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Pops of Color! Decorating 101 Tips

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You’ve read it here and on other design blogs. You’ve probably heard it on design shows on television and seen it in shelter magazines. ‘Pop of color’ is one of the favorite terms of the design world. A pop of color on a sofa or in a room adds interest for your eye. Like texture, color can change the look and feel of an object or room.

Many people buy the big ticket items like furniture and carpet in a neutral color. Builders use beige so much as a wall and carpet color that we now call it builder’s beige.  It is fine to keep these things neutral in color, but that doesn’t mean the entire room or home must be shades of builder beige.

Pops of color are great in accessories if you have a neutral room.  How much color and where you put it are up to you to decide.  Putting color on an accent wall is a bigger statement than colorful throw pillows.  A colorful area rug will make a bigger impact than a boldly colored vase or bowl on a table.

Be bold and go for combinations of colors that contrast: yellow and teal; lavender and orange; blue and rose.  Adding in groups of colorful accessories will have more impact than a single object. A pop of color can mean that the same color is carried throughout the room from the rug, to the curtains, to objects on a shelf. Pops of color can bring your attention to an architectural detail or piece of furniture.


Using a Rug to Accent Your Flooring

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Because of their size, area rugs tend to draw attention when you walk into a room. That is why it is essential to choose the right one for your living space. Color, texture, and function all need to be taken into consideration when making your selection. There are a lot of options out there, so take the time to be sure which will be the most attractive and useful in your home.


When choosing the color that looks best with your flooring, think about what furnishings are also in the room. If the furniture in your living space is meant to put focus downward, it may be best to use a rug of contrasting color to bring attention to it. This variation will make the colors pop and provide additional visual interest.

For flooring that you may not want to draw too much attention, you can use a neutral color for your area rug. Try to use a color like your other flooring material but slightly lighter or darker to set the area rug apart from it. This way, it will keep everything very even-looking without causing the rug to become invisible from blending in a little too well.


The textures in a room’s design will have an influence over your rug choice. If there are a lot of sleek, minimalist touches to the space, adding a luxurious shag rug will add instant warmth. If the room is already looking soft and cozy, consider a lower cut pile material to keep things balanced. If there is a good mixture of both warm and cool items, choose a mid-length pile to maintain balance.


Above all, the function of the room is what is most important. Think about how much traffic will be going through the area. Is this going to be used by mostly adults, or are children and pets going to be playing on the floor as well? Choosing a quality rug with stain-resistance that can also withstand daily wear and tear will be a priority.

If you are struggling to find the perfect area rug, Carpets n More is here to help! Call or visit us today for assistance.

If your home has an open floor plan, it can easily began to feel like your decor is chaotic. With no walls to distinguish space and function, it might seem like everything is just roaming free. That is where area rugs come into play. The right area rugs can be a valuable asset to a open floor plan because they help give the illusion of order without the need for walls. However, if you plan on using several rugs together, it is important to give thought to how they will look together. While the easiest solution may be to use matching rugs, this can sometimes be aesthetically boring and may even ruin the look you wanted to capture. To help, check out these tips for using multiple area rugs in an open floor plan:

Using Matching Area Rugs

When using multiple area rugs in one space, you might be tempted to take the simplest approach which is opting for matching rugs. Using matching rugs will help keep the spaces separate while keeping things harmonious. While using matching area rugs is a bit unpredictable if you really want to take this approach, consider choosing a rug that features a bold graphic pattern. Using such a high contrast pattern rug keeps things interesting, and it does not overwhelm the space.

Using Different Area Rugs

You also have the option of using distinct floor coverings. Using different area rugs within the same space can seem a bit scary, but it can actually turn out great if it is pulled off right. You can use different floor coverings to distinguish the function of each space or section. The key to pulling this off is by choosing rugs that feature similar color palettes.

Believe it or not, you can have fun with pairing different types of rugs together. Of course, it is easier to pair solid colored rugs than ones featuring a pattern. When pairing solid rugs, just select two colored rugs that look great together. Neutral colored rugs will look great with just about any rug, but if you want to go the color route, try to find a color that is used in both area rugs to pull their designs together in the open space.

What are your thoughts on area rugs in open floor plans? Do you like using different rugs or similar ones? We would love to hear your thoughts below in the comment section.


