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Refreshing Exterior Light Fixtures

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Are you tired of looking at your old exterior light fixtures, or you are putting your house on the market? Whatever the case, replacing the exterior light fixtures can transform your home quickly without taking a big hit to your wallet. To help, we have listed some tips below that should make the refresh much easier while allowing you to have fun while doing so. Let’s take a look!

Proper Size

Often times, homeowners make the mistake of choosing a fixture that is too small. Please keep in mind that if you are replacing commercial builders’ light fixtures, they will use fixtures that are on hand or too small to save money. The general rule of thumb is if you are replacing two fixtures on either side of the front door, the fixtures should be ¼ the height of the front door. If there is only one light, purchase a fixture that is ⅓ height of the door.


You may want to change the fixtures to an industrial- or modern-style fixture, but you must stay with the overall style of the home. If your home is a mid-century modern home, then stick with those types of fixtures. If you are not sure about what fixtures go with what style of home, simply google it, look in magazines, ride through neighborhoods, or visit new home construction communities. Also, regarding the color of the fixture, stay with the matching door’s hardware (a dark bronze for a dark or black look). Dark bronze goes great with ranch- and traditional-style homes. Chrome or stainless is a popular choice in modern design.

Light Output

Lighting output is often overlooked and is a significant factor for how the fixtures will look when lit and for safety reasons. Pay attention to the type/kind/wattage of the bulb that the fixture recommends, the number of bulbs required, and what type of glass bulbs (like clear or opaque, etc.). By using the recommended bulbs for the fixture, it will certainly enhance the beauty of the fixture and provide a well lite pathway when dark.

Do you have any tips that you would like to share with other readers? If so, be sure to leave us a comment below in the comment section.


How to Spruce up Your Home’s Exterior

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Homeowners are spending more time outside of their homes. Long workdays and tedious travel commutes have us constantly living indoors. But our home is our place of refuge to unwind and escape the world’s daily demands. We love to indulge our time in the luxuries of the outdoors because it can feel like an escape. However, without an inviting landscape, you may not be facilitating your home’s exterior. Sprucing up your landscape can be super easy and a great hobby to keep you coming back outside. Here are three exterior upgrades that can make your exterior your very own private oasis:

Plants and Flowers 

Take advantage of the outdoors! Decide if you would like to start a garden by having beautiful flowerbeds, or just create some privacy with some trees and other plant life. Plants can easily add energy to your landscape. First, build flower beds to give more depth to your landscape then consider what you like in other landscape designs and create your own version. Plants and flowers will add color to your home, enhance your curb appeal, and have you continuously returning to the outdoors.

Running Water 

There are several ways to add running water outdoors. Plus, running water can give your landscape a more tranquil vibe. You can add fountains, a pond with a waterfall, or find other unique ways to add water to your landscape. We enjoy elements of nature more than just with our eyes. Give your ears a treat by adding running water to your home’s exterior.


If you have a patio or a deck, you need to invest in some quality seating. Think of your interior. You could have the most gorgeous living room, but without proper seating, chances are, you probably will not hang out in there; therefore, you want to add different areas of seating. From tables, bars, relaxed patio seating, or even a fire pit, give your outdoors some options you can enjoy.

Your home encapsulates so much more than just the rooms inside of it. Do not neglect your home’s exterior since itis a great way to get the most of your home. Make your landscape your own by adding some of these tricks. With fall around the corner, this is the perfect season to spend time outdoors with your loved ones.

We are continually discovering innovated ways to create better products. As technology advances, we are looking for ways to create more efficient, healthier, and valuable products in our lives. However, some of these materials do not need to be heavily engineered and are naturally occurring. Bamboo is an extremely versatile product we have been using for centuries in our homes. This grass can grow in almost any climate in the world except extremely frigid atmosphere. Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants on the planet, making it revolutionary green products. We have adapted this plant into many useful products we use in homes today. To truly understand how versatile this plant can be, we looked at three completely different and unique ways this plant can benefit your home. Let’s take a look!


While commonly classified as hardwood flooring, bamboo is actually a grass. This exotic flooring option is extremely durable and resilient to scratching. This clean, modern flooring option can be easily cleaned and is low maintenance. Similar to hardwood flooring, you can also refinish your planks, allowing you to get even more longevity out of the product.


When you think of bamboo, you probably envision a very hard stalk of grass. However, bamboo can be weaved into a material used for pillows and sheets. This eco-friendly solution is exceptionally soft and comfortable. Bamboo sheets are commonly desired because they are breathable and stay cool. Most people refer to bamboo sheets as feeling silky enjoy that they stay cool all night. Bamboo sheets have other added benefits like being hypoallergenic and extremely durable as well.


Bamboo is incredibly strong. If you are looking for a green solution to furnishing your home, consider bamboo. Bamboo furniture can be bent into intricate designs or weaved together for extreme durability. This natural look can give a raw, authentic feel to your furniture inside and outside your home.

