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Refreshing Exterior Light Fixtures

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Are you tired of looking at your old exterior light fixtures, or you are putting your house on the market? Whatever the case, replacing the exterior light fixtures can transform your home quickly without taking a big hit to your wallet. To help, we have listed some tips below that should make the refresh much easier while allowing you to have fun while doing so. Let’s take a look!

Proper Size

Often times, homeowners make the mistake of choosing a fixture that is too small. Please keep in mind that if you are replacing commercial builders’ light fixtures, they will use fixtures that are on hand or too small to save money. The general rule of thumb is if you are replacing two fixtures on either side of the front door, the fixtures should be ¼ the height of the front door. If there is only one light, purchase a fixture that is ⅓ height of the door.


You may want to change the fixtures to an industrial- or modern-style fixture, but you must stay with the overall style of the home. If your home is a mid-century modern home, then stick with those types of fixtures. If you are not sure about what fixtures go with what style of home, simply google it, look in magazines, ride through neighborhoods, or visit new home construction communities. Also, regarding the color of the fixture, stay with the matching door’s hardware (a dark bronze for a dark or black look). Dark bronze goes great with ranch- and traditional-style homes. Chrome or stainless is a popular choice in modern design.

Light Output

Lighting output is often overlooked and is a significant factor for how the fixtures will look when lit and for safety reasons. Pay attention to the type/kind/wattage of the bulb that the fixture recommends, the number of bulbs required, and what type of glass bulbs (like clear or opaque, etc.). By using the recommended bulbs for the fixture, it will certainly enhance the beauty of the fixture and provide a well lite pathway when dark.

Do you have any tips that you would like to share with other readers? If so, be sure to leave us a comment below in the comment section.


How to Spruce up Your Home’s Exterior

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Homeowners are spending more time outside of their homes. Long workdays and tedious travel commutes have us constantly living indoors. But our home is our place of refuge to unwind and escape the world’s daily demands. We love to indulge our time in the luxuries of the outdoors because it can feel like an escape. However, without an inviting landscape, you may not be facilitating your home’s exterior. Sprucing up your landscape can be super easy and a great hobby to keep you coming back outside. Here are three exterior upgrades that can make your exterior your very own private oasis:

Plants and Flowers 

Take advantage of the outdoors! Decide if you would like to start a garden by having beautiful flowerbeds, or just create some privacy with some trees and other plant life. Plants can easily add energy to your landscape. First, build flower beds to give more depth to your landscape then consider what you like in other landscape designs and create your own version. Plants and flowers will add color to your home, enhance your curb appeal, and have you continuously returning to the outdoors.

Running Water 

There are several ways to add running water outdoors. Plus, running water can give your landscape a more tranquil vibe. You can add fountains, a pond with a waterfall, or find other unique ways to add water to your landscape. We enjoy elements of nature more than just with our eyes. Give your ears a treat by adding running water to your home’s exterior.


If you have a patio or a deck, you need to invest in some quality seating. Think of your interior. You could have the most gorgeous living room, but without proper seating, chances are, you probably will not hang out in there; therefore, you want to add different areas of seating. From tables, bars, relaxed patio seating, or even a fire pit, give your outdoors some options you can enjoy.

Your home encapsulates so much more than just the rooms inside of it. Do not neglect your home’s exterior since itis a great way to get the most of your home. Make your landscape your own by adding some of these tricks. With fall around the corner, this is the perfect season to spend time outdoors with your loved ones.