Selecting a Front Entryway Area Rug

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Are you stumped and wondering what kind of area rug you should choose for your front entrance? At Carpets N More, we are here to help you get exactly the type of area rug you need for your front entryway. For help and advice, please see the tips and tricks we have listed below for choosing the perfect rug:
  • Rug Size – Make sure to take measurements of the entryway, and do not make the mistake of purchasing a rug that is too small or big for the room’s size. The proper size of the rug is based on the scale of the rug in comparison to the room. If the rug is too small, it will be overlooked and feel simply out of place. If the rug is too large, it will overtake the entire space and weigh down the room with its bulkiness. 
  • Rug Placement – First, you will want to leave enough space between the rug and the bottom of the door. Thinner rugs will be more durable and long-lasting than a thick pile rug. Plus, a thin rug will be much easier to clean in a front entryway. Make sure you can open and close the door, so the rug does not interfere with the door’s function.
  • Rug Maintenance – Think about the type of debris being brought into the home. Do you experience a lot of rain and snow? Are you at the coast or desert bringing in sand? What about grass and leaves? Will you wash the rug or vacuum and clean periodically? The rug material also determines its care and maintenance. A wool or silk rug while durable, generally are spot cleaned or professionally cleaned. Most cotton rugs can be washed, but be aware they may shrink. Rayon and synthetic rugs with a rubber backing are best spot-cleaned. Natural jute rugs are maintained by sweeping and shaking out.
  • Rugs with a Pattern – If your entryway feels underwhelming, think about picking out a rug with a multi-colored pattern or design. They are excellent for camouflaging dirt, debris, and pet hair. The life of a patterned rug will be longer than a solid rug because visual wear patterns are not seen as easily.
If you are looking for further assistance, please visit us one of our beautiful locations and let our flooring specialist help you choose the perfect area rug for your front entrance. 

Entryway Area Rugs

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The front entrance to your home can be referred to as a foyer, entryway, portal, or vestibule. No matter what you call it, the entryway becomes guest’s first impression of your home and sets the design style for the entire house. If you are in the market for a new area rug for your front entryway, we have several great tips for choosing your perfect rug. Let’s take a look! 
  • Rug Size. 

You will want to measure the space of your entryway to help avoid making the mistake of purchasing a rug that is too small or large. The proper size of the rug is based off of the scale of the rug and the size of the room. If the rug is too small, it will be overlooked and look out of place. If the rug is too large, it will overtake the entire space and look heavy and bulky. If you need guidance or assistance, bring your room measurements into one of our showrooms for additional help. 

  • Rug Placement.

You will want to leave enough space between the rug and the bottom of the door. Thinner rugs will be more durable and long-lasting than a thick pile rug. Plus, a thin rug will be much easier to clean. Make sure you open and close the door, so the rug does not interfere with the doors function.

  • Rug Maintenance.

Think about the type of debris being brought into the home. Do you experience a lot of rain and snow? Are you at the coast or desert bringing in sand? What about grass and leaves? Will you wash the rug or vacuum and clean periodically? The rug material also determines its care and maintenance. If you are looking for further information on a rug’s material and upkeeping, one of our knowledgeable sales staff would love to assist you. 

  • Rugs with a Pattern. 

If your entryway is “Grand Central Station,” think about picking a rug with a multi-colored pattern or design. They are excellent for camouflaging dirt, debris, and pet hair. The life of a patterned rug will be longer than a solid rug because visual wear patterns are not seen as easily.

We hope this will help you when choosing an entryway rug, and make a choice not only one of design and style but one of function! We love to hear your suggestions and thoughts.

How Do I Clean My Bath Mat?

