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10 Popular Design Styles for Your Home

Posted by creatingyourspace under Design and Decorating

Have you ever entered a home and wondered what design style it is embodying? With our guide, we are going to dig deeper into the top ten most popular designs. After reading this, you will be able to know which design style your friends are using and which one you want to use. 


Ten Popular Design Styles for Your Home

  1. Art Deco

An art deco home is a home inspired by the 1920’s decorative arts and architecture. The pieces in this style are often simple geometric shapes with mirrors to help accent it.  

  1. Asian

An Asian inspired design takes the culture’s history and embodies aspects found in nature. You will see a lot of natural elements in Asian-inspired designs to help create a calming oasis for homeowners. Also, you may find hand-painted, one-of-a-kind furniture pieces to bring together the entire design.

  1. Coastal

Kick your feet up; this design will make you feel like you are on vacation. A coastal design is inspired by the beach and ocean. The design embodies light, airy colors to make the design feel seamless. Designers finish off the home with nautical-themed decor to match the setting. 

  1. Contemporary

When you think of contemporary, your mind will probably go straight towards clean, defined lines and a mixture of neutral colors. You would be correct. A contemporary design is sleek and simple. You will see metal pieces of furniture to exaggerated the piece’s form and design. Also, you will see a lot of muted neutrals with a pop of color here or there. 

  1. Country

Strap on your cowboy boots; we are talking about a country design. A country design embodies a rustic glam. Country homes will have a lot of white wood, floral, and barn-like attributes. In a country design, homeowners want their space to feel homey. They want all guests to feel at home and comfortable during their stay. Whether that means incorporating hand-made goods or cozy furnishings, country homes will have a cozy, rustic feel. 

  1. Eclectic

We are not going to lie, capturing eclectic design can be rather difficult. It is much more than just throwing together patterns. Eclectic takes a lot of time and planning for the homeowner. To create an eclectic design, homeowners must carefully plan out which patterns work well with one another. This style tends to borrow from other designs listed to create a bold, interesting look in a home. 

  1. French.

French culture incorporates rich detail into their architecture and this does not fall short throughout their home’s design. A French design is very elegant and monochromatic. They tend to repeat the same color throughout the space to intensify its elegance. They will also add drama by textured fabrics. Lastly, they will finish the space off with fresh flowers to add an airy feel.

  1. Mediterranean

A Mediterranean style home is inspired by no other place than, you guessed it, mediterranean countries. Countries off of the coast of the mediterranean sea inspire this timeless look. The color palette is a blend of colors found in the sea and housing around the mediterranean area. In these homes, you will find terra cotta, yellow, lavender, and beiges on the fabrics. Whereas, the furniture provides a harsh contrast to these soft tones. You will tend to find that the furniture and wooden accent pieces are a darker toned wood. 

  1. Modern

A modern home has a minimalistic approach to decoration. You will find that these homes have clean lines and a neutral-toned color scheme. The furniture has very polished surfaces and they may or may not be a use of geometric shapes. To help you envision it, a modern design could be thought of as a combination of “Art Deco” and “Contemporary.” It borrows its neutral colors and clean lines from the Contemporary design and it borrows its shapes and polished surfaces from the Art Deco design. 

  1. Traditional

Last, but certainly, not least is the traditional design. A traditional design uses classic furnishings to embody a well-put-together room. The room is often in muted-tone to create a peaceful, relaxing environment. If patterns are used, they are muted-toned and mild to help not distract from the room’s elegance. 


Are you ready to take on one of these design styles? Let us help you! With a wide selection of flooring to meet any preference, we can help you create the home of your dreams. Contact us today for more information.


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