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Floor Patterns

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Our eyes are easily captivated by illustrious patterns and designs.  When installing flooring, you will want to think outside the box and integrate patterns in your home.  Whether carpet, tile, hardwood, or vinyl planking, there are endless patterns to incorporate into your home.  We put together a couple of our favorite patterns together for you to consider adding in your home.  Check with your sales representative to make sure that the pattern will work with the flooring you choose; not all planking can be interchangeable in the direction of installing.



This pattern’s name derives from the resemblance to the bones found in a herring fish.  With its zig-zag nature, it allows the room to not feel directional but enhances the design and openness of the room.  This is great to do with tile, luxury vinyl planking, or hardwood floors.  Some tongue and grooved flooring will not allow for this pattern, so check with your manufacture prior to purchase. 


A checkerboard flooring pattern is a classic design. It adds an elegant variation to the room and looks great with vinyl composition tile in a garage or tiled backsplashes in a kitchen. The contrast between the pattern gives a room a timeless look that will not go out of style anytime soon.

This pattern has been around for centuries and can be found in ancient art forms such as textiles, carvings, and pottery. Now being a classic style in the hardwood flooring industry, Chevron pattern gives a room an Italian-fashioned design that looks elegant with a twist of 17th-centuryFrench architect design. Add this to your home to have a pattern fit for a Queen.

Highly associated with tiled backsplashes, mosaic tile borrows elements anywhere from abstract to tradition with diverse geometrical patterns and styles available. This is great to add to pools, wall coverings, and floors. Mosaics are known for capturing visual elements of texture and drama into rooms making great focal points.
Which One Will You Choose?
All elements and patterns give a room a distinct feel and look. Contemplate what style compliments your style. Adding these patterns to your home will help turn your next flooring project into a grand masterpiece.

15285255_SWhat is the first thing you notice about this room scene? Red, right! Red is a bold color that tends to stand out whether in interior design, an accessory to an outfit, or as a car color driving by on the street.  It reminds us of the power of red as a color in decorating.  Red is a great color for the home and can be used as a wall or accent color.

A few years ago red dining rooms were all the rage. This could have stemmed from the study that showed red increases our appetite. Today we are seeing fewer red dining rooms but not less red in interiors.

Red is a powerful color when used in its pure form. Power suits and ties are often red because of the strength of this color.  Having a red wall or red carpet makes a very strong design statement in a room.  For this reason many people prefer to use red as an accent color. Red today is often used as an accent color on area rugs and pillows.

The variation of red hues can run from plums to tomato reds, which allow red to be used in a wide variety of color palette. Terracotta red tile floors are great in the kitchen while deep plum is a cozy color for the walls in a master bedroom.  Red and grey is also a great color combination for the living room.

Reds work with neutrals like grey, other warm colors like orange, or contrast with cool colors like aqua.  Adding a pop of red to your counter top or sofa will bring energy to your room.


Textures Worth Capturing

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With the sepia browns, soft greens and a touch of blue, this scene is not about color, it’s about texture. The house has a roof of varied tiles that provides interest despite the single tone of brown. The wall is the color of old parchment with touches of worn down paint and breaks in the plaster that display the stone base. The magic in this photo comes from how the various textures bring the home and the scenery to life. In your home, texture is just as important as color when you’re decorating. Every type of flooring invites textural contrast in your furniture and accessories. A wood floor warms up with a wool area rug or a squishy corduroy easy chair and ottoman. Carpeting is more inviting when an old wooden chest shining with many years of polish sits on it. Look for fabrics with varying textures to add personality. A throw pillow in figured velvet or embroidered silk can add a touch of elegance to a simple sofa. A knitted throw with fringe can offer the same kind of surface variation as this home’s roof or the bark of the trees. Do you love this photo? Well, while you may not be able to move to Italy and live with this type of scenery, you can warm up your home with touches of the old world textures shown here.