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Can you remember the last time you cleaned your bath mat? Let’s be honest, we rarely give much thought to the bathroom rug; however, it should not be disregarded. Cleaning the bath mat is an easy task that when done routinely, can extend its lifespan. Here are some cleaning tips you will want to implement and how to when it is time to purchase a new one.
Why Should Bath Mats Be Routinely Cleaned?
Bath mats need to be cleaned or refreshed on a regular basis because they tend to soak up water. After all, they are the first thing that your feet touch after exiting the shower or bathtub. Since they are constantly soaking up water, bath mats do not always get the chance to dry out completely. Constant exposure to moisture can get cause mold to grow.
Since they are constantly being stepped on, bath mats will get dirty as you step on them to enter and exit the tub or shower. You can expect dust and dirt to get transferred on to the bath mat every time you use them; therefore, you should clean the bath mat at least once a week.
How Do I Thoroughly Clean My Bath Mat?
There are different methods for cleaning a bath mat; it all depends on its material. Towel-like or cloth based bath mats are the easiest to clean. They can simply be thrown into the washer machine; however, be sure to read the cleaning instructions on the tag before you use the washing machine. You can use regular cleaning detergent or add a hint of bleach to remove lingering bacteria. If you are hesitant to use bleach, you can use vinegar as a substitute.
If you have a wooden mat, you can easily wipe it clean with a sponge. Use soap and water to create a cleaning mixture then dry the surface with a clean cloth.
What if your bath mat has a rubber backing? This type of mat should not be used in a washing machine or dryer because it can start to degrade. Instead, you will need to scrub the front and back clean by hand. Give special attention to the rubber, because rubber surfaces are a haven for mold.
Is It Time to Replace My Bath Mat?
According to the experts, you should replace the bath mat once or twice a year; however, if you have noticed that it is started to fray, grow mold or there are holes in the rug then it is definitely time to consider purchasing a new one.
Check back weekly for more household tips and advice. 

Decorating with Area Rugs

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Does your open concept living room lack excitement and that desired “wow” factor? Often times as homeowners, we overlook some of the most simple and basic design tips that will solve our challenges. By introducing an area rug to the room, you can complete the room and tie together various pieces by anchoring and defining the entire room. Area rugs not only define the room they also add texture, color, and style to any room. We know that not everyone has “mad” design skills, so please use these tips to unleash the design diva in you!
Decorating with Area Rugs: 
  • Color Scheme. 

Utilizing an area rug is a simple and inexpensive way to add color to the room and create a focal point. Also, if you are purchasing an area rug after the fact of purchasing furniture, you can introduce an accent color through the use of a rug.

  • Definition.

Area rugs are the creative way to define space in one or more rooms. If you have an open concept family room with a dining area, you can define the space with complimentary area rugs. Keep in mind that the design function of this room is to accommodate a seating and conversation area, and the other is for dining and gathering.

  • Texture & Layers.

If you have hardwood or ceramic/stone floors, area rugs add a sense of warmth, color, and definition to the room. What if you have wall to wall carpeting? Adding an area rug on top of carpeting will create a sense of layers while adding color and style. We are sure you have noticed the recent trend of bringing natural fibers into the design. Natural fiber rugs add texture and layers to the room without breaking the budget.

  • Unconventional Uses. 

Do you have a large wall that needs that something special, but you are unsure of what to hang? Area rugs are perfect for unconventional wall art. You can make your own rug hanger with rough wood scraps, or take a trip to your local hardware store. Hardware stores will cut wood framing for the hanger to your size specifications. Also, you can leave the wood natural, stain, or paint it, according to the design of the room and its aesthetic. Keep in mind, to add a little architectural punch, try screwing rod finials into the ends of your wooden hanger. If you do not want to make your own, simply visit stores that sell drapery hardware. Use a heavy fishing line to hand sew a rod pocket (similar to a drapery rod pocket) on one end of the rug. Run your hanger through the rod pocket. If you are hanging a large heavy rug, make sure to hang with sturdy anchors and utilize drilling anchors into wall studs if possible.

Please do not overlook purchasing a rug pad. A pad will prevent the rug from sliding and extend its life. As always, we would love to be your chosen flooring provider. Stop by our showroom or call us for more information and pricing. We look forward to working with you. 

4 Ways to Use Carpet in Your Bathroom

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We cherish carpet for its plush and cozy features. The softness helps to make it feel like heaven to our feet. Plus, it can instantly transform the entire look of a space and make it feel much more inviting to guests. While wall to wall carpeting may not be ideal for the bathroom, it does not mean that you cannot include an area rug in this space. In fact, many people are replacing traditional bath mats with bold patterns and diverse area rugs. A nice area rug can be just the update you were wanting!

