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4 Ways to Use Carpet in Your Bathroom

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We cherish carpet for its plush and cozy features. The softness helps to make it feel like heaven to our feet. Plus, it can instantly transform the entire look of a space and make it feel much more inviting to guests. While wall to wall carpeting may not be ideal for the bathroom, it does not mean that you cannot include an area rug in this space. In fact, many people are replacing traditional bath mats with bold patterns and diverse area rugs. A nice area rug can be just the update you were wanting!

Check out these simple ways you can use an area rug in your home’s bathroom: 
1. Use a Cork Material. 
To transform your bathroom with an area rug, be sure to use a material that does not give off “bathroom” vibes. An area rug produced from a cork material does not just provide a rustic feel but it has a softer underfoot, making it more comfortable. Homeowners are also choosing cork because it is a sustainable material that many find easy to keep clean. You can take the look even further by installing cork flooring in the bathroom and placing a cork mat in your desired spot.
2. Go Big or Go Home.
If you have a open and spacious layout, a small area rug just will not do. Using a large area rug to accent the space will instantly warm up the room. If the dominant colors in the bathroom are neutral, be sure to select a large area rug that features a bold hue or pattern.
3. Play with Color and Patterns. 
Do not be afraid of playing with color and patterns when shopping for the perfect bathroom area rug. Just like any room in the house, such designs are much more powerful in spaces that use a lot of neutral-based colors. Besides color and pattern, you can also go bold with size. The accented area rug should be big enough to see from the entrance of the bathroom.
If you are having trouble deciding what color to go with, you can always get inspired by a color that has already been used within the space. When it comes to patterns, black and white designs go with every style; however, do not be afraid to explore different types of patterns.
4. Try a Faux Fur Rug.
For a unique look, you can opt for a faux fur or hide rug. Such materials add luxury and additional layers of comfort. While choosing an area rug, try to find one that harmonizes with the design theme. Faux fur tends to be very versatile.

Are you interested in finding the perfect area rug for your bathroom? We would love to help you find the perfect fit. Contact us today for more information. 


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