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Reasons Why You Should Install a Kitchen Island

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Are you planning a kitchen remodel? If so, there is no doubt that you are probably considering having an island installed in your kitchen. In fact, believe it or not, an island is one of the most sought-after features during a renovation project. A well-designed island that is proportionate to the size of the kitchen can provide a smooth workflow while making cooking and dining comfortable. You will even find that installing a kitchen island can enhance the space.

Does Your Space Allow for an Island?

When it comes to installing a kitchen island, you might be concerned that your kitchen is not big enough. However, it is important to remember that islands are not a “one size fits all” feature. Even if you are working with a smaller space, that does not mean that you will not be able to install an island. In fact, there are numerous ways a contractor can make it work since kitchen islands are built and tailored according to the design and size of the kitchen. In fact, most companies will customize a kitchen island with reduced depth or height to fit the dimensions of the space.

What Is the Clearance Zone?

An additional factor that you will have to consider when having an island installed in the kitchen is how many people live in your home and how often they use the space. This factor is essential because you will want to have adequate room for everyone to navigate the area. This is called the “clearance zone.” A practical distance from the clearance and the edge of the countertop is at least three feet. This spacing allows for free and safe movement around the island.

Consider a Tailor-Made Kitchen Island

If you decide to have your kitchen island built from the ground up, you can design it to be much more efficient by having drawers, extra storage, and even built-in seating. In fact, your kitchen island can be completely customizable to your lifestyle and space.

Fitting an Island into Small Kitchen

As previously mentioned, kitchen islands vary in size and shape. A fixed island should be at least 40 by 40 inches. Although it sounds small, these nifty islands still provide a good chunk of workspace, and you will still have the option of integrating some of your favorite appliances on the island.

All in all, kitchen islands are a fantastic feature that you may want to incorporate in your kitchen remodel. They provide an additional workspace with extra storage and seating opportunities.

What do you think about kitchen islands? We would love to hear your thoughts below in the comment section.


Tips for Improving Your Home’s Air Quality

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Do you ever wake up in the morning and check the weather? Most smartphones will allow you to check the weather, humidity, and air quality instantly. These are all important factors we consider when going about our days. Poor air quality is not an optimal day to go for a walk and spend hours outdoors. That being said, poor air quality can also be present in our homes. There are several ways to ensure your home’s air quality is optimal. For the best air quality in your home, make sure you are following these simple steps:

Air Purifier

Homes can be full of airborne pollutants, toxins, pet allergens, and unwanted odors. Air purifiers can filter your air and help create the purest atmosphere in your home. You can also find units that not only filter the air but deodorize it as well. This is an added benefit you should consider in your home.

Change Your Filters

Your air purifier and your home’s HVAC system will both have air filters. These ventilation systems, whether heating or cooling, can get dirty filters. Keeping these filters clean is optimal in improving your home’s air quality. The more you are using the units, the dirtier they become. Make sure to check your filters at the beginning of a change in season when you are going from heating to cooling or cooling to heating your home.

Add Some Plants

Plants are a natural remedy to incorporate in your home design since they are natural air enhancers. Plants give off oxygen, which can improve the quality of breathing air in our homes. Make your home feel more revitalizing by adding plants throughout it. Remember, plants are alive and need sunlight exposure and water. So this may not be optimal for every room in your home.

Clean Hard and Soft Surfaces Regularly

Dust and allergens do not only reside in the air, but they can easily burrow into your carpets and other textiles in your home. Hard surfaces are easier to clean and can usually just be wiped or mopped. However, carpets, blankets, and upholstered furniture can all hold onto these nuisances. Make sure to deep clean your home regularly to eliminate these pollutants and improve your home’s air quality.

Air quality may be overlooked in your home, but a clean home should always be a top priority. Make sure you have the best air quality in your home by including these simple tricks to your house. For more insight on home improvement and more, make sure to subscribe.


Key Differences Between Ceramic, Glass, and Stone Tiles

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If you have ever visited a flooring showroom, you will notice how inspiring and beautiful tile’s design element can be. With numerous spectacular displays, there are literally hundreds of different options and designs, all at various price points. But before you make your purchase, it is important to know what types of materials are available to you and the key differences in tile products. To help, here is the lowdown on a few popular types of tile.


Glass tiles consist of really thin pieces of glass that are usually sold independently or in a mosaic-form, supported with a mesh material. Additionally, glass tiles are more colorful than other tile options. They are reflective and are ideal for backsplashes and walls.