If you are looking for cleaner and greener solutions to add to your home, consider bamboo. With unique products and solutions for all over your house, bamboo is a very versatile solution. Take advantage of this abundant plant and get some of its amazing benefits today! For more eco-friendly home solutions, make sure to subscribe!

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Bamboo Flooring

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The trends for flooring in 2015 are exciting and fresh, boasting surprising materials and new takes on old ones. It can be hard to determine if a new trend is right for your house when you don’t know much about the material like one of this years biggest trends—bamboo. Here we will go over the pros and potential cons of this exciting flooring material.


As we mentioned before, bamboo is a trend that is quickly on the rise. It might surprise you to learn that bamboo is very hard, even harder than most other hardwood floors. Bamboo gives your room a look similar to traditional hardwood flooring, however it does have a distinct appearance that can add a modern look to any room. Generally it comes in wider planks, and you can find it in various shades.


One strong argument for bamboo flooring is that it is a natural and renewable material. While it can take the trees used for hardwood floors 20 years or more until they can be harvested, bamboo is mature enough to be harvested in only 5 years. This faster growth means that the harvesting and use of bamboo as flooring does not deplete the bamboo population with the same effect that it has with hardwood. Don’t worry about pandas going hungry, either!  Bamboo grown for floors is not edible by our fuzzy friends.


There are some considerations when deciding if bamboo floors are right for your space. Bamboo is best installed in areas that tend to be dry rather than humid. Avoid bathrooms and kitchens and instead use bamboo in areas such as your bedroom or living room where there is no threat of humidity. This will ensure that the planks do not expand. 


Finally, cleaning bamboo flooring is convenient and incredibly easy. Make sure that you keep it well swept with a dry mop or broom. No harsh or special cleaning treatments are necessary. If you really need to clean more deeply, you only need to use warm water and a mild soap to mop the floor. Wring the mop thoroughly so no excess moisture is left behind.


Bamboo is a great option when considering what type of floor you want for your home. There are many pros and with an informed decision you will be able to find the floor that is right for you. If you have any questions, check out our bamboo information page or stop by one of our stores!


Popcorn as a Healthy Snack

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Looking for the perfect snack that is healthy, simple and has plenty of available toppings?  Popcorn clearly wins in each of these categories!   Popcorn is versatile, full of fiber and very low in fat (at least when it’s not doused with butter and salt). Skip the “Movie Theater Butter” and get creative when flavoring plain popcorn! Rather than butter, use a healthy oil substitute such as vegetable or coconut – this will help your choice of toppings to stick to the fluffy kernels.

Are you in the mood for sweet or savory? If you are craving sweet, mix together a dash of cinnamon to a teaspoon of natural sugar. Sprinkle the mix over top of popcorn in a large bowl, then toss. Continue to add the mixture and toss the popcorn. This will ensure that all of the kernels get an even coating of flavor. Natural vanilla extract can be used as well. If you must use butter, pair a small amount of melted butter with a couple drops of vanilla extract and pour the mix over popcorn and continue to toss the kernels to evenly distribute the flavor.

If you are craving savory then garlic parmesan may be the way to go. Sprinkle your popcorn with garlic seasoning.  Next sprinkle parmesan cheese (the kind you put on top of pizza) onto your popcorn. This snack is delicious and can really help with savory cravings. Another option is to sprinkle popcorn salt (ground finer than table salt) and nutritional yeast (this can be found at a health food store and has the added benefit of containing protein and B12!)

For spicy food lovers, turn to spicy flavored popcorn! You can add spice to popcorn by using ground red pepper, spicy paprika seasoning or ground black pepper and a dash of salt. For a powerful punch, pair chili powder with paprika. For a zingy flavor mix a tablespoon of vegetable oil with several drops of lime juice and carefully drizzle over popcorn.

Get creative and think outside of the box. Search your pantry and spice racks for healthier options to flavor popcorn with. If you like a certain flavor, most likely you will enjoy it on your healthy plain popcorn snack!


Single Serve Smoothie Recipes That Use Nuts

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If you’ve recently visited a store to check out the selection of blenders you may have noticed the newest trend in foods that go round and round. Big bulky blenders are out, and smaller versions are in. There are all kinds of smoothie machines on the market and some are even combo machines that also serve as food processors, with just a switch of a few moving parts.

The beauty of this innovation is that you can now make single serve smoothies with ease. Not only is it more convenient (the mixing cups come with ring tops that allow you to drink right out of the cup), they are far more cost effective. You don’t have to use more ingredients that you need, so you won’t have to store any of the smoothie concoction in the fridge. Smoothies can potentially taste good the next day if you give them a second whirl in the blender, but it’s not nearly as bright and refreshing as when it slows to a stop after the first spin.

We have discovered just one obstacle to the enjoyment of this new technology. Most recipes aren’t portioned for just one serving. So, we created several for you! These particular smoothies all share one thing in common. They include nuts so you are sure to have some protein and healthy fat in your diet. Happy fruit spinning!


