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Tips for Using Holiday Lights

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Decorating the exterior of your home for the holidays is a creative challenge that can be exciting, especially if you live in a neighborhood that embraces outdoor holiday decorations. Devising a plan for your outdoor lighting does not have to be complicated. For maximum curb appeal, consider installing lights that place emphasis on your home’s best features. This will no doubt be an attention grabber. To help you highlight your home’s best features, we created a list of  some light design ideas you could consider implementing:

Architectural Features:

When decking your home’s exterior with Christmas lights, it is always best to start at the front of the house and work your way towards the sides. You really want to do your best work at the center because it will be the first thing everyone sees. If you have distinctive architectural features, be sure to highlight them with lighting. Perhaps, you have a chimney, a large oak door, arches and other types of rooftop details. The front door should be the focal point, so feel free to go all out in this area. Also, balance is key; try to tie in the upper level with the lower level for a layer lighting look.

Festive Colors:

Many favor an all white lighting color scheme but colors are becoming increasingly trendy. Red, white, and green are popular, but you do not have to stick to these colors alone. You can play with a combination of hues, or you can stick to just one color throughout the entire design.

Light up The Landscape:

Your lighting design does not have to stop at the house. You can also extend it to the landscape or the front lawn. Try wrapping a canopy of lights around the shrubs and tree branches. Illuminate the walkways and borders with additional lighting. When done correctly, you can even highlight your yard decorations such as water fountain or sculpture.

Decorative Accessories:

You can further enhance your holiday lighting scheme with decorations. Be creative with the decorative enhancements you choose to put on display. Populate the yard with Christmas theme characters such as reindeers and Santa Claus. Use garlands, wreaths, lampposts and other seasonal decorations to add a festive flair to the outdoors. 

We hope you have a wonderful holiday season filled with love and cheer. Thanks for reading! 


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