Glass tile can create a really beautiful look, but it can be more expensive. Additionally, since glass is transparent, the adhesive can be visible through the material. That is why it requires installation from a flooring contractor to achieve the best, most flawless results.


Ceramic tiles are produced from a mixture of water, clay, which is then heated at high temperatures. Most ceramic tiles are treated with a liquid coating that is heated under high temperatures to make it really durable. It is also considered more affordable, and you can purchase ceramic products in a variety of colors and patterns.


Stone tiles tend to be more expensive than most flooring products since stone tiles are handmade from natural materials. You will find that stone products typically have unique and bold patterns or designs. Additionally, when installing stone tiles, they must be sealed since they are prone to etching when encountering to harsh products.

Do you want to learn more about one of the tile products we discussed? If so, do not hesitate to call or visit us for more information. One of our expert sales associates would love to assist you. Thanks for reading!


Simple Ways to Make Your Home Charming

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Have you always imagined owning a quaint, charming home, but your current place is falling short? There is no need to worry! With our expert tips, you can transform your home into the charming oasis you always dreamed of owning.

Simple Ways to Add Charm to Your Place:

The Right Lights.

If you are looking to add character and charm, having the right lights can make all the difference. Whether you are looking for a statement piece or a spotlight fixture, you can completely transform your space with the proper lighting. Plus, we recommend adding a dimming feature to your home’s lighting. This will help you set the tone for each event.

Make an Entrance.

If your entryway feels dull and unwelcoming, it can affect the overall tone of your home. To help create a more inviting entrance, we recommend adding a few special features. Depending on your entryway’s space, you could add a bench, decorative key rack, family pictures, and a small dresser. Simple yet stylish details will help your entryway feel more inviting.

Out in The Open.

Open storage plans have become a popular trend in homes over the past several years. An open layout makes a room feel homey and inviting to guests. The downside is that you will have to stay organized to keep your space looking tidy. The upside is that it can create instant charm and coziness to your space. Plus, you can add stylish decorative pieces throughout an open storage plan to make things interesting.

Reclaim Your Space.

Is there a space in your home that you feel is underused? Reclaim that space as your own. Though the area may be small, your ideas do not have to be. You can do several affordable projects in that small area of your home. Depending on the size, you could add a cozy seat or even a desk. If it is on the smaller end, you could hang some plants and add a small end table. Whatever you choose, be sure to dress it up with personal character and charm.


Mirrors tend to be an expensive find. Instead of repurchasing mirrors, spruce up your current ones into a brand new edition. You can add a new frame around the body of your mirror to help add charm without breaking the bank.

Natural Floors.

What is more charming and cozy than hardwood floors? The answer: nothing. For a rustic addition to your home, we recommend adding hardwood floors. They have an old-school, vintage vibe that homeowners love. Do not take our word for it; try it out in your own home.

So Retro.

You can find one-of-a-kind, charming decor pieces for your home in a local vintage or thrift shop. These shops contain a lot of great finds, and you may be surprised by what you can get for little money.

A Classic Touch.

Updating your home’s hardware is yet another way you can add charm to your home. Your cabinet handles, door knobs, and fixtures can all be updated for a charming look.

Curtains Drawn.

Fabrics are the best way to add coziness. We recommend focusing on your draperies to help bring back the charm. Curtains are a great way to add style and warmth into your home. Plus, they come in an array of different colors, textures, and sizes to meet your style preferences.

Soothing Colors.

Lastly, you want to be sure that you are selecting a charming color palette. We recommend opting for a more soothing-toned palette. Light colors will help bring back the homey vibe you want.

Are you interested in learning more about hardwood floors? One of our knowledgeable sales associates would love to assist you. Contact us today at Carpets and More or visit us one of our beautiful showrooms for more information and expert care. We look forward to the opportunity to work with you.



Thanksgiving Day 2012

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How to Set Up a Bar at Home

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Instead of going out to the drinking establishments in your neighborhood, why not enjoy your beautiful patio with some artisanal cocktails at home?

Start by investing in basic equipment and stock up on essential liquors.

You will need a cocktail shaker, a strainer, a muddler, a jigger, a bar spoon and a good supply of ice. To up your game you can even hand-carve ice cubes or get fun ice cube trays. Circles and squares are really popular right now.

Stock up on glassware. You will need six or eight of each type of glass – short, tall stemmed. If you will be enjoying drinks outside, you may want to use plastic glassware instead.


