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How To Utilize Your Outdoor Space:

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Do you wish to utilize all the available space of your home, even outdoor space? Below are some questions to ask yourself before you start:

Q1. How much useable space do you have to work with?

Really consider the useable space available. You may have an acre of space in your yard, but if 75% is a steep hill plunging into a creek and 25% is relatively flat…you really only have the 25% of flat yard available to work with.

Q2. Do you know of anyone (family or friend) who has special needs and might be frequenting your place?

For instance…your mother comes over every Sunday for dinner and is in a wheelchair. Take into consideration how a wheelchair or walker would handle on your lawn.

How would a wheelchair user get from inside to your outdoor kitchen? Are there steps leading down to your yard? If anyone has special needs, a smooth transition from indoors to outdoors is required.  There are great natural stone and outdoor tile options that allow this transition to happen.

During the design planning process remember to be realistic and consider who will be using the space!


Wallpaper Today

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People typically associate wallpaper with being out of style and dated. This is not the case, with faux finishing on the rise. Wallpaper companies are trying to keep up and compete with faux finishing, and doing a great job at that! There is an abundance of variety and styles available in wallpaper today.

The days of floral dated wallpaper are over. Sheik wallpaper is available in all decorating styles from traditional to contemporary. If not done right, faux finishes can look cheap and rushed. In many cases, wallpaper looks better than faux finishing.

Textured wallpaper is available in all types of styles and many different materials, such as Grass, Cork, Stucco, Rock and Embossed Leather, and the list goes on and on. Tromp L’oeil style wallpapers are popular. Tromp L’oeil means realistic imagery that creates an optical illusion of being the real thing. For example there may be a wallpaper that looks like an old rock wall or a marble wall.

Patterned wallpapers are really sheik and interesting. The traditional Damask pattern has gone under a makeover. A wide variety of modern damask patterns are available in an array of sizes, colors and even metallic.

Use wallpaper to turn an ordinary room into an extraordinary room with character. Dinning rooms and powder rooms are great spaces to install wallpaper. These rooms can handle drama; use wallpaper to add instant drama and appeal!