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Four Seasonal Color Palettes

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The holiday season is amongst us and full of cheer! It is always fun to decorate for the holidays and create a festive atmosphere in our homes. There are many ways to spruce up your space for the season. For example, adding a Christmas tree with a variation of lights, ornaments, and tinsel, as well as garland on the fireplace mantle, are all great ways to help make your home feel festive.

Décor can be placed throughout your whole house to help encapsulate the holiday spirit. While traditional Christmas décor can feel uniform and balanced throughout your home, you can always take your décor to the next level. For instance, if you have a neutral color palette home, Christmas décor will really pop. That being said, making your Christmas décor color palette match is essential to help the flow of the atmosphere. To help readers better understand, here are four great seasonal color palettes to consider in your home:

Red, Green, & Gold

This traditional color palette looks great in any setting since red and green are most commonly affiliated with Christmas décor. To spice it up, you can add some gold into the mix to help create a more luxurious feel. You will find that this color palette can be used in a variety of ways. For instance, a green pine tree with all red bulbs will look great with gold lights and tinsel. You can even carry this theme throughout the whole home, making green your primary color, red your secondary, and gold as your accent.

Silver, White, & Blue

Are you looking for an elegant and winter-inspired wonderland? Try using a silver, white, and blue color palette. This light and airy Christmas color palette can make your home feel elegant and beautiful. You can get a white Christmas tree and decorate it with silver and blue. Plus, this dazzling look can be added throughout the whole home. You can add white stockings and snow-inspired décor to create your winter oasis.

Warm, Earthy Tones

Are you not feeling the cold this winter? If so, make your home feel a little bit warmer with this rustic Christmas palette. You can add earthy, warm tones throughout your space while still being festive. The forest green from a real pine tree and garland in your home can be a great start. You can add pine cones and some candles to take a warmer approach on decorating your home.

Eclectic Style

Since Christmas is fun, you can be as creative as you desire! Perhaps you are into all the colors this season has to offer. From the diverse wrapping papers to rainbow-colored lights on the tree, this eclectic styling can be a fun way to decorate as well.

Let your holiday décor feel more uniform by adding a color theme to your space. What colors do you use during the holiday season? Have you tried any of these color themes? Let us know below in the comment section.

The cool, crisp winds are drifting in and pushing out the summer heat. The green leaves begin to golden as the smell of pumpkin spice and cider fill the air. Autumn has arrived, and we could not be any more excited! It is time to start preparing your home for the season and showcasing your fall pride. Like most seasonal décor, the sooner you can facilitate these décors, the better! Fall is all about the enriched warmth of the atmosphere being showcased before winter finally hits. Being able to highlight some of these beautiful and fun attributes and around your home is a must! If you are preparing to decorate for fall, here are three simple guidelines to remember:

Plaid Patterns

Whether for the interior or exterior of your home, plaid patterns are great for the fall. You can incorporate them by switching out some textiles in your home, such as blankets, rugs, curtains, and even throw pillows. Add a mix of warm and cool tone plaid to your home for design variety.

Festivity Pride

Halloween and Thanksgiving are both great holidays in the autumn. Your fall décor can give homage to these holidays through various techniques. Consider adding a cornucopia as your table’s centerpiece, or you can add fall harvest around the exterior of your house, such as corn stalks, pumpkins, and squash. Scarecrows are also a fun idea to use outside your home. The options are truly endless for this fun-filled season.


Scent is a considerable aspect of design that can often be overlooked. You could have a gorgeous home, but if it smells bad, you will not be many hosting guests. Likewise, a house with beautiful scents, no matter the size, can quickly become homey and inviting. Decorating for fall can be more than just trinkets and décor. Facilitating fall scents can really bring your fall décor full circle. Try adding candles, soaps, and other aromas to your house. Fall scents can consist of cinnamon, pumpkin spice, burning firewood, apple, and much more.

By adding these techniques to your home, your place will be beautiful and ready for fall. Get creative and let your design express you. It is great to add décor, which can easily be recognized and removed when the season is over. For more great tips on seasonal decoration, make sure to subscribe.


Tips for Using Holiday Lights

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Decorating the exterior of your home for the holidays is a creative challenge that can be exciting, especially if you live in a neighborhood that embraces outdoor holiday decorations. Devising a plan for your outdoor lighting does not have to be complicated. For maximum curb appeal, consider installing lights that place emphasis on your home’s best features. This will no doubt be an attention grabber. To help you highlight your home’s best features, we created a list of  some light design ideas you could consider implementing:

Architectural Features:

When decking your home’s exterior with Christmas lights, it is always best to start at the front of the house and work your way towards the sides. You really want to do your best work at the center because it will be the first thing everyone sees. If you have distinctive architectural features, be sure to highlight them with lighting. Perhaps, you have a chimney, a large oak door, arches and other types of rooftop details. The front door should be the focal point, so feel free to go all out in this area. Also, balance is key; try to tie in the upper level with the lower level for a layer lighting look.

