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Popular Bathroom Remodeling Trends

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We are already a few months into 2020, but interior design trends are still filtering through as we welcome the new in exchange for the old. As one of the more popular rooms to renovate, bathroom trends tend to see even more rapid changes in the design industry. To inspire your next bathroom remodeling project, we have compiled several of the top trends that will have all of your houseguests talking. Let’s take a look!

Turn up the Saturation

While neutral wall colors had their moment, bold colors are making a big comeback. In fact, homeowners love the instant “wow factor” that bold colors can add to a bathroom. From evergreen walls to navy blue tile floors, you can take an otherwise lifeless bathroom interior and completely transform it. Plus, you can even play with your paint by filling all the walls with color, stenciling patterns onto the paint, or even bringing emphasis to one side of the room with an accent wall.

Not the Average Subway Tile

Rough textures with intricate patterns are popping up on bathroom tiles everywhere. These designs add dimension to your bathroom walls that smooth tile just cannot. You can either continue with the bold color trend mentioned above, or you can have the textured design speak for itself with neutral tile. Either way, the unique patterns will be sure to turn heads.

Make Room for Storage

Minimalist storage was favored for a good while, but we are back to functional styles that allow homeowners to store their bathroom necessities without sacrificing aesthetics. For instance, you can install subtle cabinets that spin out from unused corners or drawer spaces or take advantage of all of your unused wall space. The point here is to make space where there seemingly is none.

Stone Vessel Sinks

Stone materials automatically add a layer of sophistication that regular ceramic or porcelain can never. In fact, many designers opt for unique, hand-carved vessels. They make it appear as if the vessels were naturally growing out of their walls or from their counters. The look is very unique and timeless.

Metal Frame Showers

If you want to add a bit of rustic charm to your bathroom, this upgrade is for you. Metal frame doors have been slowly inching their way in over the last few years, but 2020 is expected to see a sharp increase in this particular design choice. It is becoming especially popular in trendy homes with smaller bathrooms since the window-like appearance gives an illusion of openness.

Built-In Media

Singing in the shower is about to get a whole lot easier with built-in Bluetooth speakers. Media devices usually come separately, but now showerheads are coming equipped with multimedia play, and some people are even installing HD televisions into their walls so they can watch their favorite shows while they soak.

Which of these bathroom trends was your favorite? Let us know below in the comment section!


Four Tips for Enhancing the Shower with Tiles

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Designing the perfect bathroom requires that you give attention to two of the most important fixtures in this area: the bathtub and shower. While you might be tempted to cut corners and stick to the basics, adding spa-like features can make a world of difference. Do you know what else can have a massive impact on the design of your home’s bathroom? The right tiling in the shower stall and bathtub is essential for further maximizing the overall look.

Selecting the right shower tile is not as easy as it may seem. A number of factors come into play when shopping for the perfect tiles. The size and style of the tiles are primarily dependent on the shape and size of the area. Here are some tips for picking out the right tile for the bathtub and shower:

Opt for Smaller Tiles for Curves

If your shower features architectural curves, it is best that you install small-sized tiles. If you are aiming for a really polished look, smaller tiles will be able to handle the arches and curves without deviating from the design.

Small vs. Large Glass Tiles

Even though glass tiles are trendy, they can also be challenging to use. With just a few uses, glass tiles can begin to look foggy due to the moisture that gets trapped behind them. This can definitely make the shower look unattractive. Therefore, you should stick to small glass tiles rather than large ones.

Adding a Feature Wall

If you really want to make your shower stand out, consider installing a feature wall. A feature wall will utilize a different tile design from the one you selected to install around the area. It helps add a statement piece to your space while incorporating a jaw-dropping look.

How do you add style and character to your shower with tiles? We would love to hear your thoughts below in the comment section.


