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Using a Rug to Accent Your Flooring

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Because of their size, area rugs tend to draw attention when you walk into a room. That is why it is essential to choose the right one for your living space. Color, texture, and function all need to be taken into consideration when making your selection. There are a lot of options out there, so take the time to be sure which will be the most attractive and useful in your home.


When choosing the color that looks best with your flooring, think about what furnishings are also in the room. If the furniture in your living space is meant to put focus downward, it may be best to use a rug of contrasting color to bring attention to it. This variation will make the colors pop and provide additional visual interest.

For flooring that you may not want to draw too much attention, you can use a neutral color for your area rug. Try to use a color like your other flooring material but slightly lighter or darker to set the area rug apart from it. This way, it will keep everything very even-looking without causing the rug to become invisible from blending in a little too well.


The textures in a room’s design will have an influence over your rug choice. If there are a lot of sleek, minimalist touches to the space, adding a luxurious shag rug will add instant warmth. If the room is already looking soft and cozy, consider a lower cut pile material to keep things balanced. If there is a good mixture of both warm and cool items, choose a mid-length pile to maintain balance.


Above all, the function of the room is what is most important. Think about how much traffic will be going through the area. Is this going to be used by mostly adults, or are children and pets going to be playing on the floor as well? Choosing a quality rug with stain-resistance that can also withstand daily wear and tear will be a priority.

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The Multigeneration House Part 1: Sharing with a Parent

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As parents age, eventually you may have to help them re-design their lives. Health issues can make it hard for a parent to continue to live independently, but personality, emotional and financial factors may eliminate the possibility of assisted living or other institutional options.

If you’re considering bringing one or both parents into your home, making a few plans first can help this transition work well for everyone involved.

To start, make sure your family member or members have a realistic understanding of the situation. If possible show them the space they would have, and get measurements to keep their furniture expectations realistic. Let them redecorate the space to make it their own.

Be sure to do a safety check on your home before your parent or parents move in. Look for tripping hazards such as rugs without non-slip pads. If possible, carpet their space. Carpeting is the safest flooring for the elderly because it cushions falls. You may also want to add safety bars to showers or bathtubs.

If you can, provide a bedroom, a bathroom and a sitting room to ensure enough privacy. It’s generally a good idea to include a television in their personal space so that there will be no program debates among the generations.

Plan to provide additional storage space for valued possessions. Remember that something that may not seem valuable to you may hold special memories for a parent. If you need to, rent storage space to hold their things until they’re ready to let them go.

Above all, work to keep the lines of communication open. There will be challenges, but with effort you will all find the time together to be rewarding.