Pie Face

  • 1 tbsp crushed pecans
  • 1 tsp fresh lemon juice
  • ½ tsp vanilla extract
  • 1/4 tsp cinnamon
  • 1/4 tsp ginger powder
  • ½ cup coconut water
  • ½ apple cut into chunks with peel left on
  • 1/3 cup peaches
  • Whisper of sea salt


Berry Mango Delight

  • 1 handful mixed blackberries, blueberries, raspberries
  • 1/4 ripe diced mango
  • ½ tbsp vanilla protein powder
  • 5 cashews
  • 1/2 cup coconut water OR almond or rice milk
  • Whisper of sea salt


Fun with fiber

  • Water OR brewed then cooled herbal tea (lemon, raspberry, green, etc.) OR coconut water to achieve your preferred consistency
  • ¾ tbsp protein powder
  • ¼ cup almonds or walnuts
  • Almond or rice milk to cover the nuts in the bottom of the blender
  • 1 packet raw sugar (Stevia if you prefer)
  • 1/2 tsp vanilla extract
  • 1 cup blueberries/raspberries/blackberries & mangoes/papayas/peaches
  • ½ small apple
  • ½ small ripe pear

A Romantic Indoor Picnic

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Would you like to take a break from the everyday priorities of life and plan for a bit of romance? Valentine’s Day is around the corner, but on a birthday, anniversary or just for the fun of it, it’s nice to let your honey know that he or she is still special to you.

To begin, take a look around your house to choose a location to create a romantic indoor picnic. If you have a fireplace, that’s a great choice. Other possibilities would be a window with a view, a corner of the family room, or the center of a den.

If the flooring is tile or wood, grab some area rugs from other parts of the house. If the room is carpeted, you can still put at least one rug down to anchor your romantic space. You may want to pile two or three on top of each other to create a cushioned spot that resembles the feel of a Moroccan or gypsy tent. Don’t be afraid to mix colors.  Add some pillows and position a small tablecloth or scarf in the middle for serving the food.

Complete your décor with the fresh flowers of your choice and candles. For the cushioned area, using the new LED lights that resemble votives such as the ones in the photo are much safer and worry free.

Choose favorite foods for your lunch or dinner. Finger foods are easier to manage when sitting on the floor. While it’s fun to make this event a surprise, you may want to ask your sweetie to bring some wine, just to provide a hint that a fun evening is planned.

Once you’re finished, take a step back and make sure everything looks inviting. Turn off the room’s lights, creating an island of warmth in the room. For a final touch, pull apart one of the flowers and sprinkle the petals around the area. Now you’ve created the right atmosphere for romance!


Choosing Vinyl Works

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Question: I’m thinking of having a vinyl floor installed in our kitchen because I like the way it feels underfoot, but my husband doesn’t think it will work with our high-end cabinets and granite countertops. Is he right?

Answer: You may want to take your husband on a visit to our showroom to see the truly beautiful choices you have in vinyl today. New designs really stand up to more expensive flooring options. This kitchen shows one vinyl choice that closely resembles porcelain tile. The upscale design easily works with this kitchen.

Vinyl floors are also gentler on the feet in a room that involves a lot of standing if you like to cook. Vinyl, laminate and wood floors are considered “soft” flooring as opposed to tile and stone’s hard surfaces.

Vinyl is also an easy clean floor. Just a damp mop or cloth keeps it looking its best. This particular pattern and color combination will keep the every little spot from showing dramatically, keeping the room looking nice even after a major cooking extravaganza.

The other major advantage to vinyl is cost. With its reasonable cost per square foot compared to tile or stone, you can select a higher-end vinyl flooring while still staying in your budget.

As you make choices for your home, be sure to pay attention to your personal preferences. This is not a model home; it’s the place you will be living in, probably for years. When you combine your design goals with the functionality you really want, then you will have a home that is both livable and beautiful.


Thanksgiving with Style: Part 1

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The Thanksgiving display in this photo is well-designed and inviting. But look closer and you can see that fall accessorizing is a simple process.

Start with the main features. In this photo, the basket and lantern provide the dark tones and a strong background for the display. Do you have any baskets, bowls, plates, candlesticks or other elements in fall tones? Collect them and bring to your display area. Some or all of these elements will give you a good start.

Your grocery store is the next stop. Look for pumpkins on sale after Halloween and any other fall elements such as gourds, or gather a variety of squash, which look good in a display and taste good roasted after Thanksgiving.

Look to your own yard for the smaller finishing elements. Fall leaves, acorns, pine cones and berries add color and texture to your decorating. Pile them in a bowl or scatter on the table as this photo demonstrates.

With a little imagination and effort, you can make your home feel like Thanksgiving. Whether in the entryway, living room or dining area, adding a touch of fall makes your guests feel welcome.  Do you have any other ideas you’d like to share with us?