Festive Colors:

Many favor an all white lighting color scheme but colors are becoming increasingly trendy. Red, white, and green are popular, but you do not have to stick to these colors alone. You can play with a combination of hues, or you can stick to just one color throughout the entire design.

Light up The Landscape:

Your lighting design does not have to stop at the house. You can also extend it to the landscape or the front lawn. Try wrapping a canopy of lights around the shrubs and tree branches. Illuminate the walkways and borders with additional lighting. When done correctly, you can even highlight your yard decorations such as water fountain or sculpture.

Decorative Accessories:

You can further enhance your holiday lighting scheme with decorations. Be creative with the decorative enhancements you choose to put on display. Populate the yard with Christmas theme characters such as reindeers and Santa Claus. Use garlands, wreaths, lampposts and other seasonal decorations to add a festive flair to the outdoors. 

We hope you have a wonderful holiday season filled with love and cheer. Thanks for reading! 


Happy Mother’s Day!

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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Happy Mother’s Day!

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Your Holiday Season

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Hoping this holiday season is filled with happiness, laughter and love!  Make sure to take time to enjoy the family and friends gathered around you at this amazing time of the year.


Happy Father’s Day!

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Tired of the Same Old Holiday Party?

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22636340_SLooking to spice up your holiday festivities this year? Instead of the same old boring ham, cheesy potatoes and green bean casserole it may be time to try out some new recipes. Instead of just sitting around before and after your holiday dinner why not make a new tradition with a themed party? Here are a few ideas for holiday entertaining this year.

To keep the kids busy give them each a small gingerbread house to decorate. Have plenty of royal icing and candies available so each small guest can create their own masterpiece.

Do dessert fondue. Use mini fondue pots instead of one large one. This will ensure each guest will get served without too much fuss or mess. It also gives you the ability to vary the fondue flavors by serving both dark and white chocolate, caramel and everyone’s favorite nutella marshmallow.

Instead of an elaborate dinner throw a simple and modern cocktail party. Come up with a signature festive cocktail and then run to the store for pre-made deli appetizers. Use glitter, oversized sequins, fun patterned fabric and tulle to decorate your table.

To limit your baking time plan a cookie exchange. Set out everyone’s cookies on your buffet or dining room table. Be sure to leave room for recipe cards so that you can add new favorites to your repertoire. Have plenty of to-go boxes or holiday tins on hand. Serve milk and hot cocoa.

Have the kids do a holiday pageant. They can make up their own skit or sing carols. It’s a cute way to spend an evening. They could make paper mache puppets (think candy canes, stockings and gift wrapped boxes) and do a puppet show for the children.

By thinking a little bit outside the box you can wow your guests and add some new traditions to your family events.


How to Write a Good Family Holiday Letter

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8395723_SThe holidays are on the way whether you like it or not. You may have made your annual appointment for the holiday themed family photo and you may have started thinking about what you want to write about in your holiday letter.  Below are a few tips if you want your letter to be entertaining for all of your friends and family instead of just a list of everything you did in 2013.

Be real: Write about what really happened in the past year without sugar coating every event.  It’s much more relatable and interesting for everyone reading it.

Be conversational and funny: Write in first person. Family and friends who receive your holiday letter want to hear from the real you. Forget the big, fancy words; write as you speak.  Remember, this isn’t a formal essay that’s going to be harshly critiqued for a grade. This will bring a breath of fresh air to your readers. Telling a funny story about your youngest is better than bragging about their excellent grades and extracurricular activities.

Know your audience: Know who you are sending your letter to and if it’s personal then send it to your close friends, family, distant relatives, etc.  Your work colleagues may not be the best, especially if they already know about your daily life.  Remember, the whole purpose of writing a holiday letter is to update your readers on what has happened the past year.  Business associates won’t be interested in a chatty, family newsletter, and vice versa, distant cousins won’t care too much about the ins and outs of your workplace politics.

Keep it short and sweet: Hit the highlights of your year and save the ins and outs of summer vacation for personal phone calls or lunches with relatives.

Don’t “photo-bomb”: Sure you want to share your many photos that were taken throughout the year, that’s what Facebook is for, right? Send one or two shots instead of a page filled with tile size pictures.

Personalize: Take a few minutes to personally sign and write a short note at the bottom of your letter.

Overall, have fun with your letter!  If you didn’t want to tackle the entire letter and you have family members, then have each of them write a small paragraph in their own words about their year.  Happy writing!