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Dining Room Makeover

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If you are like most homeowners, you have been in your amazing home for several years. Over time we evolve, and our personal taste will change, making our home outdated, which no longer appeals to us. This factor is a common challenge, so we need to realize it and determine our plan to refresh and update it. When you are aware of your personal growth and use that as a positive, it is so refreshing and satisfying! Just follow a few of our tips and tricks below for that “WOW” outcome that you desire.


Painting the entire room is always the first task. With current design trends, many are opting for an all-white, crisp room. In fact, homeowners are painting the entire room white, including walls, doors, and trim. If this is your style, do not overlook the ceiling. You can even paint the ceiling a light pastel or for a more dramatic effect, paint it a bold color. Also, if you have chosen to paint the room white, think about painting the doors and trim a flat or high-gloss black for a stunning dramatic look.


Do not overlook the flooring. If you have hardwoods with scratches, think about refreshing them. Plus, this would be the perfect time to change the color and finish of the hardwoods. If completely changing your flooring is not an option, add or purchase a new area rug. Also, if you are tired of your wall to wall carpeting, simply buy an area rug and place under the dining table for a quick pop of color and added texture based on the fiber style of the rug. If your dining room is on the large side, try placing the table at an angle and make sure the area rug is placed in the same direction to create a dramatic look as soon as you walk into the room.


Do you have a chandelier and possibly wall sconces on either side of your buffet or bar? If not, what an easy, quick, and relatively inexpensive way to upgrade the room. We recommend purchasing new lighting to refresh your space’s design. In fact, lighting can completely transform a space by bringing new life and energy to the room, so be sure to include a variety of lights.

Do you have any tips and tricks of your own? If so, we would love to hear your advice in the comment section!


What to Consider When Choosing Paint

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Adding color to your home’s design is remarkably impactful on the atmosphere. In fact, designers believe that the best way to completely change the environment is by painting your walls. With this in mind, you can see how important choosing the right color can be. However, there are millions of colors to choose from, and this task can feel overwhelming. When trying to select a color for your room, there are four basic rules you should keep in mind. With these in mind, your search can become a little less random and more focused on the right color choice for your home.

Color Inspiration

You will want to have general inspiration going into your project. What colors do you like? Do you have a style or design theme that you would like to mimic in your home? What colors are used as inspiration in those themes or styles? These questions can all help you dial in the choice of where to begin. Do you want a warm-toned atmosphere or a cool-toned atmosphere? Perhaps you are just looking for a neutral color tone in your room. Your color inspiration can come from many different influences. Determine what you want your home to look like before beginning your search.

Match Your Current Furniture and Belongings

If you still have no idea where to begin, use your current furniture or belongings to create a color theme. For instance, maybe you have a blue couch or beige lamp shades. Your personal belongings can be a great start at picking a color. Use these elements to help determine a theme. Even if all your furniture is a different color, the choice you choose should help harmonize your furniture.

Team Effort

If you do not live alone, you should not make this decision alone. Check with your spouse or your roommates because paint is there to last. You want to make sure everyone agrees before making the commitment of painting a room.

Test Your Paint on Your Walls

Lastly, paint can look completely different on a swatch in the store than in your own home. Most stores will have overhead fluorescent lighting. Take your paint choices home and put them on your walls. Look at them throughout the day. They may look different with the influence of natural lighting. Make sure the color you choose agrees all day with your home’s theme.

These rules can help narrow down your decision. Yet, all in all, choosing the right color comes down to you and your personal preferences. Try picking several colors or shades. Decide which one works best with what you want to accomplish in your home.


Frequently Asked Painting Questions from Beginners

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Paint is one of the most cost-effective ways to completely transform a room’s appearance. Plus, it is a task you can perform yourself when modifying your home. This project can take a couple of days, so plan to make sure you have time to finish. If this is your first time painting, it is common to have a lot of questions. We answered some of your most frequently asked questions on painting and prep:

How much paint do I need to purchase for a given surface?