Check out these simple ways you can use an area rug in your home’s bathroom: 
1. Use a Cork Material. 
To transform your bathroom with an area rug, be sure to use a material that does not give off “bathroom” vibes. An area rug produced from a cork material does not just provide a rustic feel but it has a softer underfoot, making it more comfortable. Homeowners are also choosing cork because it is a sustainable material that many find easy to keep clean. You can take the look even further by installing cork flooring in the bathroom and placing a cork mat in your desired spot.
2. Go Big or Go Home.
If you have a open and spacious layout, a small area rug just will not do. Using a large area rug to accent the space will instantly warm up the room. If the dominant colors in the bathroom are neutral, be sure to select a large area rug that features a bold hue or pattern.
3. Play with Color and Patterns. 
Do not be afraid of playing with color and patterns when shopping for the perfect bathroom area rug. Just like any room in the house, such designs are much more powerful in spaces that use a lot of neutral-based colors. Besides color and pattern, you can also go bold with size. The accented area rug should be big enough to see from the entrance of the bathroom.
If you are having trouble deciding what color to go with, you can always get inspired by a color that has already been used within the space. When it comes to patterns, black and white designs go with every style; however, do not be afraid to explore different types of patterns.
4. Try a Faux Fur Rug.
For a unique look, you can opt for a faux fur or hide rug. Such materials add luxury and additional layers of comfort. While choosing an area rug, try to find one that harmonizes with the design theme. Faux fur tends to be very versatile.

Are you interested in finding the perfect area rug for your bathroom? We would love to help you find the perfect fit. Contact us today for more information. 


Design Inspiration!

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If you are looking for design inspiration, look right below your feet. Rugs can give homeowners a unique and creative outlook on decorating the rooms in their home. If you are finding it difficult to decorate your room, we have seven quick tips for getting design inspiration from your rug. 


Design Inspiration from a Rug:

    • Accented: You will find that it is easy to choose the base color of your rug as the color palette for your room, but look deeper and focus on the rug’s accent colors. What colors are represented in smaller sections throughout the rug? These accent colors are perfect for incorporating in the room because they are subtle yet deliberate. 
    • When in doubt, neutralize: Neutral colors go well with just about everything; therefore, if you are having a tough time deciding, pick a neutral tone. Try using shades of gray, white, and black to help balance everything in the room. 
    • Bold colors for bold pieces: If you are choosing a bold color from the rug, use that color on a big piece of furniture. The bigger pieces will help tie the colors from the rug into the rest of the room and makes it pleasing to the eyes. 
    • Imperfection is perfection: Do not stress yourself out looking for the exact color that is featured in your rug. Colors that are similar will get the job done. 
    • There is such a thing as too much color: You will want to leave the walls a neutral color because too much color can be overwhelming. Try using a cool neutral on the wall to help balance more of the warm neutrals found throughout the room. 
    • Spread the vibes: Try not to have all the colors found in one area of the room, but spread them out to help the room look more open. 
    • Natural color: Complete your room’s look off with some fresh flowers and plants that add natural color and beauty to your space. 


Looking for a rug to gain inspiration? We have a large selection of rugs available! Come visit our showroom to view our rugs and get more design inspiration. We look forward to your visit.


15285255_SWhat is the first thing you notice about this room scene? Red, right! Red is a bold color that tends to stand out whether in interior design, an accessory to an outfit, or as a car color driving by on the street.  It reminds us of the power of red as a color in decorating.  Red is a great color for the home and can be used as a wall or accent color.

A few years ago red dining rooms were all the rage. This could have stemmed from the study that showed red increases our appetite. Today we are seeing fewer red dining rooms but not less red in interiors.

Red is a powerful color when used in its pure form. Power suits and ties are often red because of the strength of this color.  Having a red wall or red carpet makes a very strong design statement in a room.  For this reason many people prefer to use red as an accent color. Red today is often used as an accent color on area rugs and pillows.

The variation of red hues can run from plums to tomato reds, which allow red to be used in a wide variety of color palette. Terracotta red tile floors are great in the kitchen while deep plum is a cozy color for the walls in a master bedroom.  Red and grey is also a great color combination for the living room.

Reds work with neutrals like grey, other warm colors like orange, or contrast with cool colors like aqua.  Adding a pop of red to your counter top or sofa will bring energy to your room.