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Selecting a Front Entryway Area Rug

Posted by creatingyourspace under Area Rugs

Are you stumped and wondering what kind of area rug you should choose for your front entrance? At Carpets N More, we are here to help you get exactly the type of area rug you need for your front entryway. For help and advice, please see the tips and tricks we have listed below for choosing the perfect rug:
  • Rug Size – Make sure to take measurements of the entryway, and do not make the mistake of purchasing a rug that is too small or big for the room’s size. The proper size of the rug is based on the scale of the rug in comparison to the room. If the rug is too small, it will be overlooked and feel simply out of place. If the rug is too large, it will overtake the entire space and weigh down the room with its bulkiness. 
  • Rug Placement – First, you will want to leave enough space between the rug and the bottom of the door. Thinner rugs will be more durable and long-lasting than a thick pile rug. Plus, a thin rug will be much easier to clean in a front entryway. Make sure you can open and close the door, so the rug does not interfere with the door’s function.
  • Rug Maintenance – Think about the type of debris being brought into the home. Do you experience a lot of rain and snow? Are you at the coast or desert bringing in sand? What about grass and leaves? Will you wash the rug or vacuum and clean periodically? The rug material also determines its care and maintenance. A wool or silk rug while durable, generally are spot cleaned or professionally cleaned. Most cotton rugs can be washed, but be aware they may shrink. Rayon and synthetic rugs with a rubber backing are best spot-cleaned. Natural jute rugs are maintained by sweeping and shaking out.
  • Rugs with a Pattern – If your entryway feels underwhelming, think about picking out a rug with a multi-colored pattern or design. They are excellent for camouflaging dirt, debris, and pet hair. The life of a patterned rug will be longer than a solid rug because visual wear patterns are not seen as easily.
If you are looking for further assistance, please visit us one of our beautiful locations and let our flooring specialist help you choose the perfect area rug for your front entrance. 

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