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Whether you’ve hired contractors in the past to work on home improvement projects or this is your first time seeking the help of professionals, it’s imperative to ask questions. Knowing the right questions to ask a flooring contractor will likely determine the quality of work you’ll receive. So, before you seal the deal, here are some key questions you should ask before having hardwood floors installed in your home.

Is this type of hardwood best for my home?
So, you’ve finally decided on the type of hardwood you want to install in your home. Before you make it official, find out if your contractor thinks the type hardwood you selected is ideal for your location. Some types of wood aren’t right for every location. For instance, hickory flooring has an abundance of challenges. Hickory should not be installed in houses in wet climates because it can easily be damaged by moisture. A good contractor will help you select a wood that works best with your home’s interior style and natural environment.

What is the timeline for the installation process?
How long will it take to install the hardwood floors? Whether you need your floors completed quickly or you have some time flexibility it’s important to inquire about the timeline. Also identify who will be responsible for moving furniture and if you must pay for the removal of the old flooring.

Does your contractor have the necessary qualifications to install hardwood flooring?
Since hardwood floors are a big investment, homeowners should confirm that the contractor they’re hiring is licensed and has the proper insurance before they begin working in your house.

What type of warranty is offered?
Many contractors will provide a warranty on floor installations which generally includes labor and materials. Depending upon the company a more extensive warranty may be offered.

There are hundreds of contractors in your area in addition to Carpets n More. That’s why selecting the right one is important. By asking questions and presenting your concerns at the beginning of the project you increase the likelihood having a flawless installation. We are confident that Carpets N More is the right choice for putting hardwood flooring in your home, but even if you choose another company and follow these guidelines, you likelihood of having a great experience increases significantly.


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