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20 Design Hacks For Your Vintage Bathroom

Posted by creatingyourspace under Interior Finishes

If you’re in the midst of designing a vintage inspired bathroom you might have recently found yourself short on creative ideas. Typically the easy part of the project is the larger design elements. Fixtures can be figured out by way of the Internet.  Flooring can be designed by visiting one of our locations and talking with our consultants.

But when you get to down to the details it’s sometimes tough to reimagine ways to use things that will look good in bathroom inspired by design from a century ago. Fret not! Here are 20 snazzy ideas for ways to decorate and store common bathroom items!

  1. Old, wooden step stool with 2-3 steps used as a towel rack.
  2. Old, wooden crates to hold magazines.
  3. Vintage wall mirrors hung over the sink.
  4. Small drawers removed from an old wooden desk to store toiletries.
  5. Old-school hard sided suitcase for extra toilet paper and bathroom sundries.
  6. Crystal knobs mounted on the wall to hang towels and clothes.
  7. Chalkboard.
  8. Baskets hung on the wall facing outward, like shelves.
  9. Glass jars with tin lids for Q-tips, cotton balls, etc.
  10. Tin pail to hold a plant or flower arrangement.
  11. Antique laundry washboard hung on the wall as décor.
  12. Bath products with vintage, apothecary style labeling.
  13. Apothecary cabinet for storing and neatly organizing toiletries.
  14. Antique hand held mirror(s) lying on a surface or hung on the wall as décor.
  15. Vintage lace curtains.
  16. Soaking tub rack that fits across your claw foot tub and holds soap, a candle, reading materials.
  17. Antique chandelier.
  18. Old, tall wooden stool for setting things on or for leaning on when needed.
  19. Repurposed vintage door.
  20. Old sink faucet handles mounted on the wall to hang things.

Thanksgiving with Style: Part 1

Posted by creatingyourspace under Thanksgiving

The Thanksgiving display in this photo is well-designed and inviting. But look closer and you can see that fall accessorizing is a simple process.

Start with the main features. In this photo, the basket and lantern provide the dark tones and a strong background for the display. Do you have any baskets, bowls, plates, candlesticks or other elements in fall tones? Collect them and bring to your display area. Some or all of these elements will give you a good start.

Your grocery store is the next stop. Look for pumpkins on sale after Halloween and any other fall elements such as gourds, or gather a variety of squash, which look good in a display and taste good roasted after Thanksgiving.

Look to your own yard for the smaller finishing elements. Fall leaves, acorns, pine cones and berries add color and texture to your decorating. Pile them in a bowl or scatter on the table as this photo demonstrates.

With a little imagination and effort, you can make your home feel like Thanksgiving. Whether in the entryway, living room or dining area, adding a touch of fall makes your guests feel welcome.  Do you have any other ideas you’d like to share with us?