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Tips for Curating a Luxurious Walk-In Closet

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If you have the privilege of a walk-in closet, you will probably never want to go back to a regular closet. This amenity is great for more than just storage, but it can also serve as a functional changing room. Depending on the size of your walk-in closet, you can make it even more of a luxury. Treat yourself with these simple four walk-in closet luxuries:

Full-Body Mirror 

If you have a walk-in closet, you mostly have a changing room. To make sure your outfits are always looking sharp, incorporating a full-body mirror is a must. Investing in a full-body mirror is the most significant investment you can do to help your fashion and style. There is no better way of assessing your clothing options than trying them on in front of a full-body mirror; trust us!

Built-In Closet Storage 

Next, buy a built-in closet storage system to take your closet to the next level, and have your closet more organized than ever! Be sure to buy one that has compartments for your casual and formal attire. You can also have built-in shoe departments, storage for ties, and even jewelry display areas.


Do you apply your makeup where you get dressed? If so, having a vanity in your closet can make sure your makeup and outfits flow perfectly. Use the extra storage compartment to put your everyday products for optimal use and function.


Lastly, you will want to have a place to fold your clothes, a spot to lay out your outfits, or just place your belongings. A countertop may not be the first thing you think of adding to your closet when designing the space, but this is a game-changer. Having cabinets inside the counter space will provide even more storage. Go for an island design or put it against the wall near your vanity. You will not regret this timeless investment. 

Upgrading your closet is a significant home improvement. While your closet may not be the first room you tackle to design, do not neglect it. This home amenity is used daily and should be treated with some love. For more home improvement ideas, make sure to subscribe.



Declutter your closet in 7 easy steps

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You may be at the point where your closet cannot hold any more clothing. You have finally broken down and decided to start clearing out your closet. Where do you begin? Organizing a closet can be overwhelming and tedious. No worries, we have seven easy steps to help you declutter your closet this spring. 


Decluttering in Seven Easy Steps:

Step One: Take out large items

Bigger items like shoe racks and suitcases can be removed from the closet. Evaluate your need for the items then set them aside for later or put them in storage. If you are not traveling frequently and own a basement or garage, store your suitcases in your basement or garage. 

Step Two: Get others involved.

If you share your closet with your spouse or a roommate, have them help with decluttering the closet. You can socialize during the reorganization and this will help assure you do not throw away anything of theirs. Plus, everything is better with a friend. 

Step Three: Plan ahead.

Set aside enough time to reorganize your closet. Mark a day and time to tackle the big project and stick to it!! Believe us, it is worth it. 

Step Four: Take out EVERYTHING

Remove every single thing from your closet. We want a “blank space” like Taylor Swift. 

Step Five: Sort through your items

Create three piles: Keep, Trash, and Donate. These piles are pretty self-explanatory, but be sure to donate good quality clothing to the less fortunate. Your help can go a long way and it is appreciated by us and your community. 

Step Six: Put everything back in place

Organizing by color may seem like a good idea but generally, you want to organize by item. For example, keep all shirts together in one area of the closet. Also, it may be a good idea to put items from last season in storage. This will open up more room for this season’s clothing without having to get rid of extra clothes. 

Step Seven: Stay organized

The most different part of organization is not the process but staying organized after the fact. Commit to keeping your closet clutter-free. When you see your closet getting messy, take 30 minutes to reorganize the space. 


We hope you found these steps helpful and that your closet begins to become more manageable. Do you have any closet organization tips for other readers? If so, we would love to hear from you in the comment section below:


How To Sell Your Clothes After You Clean Out Your Closet

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Have you recently cleaned out your closet? It’s not an easy chore but it simply must be done on a regular basis if you hope to have a sane experience when you get dressed each day. Did you know, though, that there now exists some really cool options for the getting rid of the clothing you no longer want? They all smartly translate into ways to save money on the new clothes you plan to buy! Try one or all of these three suggestions!

  1. Visit a local retail resale shop. There are chains such as Buffalo Exchange and Plato’s Closet, and nearly every town has at least one resell shop. Your best bet is to locate several. Then, you can go to each of them until you’ve gotten rid of everything. Shops usually have very specific buying criteria so a dress that goes unwanted at one shop might just the thing a different shop is looking to add to their inventory. Also, ask whether they are a resale shop or a consignment store. Resale shops buy the clothes from you and take on the responsibility of reselling them. They typically offer either a cash payment option or a trade option that is a slightly higher value than the cash.  If you work with a consignment store they will sell the garment on your behalf and split the profit with you, but you aren’t paid until the item actually sells. This makes it a lengthier process, but it’s not uncommon to ultimately make more money on the sale than you would from an outright buy at a resell shop.
  2. Sell your clothing on Ebay. The site offers plenty of easy guides and tutorials to get you started. One very important pointer: Use great photos! People don’t typically respond to listings on Ebay that show poor photos of the item.
  3. Join an online resale community. This is the newest, coolest option to recently emerge in the online consumer market. And, it’s fun! Like Ebay, you list your items and then mail them when they sell. Instead of cash though, you earn credit to spend on items other people have listed. They typically give you 20% of the cut, and the site features a pretty platform that includes pin-boards and a feed like Pinterest. Some feature online parties too! Two popular sites are Poshmark and Threadflip. 



Nooks and Crannies

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9169165_SFinding extra storage in our homes is something we all struggle with.  We do like our stuff, so much so that there are television shows about storage locker auctions and hoarding. De-cluttering is something we could all probably do. The beginning of summer is a great time to go through our homes and try to organize and de-clutter our spaces. Taking it room by room, closet by closet and shelf by shelf can make the task seem less daunting.  Even our kitchen cabinets need to be sorted through and de-cluttered at least once a year.

Once you’ve cleaned out your space, finding storage for what you have left can still be a challenge.  Cabinets and bookshelves are the go to places to store the objects of our lives.  Baskets and bins on the floor are other popular options.  Built-in cabinets and shelves are a more permanent option for additional storage in living and bedrooms. All of these storage options can provide you with standard storage in most rooms of your home.

Creating additional storage spaces can be created if you think outside the box, or shelf as it were.  Think about wall mounted inset medicine cabinets that keep products off the counter and floor. These cabinets use the gaps between the wall studs as additional storage space in the bathroom. This idea can work in other areas of the home too.  Nooks and crannies can be created out of the space under the stairs or in walls in a family or playroom.

Think creatively and you just might find a bit more extra storage in your home.