Typically, you can use 2.5 gallons to cover 400 square feet. Take into consideration that textured walls will need more product. To calculate the square footage of a wall, you will determine the length times the width (length x width). If your ceiling is 7 feet and 8 inches tall, and your wall is 12 feet and 3 inches long, you have 94 square feet. You may be able to paint around four of these walls with one coat. You should also take into consideration how many coats you will need. If you are priming the wall, you may get away with just two layers; however, bold colors may take more coats. It will also take a lot of coats to take a dark wall and make it a light color. These all should be considered before purchasing your paint.

Where do I start? Walls, ceiling, or trim?

Different people may have different approaches. There is no “wrong” way. Just make sure you can keep clean lines and no overspills or runs. Most people tend to start from the ceiling down. This way if paint runs, you can cover it as you go. Perhaps, start with the ceiling followed by the walls. You may decide to remove your trim to paint to avoid splattering on the floors.

How do I remove wallpaper?

Peel away as much as you can by hand. You may need a wallpaper shaver to get started. If the wallpaper is extremely difficult to remove, consider using a liquid stripper. These chemical options need time to soak into the wallpaper to break down the paste below the paper.

If you have more question you would like us to cover, feel free to leave a question below in the comment section. Painting can be an effective way to change your home. Remember to tape off everything thoroughly to avoid splattering.

For more tips and tricks, make sure to subscribe to our blog. Thanks for reading!


It’s OK to Redecorate Now!

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Are you feeling a little blue now that the holidays are over? With the cold weather and limited sunshine, sometimes it’s hard to cheer up. Why don’t you do something for yourself to brighten the season? How about redecorating a room in your home?

A new coat of paint and maybe new carpet or a rug can make a big difference in a space. Although most people think of redecorating as a spring or summer activity because of opening the windows to let the strong smells dissipate, that problem is gone.

Many of today’s home products are completely or almost smell-free. Those strong odors came from volatile organic compounds, or VOCs, that were part of the products. However, as consumers developed an interest in buying products without VOCs, manufacturers responded by developing more and more options that don’t force you to leave windows open. Today, making a low or no-VOC choice won’t limit the colors or styles you want for your home.

To discover more about how you can redecorate a room and keep your windows closed, talk to one of our salespeople. We’ll help you fix up a room that will chase the winter blues away!


Think Inside the Box

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What makes this bedroom’s design feel cohesive and inviting? To create a cozy environment, it’s important to think inside the box.

Every room has six surfaces: the four walls, the floor and the ceiling. You need to take all six into account when you’re planning a space.

This bedroom has every element needed to make a room feel comfortable. The oak-brown carpeting is almost an exact match for the warm brown walls. Cream and brown bedclothes stay in the same color family while using texture and pattern to keep the room interesting.

The most exciting design decision, however, is the ceiling. By choosing a very dark brown combined with the cream-colored wide crown molding, the sixth surface moves from an afterthought to a powerful design feature.

This is an old fashioned room, from the plates on the wall to the furniture and accessories. But the ceiling is daring and takes the space out of great-grandma’s house to a bedroom that would work in an expensive country inn.

Look up. Are your ceilings white and forgotten? Next time you redo a room, work with all six sides of your box.


How To Choose A Paint Color

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Do you wish you could redecorate your home but don’t want to go through all the hassle? A fresh coat of paint can make an enormous difference in a space. Painting is the simplest, most effective home improvement out there.

The most difficult part of painting is not the actual labor of painting; it’s selecting an appropriate color for the space. When trying to decide on a color, keep in mind what color fabrics are in the room.

Before purchasing enough paint to coat the entire space; buy a small pint of the color you are considering. Paint a large enough area, so you can get a feel for what it will look like on all the walls. This will allow you to see what the color looks like with the type of lighting in the space. If you are lucky enough to have natural light in the space, check out how the color looks during different times of the day (morning, mid day, afternoon, dusk and evening). Doing so will prevent making the wrong choice and having to buy more materials and painting over.

There is more to decide than simply what color to paint. Sheen is an important aspect to consider. High gloss sheens tend to highlight imperfections on the walls; but it is easily cleaned with water and a towel. Satin and eggshell sheens go on smoothly and have a nice matte finish. These are the safest choice for paint sheen.

Painting a room or two can be done over one weekend. There are paints available now that have primer built and usually only require one coat. You may need two coats if your color is really bright, intense or dark. This home improvement really is worth considering if you are looking to enhance your space.