How to Clean Stone in Your Shower

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There is nothing that screams luxury more than a stone shower stall. In fact, having natural stone built into the design of your bathroom is a luxurious addition to any home. Whether your shower stalls are encased in travertine, limestone or granite, knowing how to maintain it properly is important. While stone can last a lifetime, using harsh chemical products to clean it can result in discoloration. Here is how you can protect your investment:

Never Use White Vinegar

Distilled white vinegar is a natural cleanser that is often suggested for many materials. However, this substance contains acid that when used against any type of stone, can break down the sealant. As a result, the stone slabs or tiles will begin to erode and discolor, and this will ruin the look of your beautifully designed bathroom.

Steer Clear of Ammonia

Ammonia is another product you will want to avoid when cleaning stone in the shower. While ammonia is great at eliminating bacteria and creating a sterile environment, it also breaks down sealants. When mixed with bleach, it can be toxic to your health.

Liquid and Powdered Scrubs Are a No-No

Liquid and powdered scrubs are abrasive, which means that they can end up scratching and damaging stone tiles. These traditional shower cleaners also have acids in their ingredients that will discolor stone over time.

So, how can you safely clean your stone shower? We are glad you asked!

Use a Squeegee or Microfiber Towel

Keep soap scum at bay by using a squeegee or a microfiber towel to wipe away soap scum. Soap sum is a combination of dead skin cells, water, and soap. For the best results, clean off soap scum before it dries to prevent it from coming back as fast. Next, a microfiber towel can easily catch the soap scum on your shower walls. However, you will want to wash it every week to prevent bacteria from building up on the fabric.

Try a Steam Cleaner

Steam cleaners are a powerful tool for cleaning grout and the top layer of stone walls. You can use a small, portable steam cleaner which is effective at cleaning flat surfaces. This is a safe and chemical-free way to keep your stone shower clean.

At the end of the day, remember to avoid harsh acids with your natural stone because they are often sensitive. If you have more questions, please do not hesitate to leave a comment below, and we will be sure to answer it for you.


Tips for Beginning Your Bathroom Design Process

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Bathrooms are crucial features of every home.  They shelter privacy in your home and are also an area your guests may need to visit.  Stop neglecting your bathroom decor and start enhancing the space.  Sometimes smaller restrooms never get the attention and design focus that they deserve in homes.  Whether you live in an apartment, studio, or home, these bathroom decor tricks can be simple yet effective in creating a more visually appealing atmosphere. Let’s take a look!

Pick A Color Theme 

First, you will need to pick out a color theme for your bathroom.  Decide on a primary, secondary, and accent color to start.  You can paint your walls to reflect your primary color, but always remember that a primary color can be neutral as well.  Your color choices can be used to reflect your design choices.  For your secondary color, you can complement or acknowledge it by incorporating the color in your towels, bath mat, and even your shower curtain.  Lastly, you can use your accent color with elements like your soap dispenser, toothbrush holder, or even your cabinet handles.  This is not an exact science, but they are some beginner guidelines that can help you theme your space. If you already have towels in a certain color or your walls are already painted, decide if you can work with your already established theme.  It may not be ideal, but it is a great place to start!

Theme On 

You would be surprised how many areas in a small restroom you have opportunity to enhance your theme.  For example, let us say that you decide to go with a tropical themed bathroom.  Your color palette has amplified the look yet you have yet to decorate the bathroom as such.  You can change your outlet covers to tropical covers, add a themed waste basket, toilet brush holder, and soap holder.  Go a step further and find tropical cabinet handles and shower curtain hooks.  You even create a tile backsplash with painted tiles that have elements to help aid the theme.  Your opportunity is all around you!  It just needs to have a chance to shine.   

Dazzling Decor 

Functionality is key.  If your room has space, without becoming obtrusive, adding decor can also help evolve your space.  Adding art to the walls or counter top decor is a creative way to help enhance your space.  Remember though, small space can easily get cluttered.  Have fun theming and adding decor to your space but be cognitive of space and functionality. 

Decorating your bathroom is important.  Do not neglect this room from having its opportunity to be a household design strength.  Do you already use some of these tricks?  Do you have some of your own?  If so, let us know in the comment section below.


