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Turn Wardrobe Tips into Décor Tips: Part 4

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We’ve been taking a look at fashion tips from Rita Wilson, actor, producer and fashion columnist for Harper’s Bazaar. On a recent episode of Oprah, she provided ten tips to make women look fabulous, no matter what age. Well, many of those tips also work for our homes, with a little tweaking. Let’s consider number 4.

Tip 4: “Wear comfortable shoes.” Frankly, this is the best fashion tip ever, particularly when considering times when you can’t enjoy yourself because your cute sling-backs were killing you! This is insightful for our clothing, but much more valuable in many ways for our homes. The lesson is to think about comfort as much as style when decorating your home. If you have a fondness for curling up in a big chair with a book, does your plan include that chair? If your family loves watching TV together, arrange for enough seating for everyone with good viewing lines to the set. Do your dining room chairs invite long conversations over dinner, or do they look good without feeling good?

You can be true to yourself and still have style. Make sure your home works – comfortably – for you and your family.

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