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Bedroom Blues

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We’re not talking the emotional blues when we say bedroom blues. Blue in the bedroom is a beautiful color that creates a soothing and relaxing space. Blue is typically used for boys’ rooms, but this doesn’t mean it has to be a masculine only color. The range of blue colors means that there is probably a blue out there that will work for your home decor.

This Mediterranean style bedroom uses blue accents to bring a pop of color to an otherwise neutral space. Neutral walls and link hardwood or luxury vinyl plank floor create a cool feeling in the room. Adding in rich blue accents in the throw on the bed and the curtains add a bit of energy to the room.  The energy isn’t the same as if the accents were red or orange. The cool tones of the blue color are typically thought to be more soothing than jarring.

Blue color on the walls would create bigger pops of color in this space, but it would take away from the soothing overall tone. Larger expanses of color, no matter what color, will have a bigger impact on the feeling and energy of a room. Keeping the blue accents in this room to two relatively small elements keeps the room feeling neutral.  Layering different shades of blues can also work to create a more sophisticated color palette. Pale blue on the walls combined with richer accessories could intensify the calming feeling of the color. Lots of white in the room keeps the space from feeling too blue.


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