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Turn Wardrobe Tips into Décor Tips – Part 9

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We’re on our final post in this series, and this one may be your favorite, “be grateful.” It’s easy to feel frustrated when our budgets don’t measure up to our tastes whether decorating a new home or fixing up the one we have. Now is a good time to step back and appreciate what we have.

First off, just having a home puts us in a better place than many people in the world. Then, the choices and quality you’re considering for your flooring and other home fixtures weren’t even available only a few decades ago. New technology, the opening of global markets and a desire on the part of manufacturers to expand their offerings puts you in a strong position to make your home beautiful, no matter how small your budget.

Finally, creating a home for yourself and maybe your family is not about comparisons. It’s about finding the you in your space, and using your choices to make that happen. Instead of focusing on limitations, think about the possibilities. This is an exciting time for you. Enjoy it. And be grateful for the opportunity.

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Turn Wardrobe Tips into Décor Tips – Part 8

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Number eight in our collection of Rita Wilson tips is actually a combination of two of her suggestions: “If you travel a lot, have a packed toiletries bag ready to go,” and “There are one thousand stylish things you can wear while traveling…” Now, we’re not going anywhere right now. We just bought our house, or just fixed it up, and we’re very happy, thank you.

However, eventually you may want to sell your home. Whether due to a job transfer, a life change, or the desire for more room, the average homeowner stays in a home about five years. So when you’re choosing your permanent home finishes, pause at least a minute to consider the affect of your choices on the home’s resale potential. I’m not saying you have to make the home satisfy-everyone-beige. However I am suggesting that even if you love a blue kitchen, maybe the best place to show your color preference is in accessories and paint rather than countertops.

It’s your home and you have every right to make it totally your own. Just keep the resale issue tucked away in a part of your brain as you make your flooring and other permanent home choices. Your salesperson can be a great resource in this area.

Because someday you may want to take a trip to a new home, make choices so that this home will support your goals then as well as now.

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Turn Wardrobe Tips into Décor Tips – part 7

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OK, admittedly; tip seven in our Rita Wilson fashion suggestions requires quite a stretch to convert to home décor. But just hang on….. “Enjoy new bedclothes once a year.” She’s talking about not wearing old and faded PJ’s, or whatever you prefer to wear to bed. We’re talking about maintaining your home décor.

How long has it been since you had your carpets cleaned? Put a new coat of polyurethane on that wood floor? Is it time to replace your window coverings? Just as your wardrobe needs refreshing, your home needs that too. If you’ve ever visited a home where people have lived for 20 or 30 years, you can often see that they decorated once, when they moved in, and never thought about it again. Do you have a regular budget amount set aside to cover new clothing purchases? It’s smart to do the same with your home. By setting aside a certain amount in savings every month, when it’s time to replace or update, you have the money ready.

Keep your PJ’s fresh, and your home fresh too. You’ll feel better every time you walk into your home, or lay down to sleep.

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Turn Wardrobe Tips into Décor Tips: Part 6

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We’ve been looking at some fashion tips provided by Rita Wilson on a recent episode of “Oprah,” and some of you may very well say that this is stretching a little with tip six: “simplify your makeup if you wear makeup.” However, one key concept in this tip provides real value when thinking of your home: simplifying your home’s décor.

When you meet someone who is overly made up, you tend to see the makeup rather than the face underneath. The same thing can happen in your home if you don’t manage your furnishings and accessories. If you look at photos of homes from the Victorian period, tablecloths, dresser scarves, pictures and numerous small accessories completely hid the architecture of every room. Over time as you accumulate more and more elements you love, have you hidden your home behind your stuff? Does your collection of figurines distract from the beautiful lines of your fireplace mantel? Are your wonderful wood floors hiding behind too many rugs?

Try trimming back on your furnishings. Does your space look better? Keep trimming until you find the right balance.

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Turn Wardrobe Tips into Décor Tips: Part 4

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We’ve been taking a look at fashion tips from Rita Wilson, actor, producer and fashion columnist for Harper’s Bazaar. On a recent episode of Oprah, she provided ten tips to make women look fabulous, no matter what age. Well, many of those tips also work for our homes, with a little tweaking. Let’s consider number 4.

Tip 4: “Wear comfortable shoes.” Frankly, this is the best fashion tip ever, particularly when considering times when you can’t enjoy yourself because your cute sling-backs were killing you! This is insightful for our clothing, but much more valuable in many ways for our homes. The lesson is to think about comfort as much as style when decorating your home. If you have a fondness for curling up in a big chair with a book, does your plan include that chair? If your family loves watching TV together, arrange for enough seating for everyone with good viewing lines to the set. Do your dining room chairs invite long conversations over dinner, or do they look good without feeling good?

You can be true to yourself and still have style. Make sure your home works – comfortably – for you and your family.

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Turn Wardrobe Tips into Décor Tips: Part 3

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Earlier, we took a look at two of Rita Wilson’s fashion tips, and how they connected to improving our homes. Let’s consider the next one.

Tip 3: “Your haircut and color tell people a lot about you.” This tip is about spending the extra money to get a good haircut and color. Let’s face it, no matter what you’re wearing; your hair is always visible on the top of your head. You may wear seven or more outfits in the course of the week, but always the same hairstyle. From a décor standpoint, when you’re deciding how to spend your money, the best places for splurging are the most permanent elements. These include flooring, cabinets and countertops. Everything else comes and goes over the life of your home. With a limited budget, spend on the permanent parts first, and upgrade furniture and accessories later.

Walk into some spaces and consider what you notice initially. Flooring, paint and architectural elements generally catch your eye. Make sure these are all at the level you want them to be in your home.

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Turn Wardrobe Tips into Décor Tips: Part 2

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In our last blog post, we took a look at the first wardrobe tip presented by Rita Wilson on a recent episode of Oprah. Well, there are seven more than can be directly applied to our homes.

Here’s number two:

“Trust your personal style.” Many people are tempted to simply adopt a style rather than really explore their own taste preferences. No one, no matter how talented, is more qualified to decorate your home than you are. First, sort through your style options. Look through various magazines and books. Window shop at flooring and furniture stores. Visit model homes; and really pay attention when you go to the homes of friends. Start taking notes, tearing out pages, and writing down information on your preferences. Take your time. After all, you will be living with your choices for quite a while. It’s OK to ask for advice. Your salespeople are generally knowledgeable and helpful, and want your home to turn out beautifully.

Your budget may require you to start small. Maybe you add just a piece of art or an accessory that catches your eye initially. But if you find yourself smiling whenever you pass that piece, you’ve discovered the real pleasure of making your home totally your own. To see more tips from this series, click here.