your home’s old, worn-out wallpaper in your house still. Whether you are looking to add new wallpaper or simply repainting your wall, removing wallpaper can become a little challenging at times. Older wallpaper especially can become very challenging to remove from your walls. If you are looking to remove your wallpaper, there are several tricks of the trade to use. Here are the best ways to get down your old wallpaper in your home:

Step One: Prep

Wallpaper is a decorative wall product that is overlaid on top of the drywall. This can help enhance the aesthetics of the room without using paint, and the paper adheres with a one-sided stick adhesive, generally activated by water. To remove your wallpaper, first, start by clearing your walls of any pictures or décor. If your wallpaper was installed before the trim was placed up, you can remove the trim or simply score your paper with a cutting knife as close to the trim as possible. 

Step Two: Soak 

Next, put a tarp down on top of your floors to prevent water from splashing on your ground. Grab a bucket of warm water and add some vinegar. Apply with a sponge directly to the wallpaper. Allow the water to soak into the wallpaper to wet the backside. This can take a few coats and a little time. Give the water roughly 15-20 minutes to fully penetrate the paper. 

Step Three: Peal  

Start at a corner of the room or a seam. Pull back your wallpaper slowly. You may want to use a scaping device for harder areas. The longer wallpaper has been up, the hard it will be to remove. You can also fill a spray bottom with water and vinegar to loosen the surface. As you approach more challenging areas, spray the water directly behind the paper to help break down the bond. 

You may hit a more challenging spot than other areas in one room. Do not stress and be patient. Removing your wallpaper is the best way to prep your walls to be painted. For more tips and tricks on home improvement, make sure to subscribe


Energy-Efficient Homes

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As we move forward in time, many homeowners and businesses are becoming more cognitive of finite resources. By making some energy-efficient adaptations, many people have been able to eliminate bills and find more energy-efficient solutions. Energy-efficient homes can increase the resell value of your home and helps against the negative impacts of greenhouse gases. If your home was no built as an energy-efficient home, have no fear. You can still make some simple home improvement tricks to help make your home eco-friendlier. Here are four tricks to explore today:

Smart Homes Thermostats 

Your first simple plan to integrate can be adding smart home features. Getting a smart thermostat can allow you to save on your energy bill. They also can lower or increase the temperature of your home while you are away and get it back into a comfortable temp zone when you arrive home.

LED Lighting 

Most lights create unwanted heat as well as waste an abundance of energy. Switching your home to LED lights can save you electricity. These lights will also last much longer than halogens or incandescent lighting. While saving on one light bulb may not be super-efficient, switching all of them can create a more notable difference in savings. 


Regulating temperature in your home is done through your HVAC system. However, if you have poorly sealed windows, you can be losing a significant amount of heat. While new windows can be a substantial investment, it can save you significantly on lowering your energy bills each month. 

Washing and Drying Machines 

Consider switching to ENERGY STAR qualified washing and drying machines. These energy-efficient systems can use about half the energy. You can also save almost 3/4 of your normal water used during a wash cycle.  

Doing these simple tricks can help make your home for ecofriendly. If you are looking to be more conservative on the energy you are using in your home, consider these hacks. While some may be investments, they can help pay for themselves over time.