20 Design Hacks For Your Vintage Bathroom

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If you’re in the midst of designing a vintage inspired bathroom you might have recently found yourself short on creative ideas. Typically the easy part of the project is the larger design elements. Fixtures can be figured out by way of the Internet.  Flooring can be designed by visiting one of our locations and talking with our consultants.

But when you get to down to the details it’s sometimes tough to reimagine ways to use things that will look good in bathroom inspired by design from a century ago. Fret not! Here are 20 snazzy ideas for ways to decorate and store common bathroom items!

  1. Old, wooden step stool with 2-3 steps used as a towel rack.
  2. Old, wooden crates to hold magazines.
  3. Vintage wall mirrors hung over the sink.
  4. Small drawers removed from an old wooden desk to store toiletries.
  5. Old-school hard sided suitcase for extra toilet paper and bathroom sundries.
  6. Crystal knobs mounted on the wall to hang towels and clothes.
  7. Chalkboard.
  8. Baskets hung on the wall facing outward, like shelves.
  9. Glass jars with tin lids for Q-tips, cotton balls, etc.
  10. Tin pail to hold a plant or flower arrangement.
  11. Antique laundry washboard hung on the wall as décor.
  12. Bath products with vintage, apothecary style labeling.
  13. Apothecary cabinet for storing and neatly organizing toiletries.
  14. Antique hand held mirror(s) lying on a surface or hung on the wall as décor.
  15. Vintage lace curtains.
  16. Soaking tub rack that fits across your claw foot tub and holds soap, a candle, reading materials.
  17. Antique chandelier.
  18. Old, tall wooden stool for setting things on or for leaning on when needed.
  19. Repurposed vintage door.
  20. Old sink faucet handles mounted on the wall to hang things.

Wood in the Bathroom

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With all the moisture that comes with a bathroom you might think that you can’t do wood in the bathroom. This isn’t necessarily the case.  Having a fan that vents outside can help control humidity in the bathroom. Plus there are woods that are engineered and treated to withstand a bit of moisture.

Wood and laminate floors can be used in the bathroom. To protect them from moisture you’ll want to use a bathmat and wipe up any spills and splashes.  Wood and laminate are not as water resistant as other materials commonly used for bathroom floors like tile or vinyl.  Knowing how to take care of wood floors in wet areas can prolong the look and life of your investment.

Some woods are more moisture resistant than others. Teak for example is a wood that is commonly used outdoors and on boats.  Using teak as a wood floor or counter top in a bathroom is a great way to add wood to the bathroom.  Some treated and engineered woods intended for outdoor use on decks, railings or docks can also be used in wet areas like showers and around the tub. Doing your research before you install can save you time and headaches if the material is not what you need.

Wood can also be used on the vanity. Using a stone or solid surface counter on top of a wood vanity gives you the look of wood with the strength of stone. A great look for the bathroom.

The master bathroom should be more than just a functional space. It can be decorated to be an oasis from the stress and demands of the rest of the day.  Choosing a style for the master bath should reflect the design of the rest of the master suite and your personality.  You may want to create more of a spa feeling or a romantic feeling in the master bath.

If you have a more traditional master bedroom, you’ll want to continue that style into the bathroom. Using luxury materials can give your master bath an elegant feeling. This master bathroom has both the high end fixtures and luxury materials one would expect in a master bathroom. The deep soaking tub is a must in today’s master bathrooms.  These tubs can be free standing or built in. The separate shower stall should be equally as luxe with a rainhead shower head and multiple body sprays.

Luxury materials like marble, granite and porcelain tiles are great choices for the master bathroom.  These can be applied to walls and tub surrounds as well as the floor.  Adding a few soft bath mats around the room give your bare feet a cushioned place to stand. Heated floors are another luxury in the master bath.

A valance or blinds are important for privacy if you have a large window in the master bathroom.  Choose a material that can stand up to moisture if you do put curtains in the bathroom. Outdoor fabrics are great choice because they are water resistant.

