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Backdrops and Accent Walls

Posted by creatingyourspace under Design and Decorating

The three essential ways to change a room are lighting, walls, and flooring. With walls, usually the go-to is paint, but adding an accent wall or a backdrop wall behind a television or headboard can really enhance a room’s overall aesthetic. Adding a backdrop is a way to infuse your design style with a statement yet keeping a room still elegant and simple. Here are four backdrop ideas you should consider adding to your space to make a powerful statement:



Adding a wood backdrop can really make a room feel more cozy and warm. This is great to add into any room as your accent wall and looks very elegant and pristine. Most tones of wood are considered neutral, but you will want to be cognitive if a wood color clashes with the rest of your room. Some woods may have red or orange tones which may look out of place in a cool-toned room.


A backsplash of tile behind a television or in your bedroom can quickly make a room more enriched. Tile is associated with a classier atmosphere and looks great on the walls just as much as on the floor. Adding this to your home is a phenomenal way to make a statement and to help transform a bland room into a classy and sophisticated space.


With so many styles and variations, you are sure to find the perfect complimenting wallpaper to accent a wall in your room. You can find wallpapers with woods, tiles, contemporary designs, subtle textures and much more. Putting wallpaper as a backdrop in your space can really transform a room’s overall appearance and draw eyes to a focal point. You can even use wallpaper on the backside of built-in cabinets for a stylish twist. The design options are truly endless. 


Brick walls can be considered a rustic or even an industrial design approach. Exposing elements of construction in your design is an artsy way to enhance a room’s atmosphere. If your home has exposed brick, we recommend not cover it. Use this element to enhance the room and own its uniqueness. This is a perfect remedy to making a home feel fun and balanced with its architectural roots.

Backdrop and Accent Walls Always Help
Adding these accent walls can really help transform a room. Think of your accent wall as a focal point of the room and a pivotal point to reflect when adding décor to your space. Your backdrops can help bring balance to your space as well as enhance a room’s design.


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