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Design Inspiration!

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If you are looking for design inspiration, look right below your feet. Rugs can give homeowners a unique and creative outlook on decorating the rooms in their home. If you are finding it difficult to decorate your room, we have seven quick tips for getting design inspiration from your rug. 


Design Inspiration from a Rug:

    • Accented: You will find that it is easy to choose the base color of your rug as the color palette for your room, but look deeper and focus on the rug’s accent colors. What colors are represented in smaller sections throughout the rug? These accent colors are perfect for incorporating in the room because they are subtle yet deliberate. 
    • When in doubt, neutralize: Neutral colors go well with just about everything; therefore, if you are having a tough time deciding, pick a neutral tone. Try using shades of gray, white, and black to help balance everything in the room. 
    • Bold colors for bold pieces: If you are choosing a bold color from the rug, use that color on a big piece of furniture. The bigger pieces will help tie the colors from the rug into the rest of the room and makes it pleasing to the eyes. 
    • Imperfection is perfection: Do not stress yourself out looking for the exact color that is featured in your rug. Colors that are similar will get the job done. 
    • There is such a thing as too much color: You will want to leave the walls a neutral color because too much color can be overwhelming. Try using a cool neutral on the wall to help balance more of the warm neutrals found throughout the room. 
    • Spread the vibes: Try not to have all the colors found in one area of the room, but spread them out to help the room look more open. 
    • Natural color: Complete your room’s look off with some fresh flowers and plants that add natural color and beauty to your space. 


Looking for a rug to gain inspiration? We have a large selection of rugs available! Come visit our showroom to view our rugs and get more design inspiration. We look forward to your visit.


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