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Declutter your closet in 7 easy steps

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You may be at the point where your closet cannot hold any more clothing. You have finally broken down and decided to start clearing out your closet. Where do you begin? Organizing a closet can be overwhelming and tedious. No worries, we have seven easy steps to help you declutter your closet this spring. 


Decluttering in Seven Easy Steps:

Step One: Take out large items

Bigger items like shoe racks and suitcases can be removed from the closet. Evaluate your need for the items then set them aside for later or put them in storage. If you are not traveling frequently and own a basement or garage, store your suitcases in your basement or garage. 

Step Two: Get others involved.

If you share your closet with your spouse or a roommate, have them help with decluttering the closet. You can socialize during the reorganization and this will help assure you do not throw away anything of theirs. Plus, everything is better with a friend. 

Step Three: Plan ahead.

Set aside enough time to reorganize your closet. Mark a day and time to tackle the big project and stick to it!! Believe us, it is worth it. 

Step Four: Take out EVERYTHING

Remove every single thing from your closet. We want a “blank space” like Taylor Swift. 

Step Five: Sort through your items

Create three piles: Keep, Trash, and Donate. These piles are pretty self-explanatory, but be sure to donate good quality clothing to the less fortunate. Your help can go a long way and it is appreciated by us and your community. 

Step Six: Put everything back in place

Organizing by color may seem like a good idea but generally, you want to organize by item. For example, keep all shirts together in one area of the closet. Also, it may be a good idea to put items from last season in storage. This will open up more room for this season’s clothing without having to get rid of extra clothes. 

Step Seven: Stay organized

The most different part of organization is not the process but staying organized after the fact. Commit to keeping your closet clutter-free. When you see your closet getting messy, take 30 minutes to reorganize the space. 


We hope you found these steps helpful and that your closet begins to become more manageable. Do you have any closet organization tips for other readers? If so, we would love to hear from you in the comment section below:


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