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Get Creative with Wall Treatments

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Perhaps the best part of having your own space has to be the freedom to decorate it as your heart desires. So if you are searching for a way to transform a space and inspire your guests, it is time to consider some wallpaper treatments. When transforming a space using wall treatments, it is essential to think beyond paint and wallpaper. In fact, putting together the perfect design requires creativity. Luckily, there are so many wall treatment options. Today, we are going to explore four creative options. Let’s take a look!

Damask Wall Stencils

Damask wall stencils are a form of textile design that can have a fabric-like effect on the walls. In fact, damask stencils are a great way to cover large areas while creating a bold effect. These stencils are a better option than wallpaper because you can paint the stencils in any color you want, which allows you to match your walls with your furniture. You can even create a modern and dramatic look without the help of a professional. In fact, damask wall stencils are so easy to use that even beginners can immediately begin dressing their walls with them.

Wood Veneer Wall Covering

There is no better way to add warmth to your home than with rustic feel of wood. From simple grains of wood to exotic patterns, there are a plethora of real wood wall coverings. Plus, wood veneer wallpaper is made from super-thin slices of wood that are attached to a paper backing, which makes it an easy way to add depth to a room. Plus, it is flexible and can be installed on curved surfaces.

Metallic Glaze

If you are set on creating a really bold look, a metallic glaze is a perfect solution. This look is an ultra-modern design that simulates the appearance of brushed metal. Silver, gold, and bronze are some popular metallic glaze looks that homeowners are using to enhance the interiors.

Photo Display

If you are a renter or searching for an easy way to enhance your walls without launching an evasive project, you can try creating a photo display wall. Spice things up by getting super creative with the picture frames you use. You can put photos in a jar to create panoramic effects or on string lights to add emphasis. In fact, there are so many ways you can arrange your photos and wall accessories to create a chic look.

Do you have any wall treatment ideas that we did not list? If so, we would love to hear your ideas below in the comment section.

The fireplace is almost always the focal point of any living room, whether it is during the winter months or the summer. Even a nonworking fireplace can be designed to be an attention grabber. How can you take such an architectural feature and turn it into something that your guests will likely remember? Beautifully patterned wallpaper can help you amp up the look of your fireplace.

Why Use Wallpaper

Wallpaper is an inexpensive update that adds loads of aesthetic value. Modern wallpaper designs are a far cry from seventies floral and animal prints. If you have ever shopped for wallpaper, then you know that the design options are nearly limitless. Wallpaper allows you to create a stunning room without taking up coveted floor space. However, to ensure that your project is a success, you should bring in a contractor to make sure that your fireplace is properly ventilated if its in operation. In addition, you should invest in high-quality wallpaper and have it installed by a professional for the best results.

Here are four different ways you can use wallpaper to emphasize your fireplace:

Flank the Fireplace

Assuming that the fireplace is a piece of artwork that covers the surrounding walls, specifically the walls on each side of the fireplace, you can use a bold patterned wallpaper. By applying wallpaper to the walls and not the chimney itself, the fireplace stands out from the rest of the design. To further emphasize the look, you can paint the rest of the fireplace to tie it in the look. Just be sure to select a hue that harmonizes with the wallpaper design to create a vibrant and curated look.

Apply Wallpaper to the Chimney Wall

Perhaps the easiest way to start decorating is to wallpaper the facing. When it comes to installing wallpaper, the price can easily add up when you are covering a large amount of space. Therefore, showcasing the facing or the nook above the fireplace will make a big statement without breaking the bank.

Consider Wallpaper Panels

If you are afraid of making the space look too busy, use wallpaper panels around the fireplace. You can do this by papering sections of the walls surrounding the chimney and using molding between the panels. This option a great way to frame the fireplace and create an accent wall.

Add a Backdrop

What if you have a freestanding fireplace? You can still add character by using wallpaper to give it a backdrop. You can simply install wallpaper around the fireplace or wallpapering the wall behind it to create a statement piece in your design.

