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We are continually discovering innovated ways to create better products. As technology advances, we are looking for ways to create more efficient, healthier, and valuable products in our lives. However, some of these materials do not need to be heavily engineered and are naturally occurring. Bamboo is an extremely versatile product we have been using for centuries in our homes. This grass can grow in almost any climate in the world except extremely frigid atmosphere. Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants on the planet, making it revolutionary green products. We have adapted this plant into many useful products we use in homes today. To truly understand how versatile this plant can be, we looked at three completely different and unique ways this plant can benefit your home. Let’s take a look!


While commonly classified as hardwood flooring, bamboo is actually a grass. This exotic flooring option is extremely durable and resilient to scratching. This clean, modern flooring option can be easily cleaned and is low maintenance. Similar to hardwood flooring, you can also refinish your planks, allowing you to get even more longevity out of the product.


When you think of bamboo, you probably envision a very hard stalk of grass. However, bamboo can be weaved into a material used for pillows and sheets. This eco-friendly solution is exceptionally soft and comfortable. Bamboo sheets are commonly desired because they are breathable and stay cool. Most people refer to bamboo sheets as feeling silky enjoy that they stay cool all night. Bamboo sheets have other added benefits like being hypoallergenic and extremely durable as well.


Bamboo is incredibly strong. If you are looking for a green solution to furnishing your home, consider bamboo. Bamboo furniture can be bent into intricate designs or weaved together for extreme durability. This natural look can give a raw, authentic feel to your furniture inside and outside your home.

If you are looking for cleaner and greener solutions to add to your home, consider bamboo. With unique products and solutions for all over your house, bamboo is a very versatile solution. Take advantage of this abundant plant and get some of its amazing benefits today! For more eco-friendly home solutions, make sure to subscribe!

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The Power of Green

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19246412_SGreen as a color or green as an environmental movement can be a powerful addition to a space. Green color can be introduced through paint and fabrics, rugs and accessories in both color and environmental friendliness.  A simple way to be green in both senses is to have house plants in your home.

Not only do houseplants add a pop of green color to a room, they can also clean the air.  Great for a room like a nursery or home office where you spend a lot of time. Variations of house plants do a better job than others cleaning the air, so do your research or ask at your local garden center.

A hot trend in decorating right now is terrariums. If you hear the word terrarium and think of a school project, think again. Today’s terrariums are stylish and chic. What they do have in common with the old school terrariums of your childhood is that they are a great DIY project. Almost any glass vessel, from a mason jar to a fishbowl, can be turned into a terrarium. This is a great project to do with your kids.  It is a nice way to introduce them to growing plants, which could lead to an interest in a kitchen garden.

Terrariums are great decoration for a shelf, table or even the kitchen window sill. Check online for tips and tricks to designing and maintaining a chic and stylish terrarium. House plants and terrariums are a great way to go green in your home.