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Turn Wardrobe Tips into Décor Tips – Part 9

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We’re on our final post in this series, and this one may be your favorite, “be grateful.” It’s easy to feel frustrated when our budgets don’t measure up to our tastes whether decorating a new home or fixing up the one we have. Now is a good time to step back and appreciate what we have.

First off, just having a home puts us in a better place than many people in the world. Then, the choices and quality you’re considering for your flooring and other home fixtures weren’t even available only a few decades ago. New technology, the opening of global markets and a desire on the part of manufacturers to expand their offerings puts you in a strong position to make your home beautiful, no matter how small your budget.

Finally, creating a home for yourself and maybe your family is not about comparisons. It’s about finding the you in your space, and using your choices to make that happen. Instead of focusing on limitations, think about the possibilities. This is an exciting time for you. Enjoy it. And be grateful for the opportunity.

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