Which of these four options was your favorite? We would love to know your thoughts below in the comment section. Thanks for reading!


How to Properly Remove Wallpaper

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Wallpaper is slowly coming back into style, but that does not mean you want your home’s old, worn-out wallpaper in your house still. Whether you are looking to add new wallpaper or simply repainting your wall, removing wallpaper can become a little challenging at times. Older wallpaper especially can become very challenging to remove from your walls. If you are looking to remove your wallpaper, there are several tricks of the trade to use. Here are the best ways to get down your old wallpaper in your home:

Step One: Prep

Wallpaper is a decorative wall product that is overlaid on top of the drywall. This can help enhance the aesthetics of the room without using paint, and the paper adheres with a one-sided stick adhesive, generally activated by water. To remove your wallpaper, first, start by clearing your walls of any pictures or décor. If your wallpaper was installed before the trim was placed up, you can remove the trim or simply score your paper with a cutting knife as close to the trim as possible. 

Step Two: Soak 

Next, put a tarp down on top of your floors to prevent water from splashing on your ground. Grab a bucket of warm water and add some vinegar. Apply with a sponge directly to the wallpaper. Allow the water to soak into the wallpaper to wet the backside. This can take a few coats and a little time. Give the water roughly 15-20 minutes to fully penetrate the paper. 

Step Three: Peal  

Start at a corner of the room or a seam. Pull back your wallpaper slowly. You may want to use a scaping device for harder areas. The longer wallpaper has been up, the hard it will be to remove. You can also fill a spray bottom with water and vinegar to loosen the surface. As you approach more challenging areas, spray the water directly behind the paper to help break down the bond. 

You may hit a more challenging spot than other areas in one room. Do not stress and be patient. Removing your wallpaper is the best way to prep your walls to be painted. For more tips and tricks on home improvement, make sure to subscribe


Ideas from a Classic Hawaii Hotel

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This room from The Fairmont Orchid hotel in Hawaii demonstrates elements of a traditional style with a hint of its location in the floral elements. By taking a look at the design choices in this room, we can see how location shines in this space without losing the classic feel.

The strongly-defined molding supports a traditional look. This daylight photo doesn’t show it, but the design of the molding at the top of the wall would allow lighting to wash down the walls. Between the molding and chair-level wainscoting, simple grass cloth wallpaper creates an echo of the islands. The oil painting on the right is classically designed while adding still another floral element to the room.

The best melding of classic and island comes from the dramatic rug. Designed and sized to fit the room, the large flowers throughout are not something you would commonly see on the mainland. The colors are reflected in the furniture and the rug itself has a flexibility that allows room renovations and style updates without replacing it. This is definitely a case where the rug makes the room. Everything else comes a distant second to its attention-getting style.

Do you like a traditional approach yet want to find ways to reflect your region? Use decorative elements to bring your part of the country into your living room the way this space does.


Wallpaper Today

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People typically associate wallpaper with being out of style and dated. This is not the case, with faux finishing on the rise. Wallpaper companies are trying to keep up and compete with faux finishing, and doing a great job at that! There is an abundance of variety and styles available in wallpaper today.

The days of floral dated wallpaper are over. Sheik wallpaper is available in all decorating styles from traditional to contemporary. If not done right, faux finishes can look cheap and rushed. In many cases, wallpaper looks better than faux finishing.

Textured wallpaper is available in all types of styles and many different materials, such as Grass, Cork, Stucco, Rock and Embossed Leather, and the list goes on and on. Tromp L’oeil style wallpapers are popular. Tromp L’oeil means realistic imagery that creates an optical illusion of being the real thing. For example there may be a wallpaper that looks like an old rock wall or a marble wall.

Patterned wallpapers are really sheik and interesting. The traditional Damask pattern has gone under a makeover. A wide variety of modern damask patterns are available in an array of sizes, colors and even metallic.

Use wallpaper to turn an ordinary room into an extraordinary room with character. Dinning rooms and powder rooms are great spaces to install wallpaper. These rooms can handle drama; use wallpaper to add instant drama and appeal!