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Turn Wardrobe Tips into Décor Tips: Part 2

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In our last blog post, we took a look at the first wardrobe tip presented by Rita Wilson on a recent episode of Oprah. Well, there are seven more than can be directly applied to our homes.

Here’s number two:

“Trust your personal style.” Many people are tempted to simply adopt a style rather than really explore their own taste preferences. No one, no matter how talented, is more qualified to decorate your home than you are. First, sort through your style options. Look through various magazines and books. Window shop at flooring and furniture stores. Visit model homes; and really pay attention when you go to the homes of friends. Start taking notes, tearing out pages, and writing down information on your preferences. Take your time. After all, you will be living with your choices for quite a while. It’s OK to ask for advice. Your salespeople are generally knowledgeable and helpful, and want your home to turn out beautifully.

Your budget may require you to start small. Maybe you add just a piece of art or an accessory that catches your eye initially. But if you find yourself smiling whenever you pass that piece, you’ve discovered the real pleasure of making your home totally your own. To see more tips from this series, click here.

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