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Are you ready to convert a room to a home office but not sure where to start? Taking a minute to plan your space allows you to create an environment that combines the best of commercial space and a residential environment.

Let’s talk flooring! LVP and laminate floors provide one of the best options for a home office. Top-quality LVP and laminates look much like traditional wood floors, but with the stamina to handle the depredations of wheeled office chairs. If you prefer carpet or hardwood, be sure to pick up a mat for under the chair. Plastic mats can be found at any office supply store or one of the new bamboo mats available in a number of places online.

Home office walls give you the opportunity to bring in a color you love that wasn’t a fit with any other space in your home. Sky blue sets a tone of relaxation, or maybe a peach works for you to echo the orange of energy. Use this space on your walls to inspire you or motivate you. Do you need a bulletin board? How about spray painting one in a bright tone that coordinates with your walls? Most office furniture is pretty neutral, so take advantage of this chance to bring in color.

Finish up with art that makes you happy. Do you have any photos that remind you of your dreams and goals? Would a landscape draw you in when you need to escape from your work for a moment? How about a reproduction of the work of an artist that you find inspiring? Touches such as these make your office a personal and inviting place to work.

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