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If your home has an open floor plan, it can easily began to feel like your decor is chaotic. With no walls to distinguish space and function, it might seem like everything is just roaming free. That is where area rugs come into play. The right area rugs can be a valuable asset to a open floor plan because they help give the illusion of order without the need for walls. However, if you plan on using several rugs together, it is important to give thought to how they will look together. While the easiest solution may be to use matching rugs, this can sometimes be aesthetically boring and may even ruin the look you wanted to capture. To help, check out these tips for using multiple area rugs in an open floor plan:

Using Matching Area Rugs

When using multiple area rugs in one space, you might be tempted to take the simplest approach which is opting for matching rugs. Using matching rugs will help keep the spaces separate while keeping things harmonious. While using matching area rugs is a bit unpredictable if you really want to take this approach, consider choosing a rug that features a bold graphic pattern. Using such a high contrast pattern rug keeps things interesting, and it does not overwhelm the space.

Using Different Area Rugs

You also have the option of using distinct floor coverings. Using different area rugs within the same space can seem a bit scary, but it can actually turn out great if it is pulled off right. You can use different floor coverings to distinguish the function of each space or section. The key to pulling this off is by choosing rugs that feature similar color palettes.

Believe it or not, you can have fun with pairing different types of rugs together. Of course, it is easier to pair solid colored rugs than ones featuring a pattern. When pairing solid rugs, just select two colored rugs that look great together. Neutral colored rugs will look great with just about any rug, but if you want to go the color route, try to find a color that is used in both area rugs to pull their designs together in the open space.

What are your thoughts on area rugs in open floor plans? Do you like using different rugs or similar ones? We would love to hear your thoughts below in the comment section.


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