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Top Smart Home Devices

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Technological advancements are continually making life simpler and more efficient. We have been seeing smart devices making a tremendous impact in homes today. Being able to be continuously connected and in control of your home is a comforting feeling. With today’s smart devices, we have the ability to control more than ever in our homes. If you are curious about learning about smart devices, here are the best smart devices your home needs:

Smart Lights

Smart light bulbs are the way of illuminating the future. These adaptive lights can be sync with your smartphone or a smart HUB in your home. Using voice command or your cellular device, you can control turning on and off your lights in your home. With some brands, you also can change the color of the light as well as dim them.

Smart Lock and Doorbell

Home security begins at the front door. Smart locks are locks that sync to your phone. Go keyless and just approach your door. When your cell phone is in range, the door will automatically lock or unlock. You can pair this with a smart doorbell as well. Smart doorbells are equipped with a camera. When you get a package delivered, or someone approaches your door, your phone will be alerted. Plus, you can have recorded footage of the time when the individual is in the vicinity of your door.

Smart Thermostat

Keep your electric bill down with a smart thermostat. These thermostats learn when you are home and away from your house. They will turn on or off your heating and cooling system to adjust when you are present. This feature can help save you money throughout the year. You can also adjust your temperature straight from your cell phone.

Smart Security Camera

Another tremendous smart security option is a security camera. These smart cameras can be set up in your home. They will alert your cell phone with a recorded feed whenever movement is detected. Plus, some smart security cameras can begin to learn your animals and individuals to prevent false alerts.

Smart HUB

While a smart device can work with your phone, they can all be synced to a smart HUB. There are a couple of great smart HUBs available on the market today. Find one which works best with your smartphone.

These smart home upgrades can be a game-changer. Stop living in the past and begin to make way for the future. Once you convert, you will never go back. For more home improvement ideas and tricks, make sure to subscribe.


Turn Wardrobe Tips into Décor Tips: Part 2

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In our last blog post, we took a look at the first wardrobe tip presented by Rita Wilson on a recent episode of Oprah. Well, there are seven more than can be directly applied to our homes.

Here’s number two:

“Trust your personal style.” Many people are tempted to simply adopt a style rather than really explore their own taste preferences. No one, no matter how talented, is more qualified to decorate your home than you are. First, sort through your style options. Look through various magazines and books. Window shop at flooring and furniture stores. Visit model homes; and really pay attention when you go to the homes of friends. Start taking notes, tearing out pages, and writing down information on your preferences. Take your time. After all, you will be living with your choices for quite a while. It’s OK to ask for advice. Your salespeople are generally knowledgeable and helpful, and want your home to turn out beautifully.

Your budget may require you to start small. Maybe you add just a piece of art or an accessory that catches your eye initially. But if you find yourself smiling whenever you pass that piece, you’ve discovered the real pleasure of making your home totally your own. To see more tips from this series, click here.


Turn Wardrobe Tips into Décor Tips: Part 1

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The correlation between wardrobe and décor often surprises people. If you think about it though, both reflect your personal taste and provide a public vision of you. On a recent episode of Oprah, Rita Wilson, an actor and producer, as well as a style columnist for Harper’s Bazaar magazine, provided 10 tips for looking fabulous at any age. Let’s take a look at how the first of these can be applied to our homes.

Tip 1:

If you haven’t worn something in a year, get rid of it. I have personally never been able to live with this idea in my closet, but I do try to apply it in my home. Do you have accessories, curtains, pillows or mementos that really are dated or inconsistent with your taste today? Has your home become a museum instead of a living changing space that reflects both your changing taste and lifestyle? Have those once-comfortable dining room chairs gotten flat because the foam is shot? Is your carpet tired and in a color you no longer care for? Whether you’re considering a major overhaul or just replacing several dated lamps, an update in your home can be as uplifting as a new pair of shoes…or two…or three.

Stay tuned for more tips!