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Mastering Farmhouse Design

Posted by creatingyourspace under Design and Decorating

Interior design has many outlets in which you can personally express yourself and tailor your home to your specific needs. There are hundreds of wonderful design styles that have become staples in many homes. One very popular design is Farmhouse Design. This Rustic Design spin-off is excellent at making a house feel rurally influenced while grounded in a welcoming and homey atmosphere. The blend of earthy tones and warm antique elements mix together to create something truly beautiful. If you love Farmhouse Design, here is everything you need to know in order to master it in your own home:

Earthy Tones

When designing a space, color can have a powerful impact on design. We use warm colors to create a more vibrant and upbeat atmosphere, whereas we may use cool tone colors to make a space feel more relaxed and peaceful. Farmhouse Design uses a neutral color palette but still masters to catch the essence of comfort and tranquility. These earthy tones are brought to life through wood furnishings and decor pieces.


Wood is full of character. Each area of wood can have its own unique feel. With the raw and authentic grain patterns to the different coarse and fine-sanded textures, woods can bring nature indoors. In fact, it is not uncommon to see wood incorporated through many areas in Farmhouse Design and decor. Usually, Farmhouse Design differs from the traditional Rustic Design by having less high-gloss woods with fine finishes and instead, more grainy textures and coarser looks.


What really makes this design is that its roots are made from Rustic Design. In fact, Farmhouse Design should have elements that make the house feel like a farmhouse or a rural living space. Be creative with your decor and design pieces. Incorporate nature and handcrafted furniture. Farmhouse Design can feel even more lived-in than traditional Rustic design with these unique items.

Farmhouse Design is a very down-to-earth and welcoming design style. It can give your home a southern country feels by incorporating the elements we previously mentioned. What do you think of this trending design? Let us know below in the comment section!

From dewy yellow to creamy avocado, we have seen fad color schemes come and go in the kitchen area. However, the white kitchen design is a scheme that never seems to go out of style. Whether it is white on white or white warmed with wood tones, you cannot go wrong. In this article, you will discover why white has an enduring value.

If you are gearing up to remodel your kitchen, there is no doubt that you are about to spend a considerable amount of money. To get the most out of your investment, it is important to select a design that will still look great years from now. Here are a few reasons why an all-white kitchen is the best way to go:

Clean and Fresh

Featuring an all-white color palette all over your kitchen gives it that clean and fresh feeling. In fact, white will give your kitchen that healthy glow that is hard to achieve with any other color. Did you know that in the 1920s white was often associated with health and sanitation? To achieve this super fresh look, you will need to select a pure white look that is void of grey undertones.


Whether your goal is to design your kitchen to reflect a contemporary or traditional kitchen, white is a color that can seamlessly blend into any style. In addition, since this is a standard color offered by all manufacturers, you will be able to easily find accessories, tiles, appliances, and furnishings that are within your budget.

Super Chic

An all-white kitchen does not have to be boring. Everything does not have to be white. In fact, black or stainless steel appliances can help you create the perfect balance. You can also mix in other neutral finishes such as wood, glass, and steel. For instance, glass cabinetry and stainless steel range hood is a great way to mix things up in your design.

Visually Expands

Because white reflects color, it can visually expand a space. If you have a small kitchen, a predominately white design will make it appear bigger than what it actually is.

Increases Resale Value

White is very marketable. In the future, should you decide to put your home on the market, your all-white kitchen will add some brownie points. It is simple to work from for potential buyers, and they will notice that when they come to see your home.

What are your thoughts on the all-white kitchen look? Yay or nay? Let us know in the comment section!