Has one of your children suggested that he or she temporarily move back home? This can happen for a number of reasons. It may be to reduce expenses while returning to school or after a layoff. It’s a good way to save money for a down payment on a home, or pay back some debts.

This can work very well, but don’t jump into it without some planning and discussion of expectations. This situation is not the same as it was when your child was in high school. Work together to figure out ground rules that work for all of you. Let’s consider some issues you may want to address.

First, agree on a plan for the stay. This should include specific goals, a timeframe, and the amount of money your child will save or use to pay debts. The next part of the plan is specifics on what expenses the child will cover and any responsibilities taken on around the house. It’s important not to slip into the old parent-child relationship. This means that parents do not do their laundry or clean up after them. Include real consequences for not meeting the plan, up to and including having your child move out.

Determine which space or spaces will be given to your child for the duration of the stay. You do not have to give your child his or her old bedroom if it is not convenient. It would be good if the space includes a private bathroom. Don’t feel obligated to redecorate in any permanent way for his or her stay. Leave the flooring, but you may want to encourage the addition of an area rug to personalize the space. Paint, some of their own furniture and art will help make the space theirs.

Finally, don’t expect to exert the same kind of discipline that you used when your child was young. It is no longer appropriate. However, you do have the right to ensure that your comfort and convenience are not affected. Be sure to request notice about which meals he or she will be home for, and ask them to stay quiet if coming in late in the evening.

With these issues covered, you are all in for a more pleasant time while sharing your home with your child as an adult.


The Multigeneration House Part 1: Sharing with a Parent

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As parents age, eventually you may have to help them re-design their lives. Health issues can make it hard for a parent to continue to live independently, but personality, emotional and financial factors may eliminate the possibility of assisted living or other institutional options.

If you’re considering bringing one or both parents into your home, making a few plans first can help this transition work well for everyone involved.

To start, make sure your family member or members have a realistic understanding of the situation. If possible show them the space they would have, and get measurements to keep their furniture expectations realistic. Let them redecorate the space to make it their own.

Be sure to do a safety check on your home before your parent or parents move in. Look for tripping hazards such as rugs without non-slip pads. If possible, carpet their space. Carpeting is the safest flooring for the elderly because it cushions falls. You may also want to add safety bars to showers or bathtubs.

If you can, provide a bedroom, a bathroom and a sitting room to ensure enough privacy. It’s generally a good idea to include a television in their personal space so that there will be no program debates among the generations.

Plan to provide additional storage space for valued possessions. Remember that something that may not seem valuable to you may hold special memories for a parent. If you need to, rent storage space to hold their things until they’re ready to let them go.

Above all, work to keep the lines of communication open. There will be challenges, but with effort you will all find the time together to be rewarding.


Luxury Flooring Trends: Marble

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The look and feel of marble underfoot is luxury at its finest. Once relegated to the castles, palaces and mansions of nobility and the ultra wealthy, marble has become increasingly popular in many North American homes. As homeowners become more knowledgeable about the true nature of marble, they are making the choice to invest a bit more when it comes to their flooring.

Besides its obvious beauty, marble is actually an eco-friendly natural product which is durable and easy to maintain. These innate characteristics turn a purchase which would once be considered just a luxury into a solid lifetime investment.

The versatility and variety offered by marble is unmatched. Because it is naturally formed each piece of marble has its own unique look. Colors span the spectrum from black to white almost every color in between. Highlights of its veins and flecks can appear in any color, but most common are red, brown, gray, pink and green.

Marble’s varying appearance makes it perfect for any style home from modern to traditional and can be used throughout the entire house. For an even more luxurious and sophisticated look, have marble floors installed with borders, medallions and accents. Don’t stop with the flooring carry marble through to kitchen backsplashes, bathroom showers and tub enclosures and even window sills.

With marble, the design possibilities are practically endless and the initial investment will soon pay for itself by giving long lasting, easily maintained quality. Its richness and beauty are priceless.