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Energy-Efficient Homes

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As we move forward in time, many homeowners and businesses are becoming more cognitive of finite resources. By making some energy-efficient adaptations, many people have been able to eliminate bills and find more energy-efficient solutions. Energy-efficient homes can increase the resell value of your home and helps against the negative impacts of greenhouse gases. If your home was no built as an energy-efficient home, have no fear. You can still make some simple home improvement tricks to help make your home eco-friendlier. Here are four tricks to explore today:

Smart Homes Thermostats 

Your first simple plan to integrate can be adding smart home features. Getting a smart thermostat can allow you to save on your energy bill. They also can lower or increase the temperature of your home while you are away and get it back into a comfortable temp zone when you arrive home.

LED Lighting 

Most lights create unwanted heat as well as waste an abundance of energy. Switching your home to LED lights can save you electricity. These lights will also last much longer than halogens or incandescent lighting. While saving on one light bulb may not be super-efficient, switching all of them can create a more notable difference in savings. 


Regulating temperature in your home is done through your HVAC system. However, if you have poorly sealed windows, you can be losing a significant amount of heat. While new windows can be a substantial investment, it can save you significantly on lowering your energy bills each month. 

Washing and Drying Machines 

Consider switching to ENERGY STAR qualified washing and drying machines. These energy-efficient systems can use about half the energy. You can also save almost 3/4 of your normal water used during a wash cycle.  

Doing these simple tricks can help make your home for ecofriendly. If you are looking to be more conservative on the energy you are using in your home, consider these hacks. While some may be investments, they can help pay for themselves over time.



Luxury Flooring Trends: Marble

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The look and feel of marble underfoot is luxury at its finest. Once relegated to the castles, palaces and mansions of nobility and the ultra wealthy, marble has become increasingly popular in many North American homes. As homeowners become more knowledgeable about the true nature of marble, they are making the choice to invest a bit more when it comes to their flooring.

Besides its obvious beauty, marble is actually an eco-friendly natural product which is durable and easy to maintain. These innate characteristics turn a purchase which would once be considered just a luxury into a solid lifetime investment.

The versatility and variety offered by marble is unmatched. Because it is naturally formed each piece of marble has its own unique look. Colors span the spectrum from black to white almost every color in between. Highlights of its veins and flecks can appear in any color, but most common are red, brown, gray, pink and green.

Marble’s varying appearance makes it perfect for any style home from modern to traditional and can be used throughout the entire house. For an even more luxurious and sophisticated look, have marble floors installed with borders, medallions and accents. Don’t stop with the flooring carry marble through to kitchen backsplashes, bathroom showers and tub enclosures and even window sills.

With marble, the design possibilities are practically endless and the initial investment will soon pay for itself by giving long lasting, easily maintained quality. Its richness and beauty are priceless.