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Why Should I Add a Backsplash?

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The kitchen is often referred to as the heart of the home. In fact, kitchens can also be one of the most beautiful rooms in a house with all they have to offer. From countertop options, cabinets, flooring, and appliances, you can really make a kitchen one of the most jaw-dropping rooms in your home. Plus, another excellent decor option to consider is backsplash. Not only does it look stunning, but it is functional as well. If you are considering adding a backsplash to your kitchen, here is every reason why it may be an excellent idea:


Kitchens can be messy, and they tend to get dirty quickly! When cooking, it is easy for food to splash onto the walls from the stove. So instead of ruining your kitchen walls, backsplashes offer a simple solution. Tile is extremely easy-to-clean and waterproof, so you can protect your walls while making a low-maintenance barrier.


Not only are backsplashes extremely functional and easy-to-clean, but they also look great! Tile has been one of the most timeless home additions for centuries. In fact, it has been added to palaces, temples, kingdoms, and many other beautiful buildings throughout history. Not to mention, there are thousands of tile designs available today, making the design process effortless. You can even find the perfect match for your home and make your kitchen even more visually appealing.

Other Materials

While typically, backsplashes are done in ceramic or porcelain tiles, you can choose from an extensive selection of backsplash materials. Just make the backsplash your own by browsing all the options available. From glass to metal materials, backsplashes can be very personalized. You can even choose tile art or designs to mount and make an even more eye-catching focal point.

In the end, you can make your kitchen even more stunning by adding a beautiful backsplash. In fact, backsplashes are wonderful enhancements to upgrade any kitchen. Not only do they offer low-maintenance cleaning and protect your walls, but they are downright beautiful. Choose a design that best suits your home. Trust us; this is one aesthetic and functional upgrade you need in your home!


Three Styles Used for Backsplash Patterns

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When updating or installing a new kitchen backsplash, exploring the patterns and designs available on the market is imperative. Whether your goal is to “wow” guests with an elaborate design or to add a simplistic style to your kitchen, picking the appropriate backsplash pattern is essential so that it can serve as a complement to your kitchen’s decor. To help, you can gain some inspiration from these main types of backsplash patterns:

Focal Point Pattern

The traditional focal point backsplash pattern consists of backsplashes that are at least 18-inches in height. This offers you the option of framing the interior portion with a row of 4-inch tiles at the top and bottom. The interior can be filled in diagonally with the 4-inch pieces to create a traditional look. In essence, you are framing the center backsplash which creates a focal point.

Transition Border Pattern

The transition border pattern is a modern spin on the traditional tile installation. Consider installing a row of tiles at the bottom of the backsplash and using a glass mosaic pattern to border the top portion row. You can set the remaining field tiles above it into the cabinetry area.

The Contemporary Stacked Pattern

You can use the traditional tileset to make a bold statement. Start off by selecting a rectangular shape tile as opposed to the 3×6 subway style tiles and opt for something more modern such as a 2×8. Stack them horizontally on top of one another to form rows. This is a great way to bring a modern and sleek look to your kitchen. Remember, the type of backsplash material used can further enhance the look.

Which type of pattern was your favorite? Let us know below in the comment section.


Tile Goes Beyond Your Floors

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Tile is a beautiful statement that provides a clean, fresh look to any room. Maybe you have realized that in recent years, tile has become a trend for walls. Homeowners can incorporate this classic style in their kitchens, bathrooms, and even bedrooms.

Let your imagination go beyond the traditional tile work and envision yourself in a bold, trendy home. Tile can bring a room to life with its decorative patterns and beauty. Let us show you how you can turn your room from blah to ta-dah:

1. Patterns Please.

Bold patterns are all the rage right now. Think about the designs that wallpaper provides but in tile form. You can create a statement wall or complete an entire room with decorative tiles. If you are nervous, try using pattern tiles in smaller rooms like the laundry room or bathroom. 

2. Mix it up.

Mixing and matching tile styles has become a recent trend for bathrooms. You want to make sure that the styles complement one another, but that being said, there are endless options available to customers. 

3. Make a Splash.

Adding backsplash to your kitchen can help complete the overall look. Backsplash helps prevent water and grease damage from getting on your drywall, as well as being easy to clean. Backsplash can transform your space by adding depth and decor to the space. 

4. Color Me Intrigued.

Colorful tile can make a bold statement in any home. A lot of southern homes incorporate colorful tiles to reflect the natural landscapes that you can find outdoors. For example, Floridians love to incorporate bold and light shades of blues to embody the presence of the ocean.

5. Create with Culture.

Tile is a popular form of artwork in many countries. If you are traveling abroad, consider bringing home some pieces of tile artwork to be surrounded by field tile. This way your home always carries a part of your trip and allows you to share stories and memories with guests.

If you are looking to purchase tile for your home, we are eager to help you. We have experts ready to help guide you through your home renovation. Please call us or visit us with any questions.


Backsplash Patterns for Every Kitchen Style

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Your kitchen backsplash is not only a protector against the damage that occurs through daily use but it is also a great opportunity to inject a new style into the room.  There are multiple ways in which you can make your backsplash work for any kitchen style you have in your home.  Read on for some suggestions on how to bring out the best in this part of the room.



Subway tile is a popular backsplash choice for a contemporary kitchen for good reason.  It gives the room a clean, simple look without all the fuss.  To add a little flair to this display, try the tile in a herringbone pattern.  This will add an unexpected component to a runaway favorite tile option.  Don’t be afraid to use color as well. White is a common choice, but use the colors in your kitchen to help you decide if you can move away from a more predictable selection.   Another great suggestion is using natural stone.  When properly sealed, this material can properly perform its main function while also giving the kitchen a striking contrasted look.



A great way to add character to a traditionally designed kitchen is through a noteworthy backsplash.  Try a polished copper, brushed nickel or pewter backsplash panel over the sink and stove to make it unforgettable.  It will add visual interest while showcasing your cabinetry and counters perfectly.  Another way to create a focal point in a traditional kitchen is through the installation of a medallion over the stove area surrounded by ceramic tile.  This is your chance to choose a centerpiece that customizes the room’s look to your preferences. Let your personality shine!



A transitional kitchen design can be enhanced through a beautiful mosaic tile installation with additional contrasting patterns sprinkled evenly throughout to provide a welcome diversion to the normal layout.  Another way to add a little unpredictability to your ceramic tile choice is with an unusual geometric design.  This will give you an opportunity to inject a little fun into the room’s look, especially if your kitchen features are on the plain side.



Modern kitchens are known for their sleek, minimal design elements. Choose a backsplash that complements its features with glass mosaic tile with metallic accents to complement appliances and other surfaces. Marble is another great choice, especially if you have darker cabinets that will make this material pop out at you upon entering the room.  With the benefit of one large slab installed and properly sealed on the wall, this makes for quick, easy cleaning!

No matter what style you choose or need to match, the consultants at Carpets N More are ready to help!