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What to Consider When Choosing Paint

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Adding color to your home’s design is remarkably impactful on the atmosphere. In fact, designers believe that the best way to completely change the environment is by painting your walls. With this in mind, you can see how important choosing the right color can be. However, there are millions of colors to choose from, and this task can feel overwhelming. When trying to select a color for your room, there are four basic rules you should keep in mind. With these in mind, your search can become a little less random and more focused on the right color choice for your home.

Color Inspiration

You will want to have general inspiration going into your project. What colors do you like? Do you have a style or design theme that you would like to mimic in your home? What colors are used as inspiration in those themes or styles? These questions can all help you dial in the choice of where to begin. Do you want a warm-toned atmosphere or a cool-toned atmosphere? Perhaps you are just looking for a neutral color tone in your room. Your color inspiration can come from many different influences. Determine what you want your home to look like before beginning your search.

Match Your Current Furniture and Belongings

If you still have no idea where to begin, use your current furniture or belongings to create a color theme. For instance, maybe you have a blue couch or beige lamp shades. Your personal belongings can be a great start at picking a color. Use these elements to help determine a theme. Even if all your furniture is a different color, the choice you choose should help harmonize your furniture.

Team Effort

If you do not live alone, you should not make this decision alone. Check with your spouse or your roommates because paint is there to last. You want to make sure everyone agrees before making the commitment of painting a room.

Test Your Paint on Your Walls

Lastly, paint can look completely different on a swatch in the store than in your own home. Most stores will have overhead fluorescent lighting. Take your paint choices home and put them on your walls. Look at them throughout the day. They may look different with the influence of natural lighting. Make sure the color you choose agrees all day with your home’s theme.

These rules can help narrow down your decision. Yet, all in all, choosing the right color comes down to you and your personal preferences. Try picking several colors or shades. Decide which one works best with what you want to accomplish in your home.


Ideas from a Classic Hawaii Hotel

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This room from The Fairmont Orchid hotel in Hawaii demonstrates elements of a traditional style with a hint of its location in the floral elements. By taking a look at the design choices in this room, we can see how location shines in this space without losing the classic feel.

The strongly-defined molding supports a traditional look. This daylight photo doesn’t show it, but the design of the molding at the top of the wall would allow lighting to wash down the walls. Between the molding and chair-level wainscoting, simple grass cloth wallpaper creates an echo of the islands. The oil painting on the right is classically designed while adding still another floral element to the room.

The best melding of classic and island comes from the dramatic rug. Designed and sized to fit the room, the large flowers throughout are not something you would commonly see on the mainland. The colors are reflected in the furniture and the rug itself has a flexibility that allows room renovations and style updates without replacing it. This is definitely a case where the rug makes the room. Everything else comes a distant second to its attention-getting style.

Do you like a traditional approach yet want to find ways to reflect your region? Use decorative elements to bring your part of the country into your living room the way this space does.