Head to the liquor store and get the following:

  • Cognac – for sidecars and daisies
  • White Rum – for mojitios
  • Gin – for gin and tonic and martinis
  • Bourbon – for mint juleps, Manhattans and old fashioneds
  • Vodka – for martinis and screwdrivers
  • Tequila – for margaritas and sunrises

You will also need mixers. Today mixologists are using seasonal fruit from the farmer’s market instead of mixers you may have traditionally purchased at the liquor store. Play around and see what creative and savory/sweet combinations you can create with fruits and vegetables from your garden. Additionally, you will also need bitters, white vermouth, red vermouth and cointreau.

For anyone who is abstaining from alcohol, use seltzer and fruit juice to create a delicious alternative.


When writers get stuck it is called writer’s block. We’ve decided that there is also something called designer’s block. It is similar to writer’s block in that both are the feeling of being stuck and unable to move forward with a project or decision. Designer’s block can strike at the beginning, middle or end of a design project. It can stem from a problem floor plan or awkward room design; or be something like choosing which throw pillow is perfect for the sofa.

Designer’s block can be frustrating and infuriating. Choosing the right hardware for a cabinet or pillow for the sofa should be easier than it often is. We can get stuck in a cycle of thinking “what if this is a mistake” that can prevent us from moving forward with a decision.

Collecting samples of flooring or paint chips can be a great way to make a design decision but can also be overwhelming. The sheer number of choices available can leave our heads spinning at the paint or flooring store.

If you are stuck on a design decision and stuck with a case of designer’s block, start looking at design blogs and magazines for inspiration. Just as reading something else can help with writer’s block, looking at completed design projects can help us get over the block.  Walk away from the project for a few days to get a fresh perspective. Seeing the project or pillows with fresh eyes can make a once difficult decision perfectly simple.  Like writer’s block, designer’s block is often very temporary so don’t fret. This too shall pass.



Ask Kerry

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One of our favorite website tools is our “Ask Kerry” feature.  We have our very own expert that you can access from our website.  There are a variety of questions that have been asked before that we have posted; however, if you don’t see your question on our list, you can click here and send her an email.

On the left side of the page, you’ll see a list with different navigation links for our website.  If you click on “Ask Kerry”, it will take you straight to her page.  There are four different categories that you can chose from for your question; they are Flooring, Kitchen, Bath & Design.  Feel free to ask any question that you have regarding any of these categories.  Once your question has been asked, you should receive an email response from Kerry shortly after.  Enjoy!


Ask Kerry

Posted by creatingyourspace under Uncategorized, Website Tools

One of our favorite website tools is our “Ask Kerry” feature.  We have our very own expert that you can access from our website.  There are a variety of questions that have been asked before that we have posted; however, if you don’t see your question on our list, you can click here and send her an email.

On the left side of the page, you’ll see a list with different navigation links for our website.  If you click on “Ask Kerry”, it will take you straight to her page.  There are four different categories that you can chose from for your question; they are Flooring, Kitchen, Bath & Design.  Feel free to ask any question that you have regarding any of these categories.  Once your question has been asked, you should receive an email response from Kerry shortly after.  Enjoy!


Bathroom Blogfest Announcement

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Stay tuned next week! We are proud to be participating in this year’s Bathroom Blogfest.

What on earth is a Bathroom Blogfest? The 2010 Bathroom Blogfest, now in its fifth year, brings together 33 bloggers from the U.S., Canada, the UK and India to address the 2010 Mad Men inspired theme “Stuck in the 60s?” A blogfest brings together writers who direct their blog posts around a single subject while making the subject relevant to their readers during a specific timeframe. Between October 25 and 29, these experts in marketing, customer experience and service, public relations, library sciences, museums, home & interior design, life, retail, flooring and healthcare IT/RTLS will call attention to improving the overall bathroom experience for end users via their 40 blogs during Bathroom Blogfest 2010.

Below are the folks that are participating this year. Stay tuned!

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Susan Abbott Customer Experience Crossroads
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Shannon Bilby Carpets N More Blog
Shannon Bilby Dolphin Carpet Blog
Shannon Bilby From The Floors Up
Shannon Bilby My Big Bob’s Blog
Toby Bloomberg Diva Marketing
Laurence Borel Blog Till You Drop
Bill Buyok Avente Tile Talk Blog
Jeanne Byington The Importance of Earnest Service
Becky Carroll Customers Rock!
Marianna Chapman Results Revolution
Katie Clark Practial Katie
Nora DePalma American Standard’s Professor Toilet
Nora DePalma O’Reilly DePalma: The Blog
Leigh Durst LivePath Experience Architect Weblog
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