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How to Properly Remove Wallpaper

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Wallpaper is slowly coming back into style, but that does not mean you want your home’s old, worn-out wallpaper in your house still. Whether you are looking to add new wallpaper or simply repainting your wall, removing wallpaper can become a little challenging at times. Older wallpaper especially can become very challenging to remove from your walls. If you are looking to remove your wallpaper, there are several tricks of the trade to use. Here are the best ways to get down your old wallpaper in your home:

Step One: Prep

Wallpaper is a decorative wall product that is overlaid on top of the drywall. This can help enhance the aesthetics of the room without using paint, and the paper adheres with a one-sided stick adhesive, generally activated by water. To remove your wallpaper, first, start by clearing your walls of any pictures or décor. If your wallpaper was installed before the trim was placed up, you can remove the trim or simply score your paper with a cutting knife as close to the trim as possible. 

Step Two: Soak 

Next, put a tarp down on top of your floors to prevent water from splashing on your ground. Grab a bucket of warm water and add some vinegar. Apply with a sponge directly to the wallpaper. Allow the water to soak into the wallpaper to wet the backside. This can take a few coats and a little time. Give the water roughly 15-20 minutes to fully penetrate the paper. 

Step Three: Peal  

Start at a corner of the room or a seam. Pull back your wallpaper slowly. You may want to use a scaping device for harder areas. The longer wallpaper has been up, the hard it will be to remove. You can also fill a spray bottom with water and vinegar to loosen the surface. As you approach more challenging areas, spray the water directly behind the paper to help break down the bond. 

You may hit a more challenging spot than other areas in one room. Do not stress and be patient. Removing your wallpaper is the best way to prep your walls to be painted. For more tips and tricks on home improvement, make sure to subscribe

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