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Tips for Beginning Your Bathroom Design Process

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Bathrooms are crucial features of every home.  They shelter privacy in your home and are also an area your guests may need to visit.  Stop neglecting your bathroom decor and start enhancing the space.  Sometimes smaller restrooms never get the attention and design focus that they deserve in homes.  Whether you live in an apartment, studio, or home, these bathroom decor tricks can be simple yet effective in creating a more visually appealing atmosphere. Let’s take a look!

Pick A Color Theme 

First, you will need to pick out a color theme for your bathroom.  Decide on a primary, secondary, and accent color to start.  You can paint your walls to reflect your primary color, but always remember that a primary color can be neutral as well.  Your color choices can be used to reflect your design choices.  For your secondary color, you can complement or acknowledge it by incorporating the color in your towels, bath mat, and even your shower curtain.  Lastly, you can use your accent color with elements like your soap dispenser, toothbrush holder, or even your cabinet handles.  This is not an exact science, but they are some beginner guidelines that can help you theme your space. If you already have towels in a certain color or your walls are already painted, decide if you can work with your already established theme.  It may not be ideal, but it is a great place to start!

Theme On 

You would be surprised how many areas in a small restroom you have opportunity to enhance your theme.  For example, let us say that you decide to go with a tropical themed bathroom.  Your color palette has amplified the look yet you have yet to decorate the bathroom as such.  You can change your outlet covers to tropical covers, add a themed waste basket, toilet brush holder, and soap holder.  Go a step further and find tropical cabinet handles and shower curtain hooks.  You even create a tile backsplash with painted tiles that have elements to help aid the theme.  Your opportunity is all around you!  It just needs to have a chance to shine.   

Dazzling Decor 

Functionality is key.  If your room has space, without becoming obtrusive, adding decor can also help evolve your space.  Adding art to the walls or counter top decor is a creative way to help enhance your space.  Remember though, small space can easily get cluttered.  Have fun theming and adding decor to your space but be cognitive of space and functionality. 

Decorating your bathroom is important.  Do not neglect this room from having its opportunity to be a household design strength.  Do you already use some of these tricks?  Do you have some of your own?  If so, let us know in the comment section below.


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